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Friday, February 10, 2023

Women's fashion garments from Waistdear website

Dear friends and visitors, are you looking for the latest waist wears in a competitive price with top quality? If yes, you are on the right page to get the right info from here. 

We have to let you know that there is a website called waistdear where you can visit, browse different categories, get offers and discounts for many products (such as, Waist Trainer, Wholesale body shapers, Post Surgery, Sportwear, Lingerie, Clothing, Swimwear and Underwear etc.) while selecting them to your cart, and check-out to reach your favorite garment to your doorstep. Interesting? Read it for more detail.

Women's sports wear tops from Waistdear

I was actually searching online for couple of fashion garments in a less or bulk quantity, like, a wholesale waist trainers with logo and swimwear etc. and finally landed to few websites but in fact those were of not my searching items except in a waistdear website.

Waistdear Swimsuit with Low price

Here I got different category products beside ample discount to cherish for presenting gift and using for Business purpose. So, I recommending others as well for those who are searching the waist products like me. You can go through their web as well for better idea and deal.

Waistdear's post surgery wears

Another important one to share with you is, I found few unique garment items over there and one of them is stage 3 faja with many features (adjustable and detachable etc.) which you would also plan to see or buy it anytime. This is one of the best deal you would get all along.

You can simply visit website, sign-up, go through few categories, select the item as you would like and check-out. Be patient for few days and get the items at home. They're genuine. Their customer service would reply you very prompt. 


Friday, December 4, 2020

Men's suit and blazer from allaboutsuit portal

Are you planning to buy Men's blazer or suit anytime soon? Are you looking for the best deal on men's pants or suits right now? If yes, you are here at the right time to get the right information.

I have enough online experience to buy men's suits or blazers or pants or vests or prom suits or wedding wears etc. so I can tell you just one place to visit and buy them instead of beat around the bush or wasting your time and money in different websites info that I did in the past.

It is nothing but allaboutsuit website. It has all the men's wear garments that you might be looking for. You can visit the site and sign up (register) easily, and browse the item or men's wear as per your requirement.

New visitor will get 20 USD discount with code: new

Once you selected the suit or pant or wedding suits etc. from the list you can then just 'add to cart' and follow the payment method to check-out, easily. Also, the shipment will be on-time and it will reach your doorstep with the best and quality materials.

All in all, you will be happy in cheap and best dress deal from them. You will save, time, money and energy as well.


Cheapest backdrop from starbackdrop

Dear visitors, are you looking for cheap and best backdrop or natural photo background? If yes, this article will help you to get the cost effective backdrop for sure. We have some information to share with you on this.

I was looking for few different ranges of backdrops to match my needs but unable to get them through offline or even online. I didn't give up and kept on searching online as I can't travel more places to get things done.

Sitting in one place by searching online to get the items what I needed is the best option rather than roaming many places around by wasting my time, energy and money etc.

So, I finally landed few websites of backdrop dealers and tried with few of them to check whether they are genuine, dealing quality items, best price and shipping duration etc. but only couple of them are okay except one of the outstanding, who are they?

They are none other than starbackdrop website and their dealing, varieties, pricing and shipping etc. for the backdrops are really super. I got a cheap backdrops for pictures and cheap cloth backdrops from them only. You won't believe until and unless you tried it for the same.

We share with you our experience here. Like other online shopping for backdrops, we tried in few different backdrop portals but after purchasing with them, we concluded that backdrops for sale cheap is best from starbackdrop website? Why? The Answer is, wide range of collections, quality, easy browsing items, easy sign up, easy adding cart, easy payment method, fastest delivery at your doorstep without any hassle etc. What else the buyer needs it?

If you are seriously searching for the wide ranges of backdrops to match your project needs then follow our suggestion to get things done and visit starbackdrop website to accomplish it.


Thursday, December 3, 2020

An attractive black and white stripe backdrops from starbackdrop

Hi Friends,

Thanks for reaching my blog post and shown interest in reading it. This post is all about the attractive black and white stripe backdrops that I recently added to cart to enrich my home.

In case if you are also looking for some backdrops or black canvas drop etc. then do read this article to learn a bit from my experience on searching it and execution.

I tried to get the best black canvas backdrops from offline shopping but very less choices around. So, I started to search black and white stripes with flowers background variety online.

The search tool resulted with few websites or few pinterest type site where I was really unable to buy anything except enjoying seeing the backdrops.

I however finally found the starbackdrop website and going through most of the sections from that site. I felt happy and satisfied from their website's design, easy navigation and many choices of backdrops collections.

So, the subject website helped me to reach and buy black and white striped background with flowers that really attracts my home. My friend also happy to see it and he is planning to buy it as well. In case if you are looking for any kinds of backdrops then I would suggest you to go with starbackdrop website.

Not only this, the stated website have plenty of collections of backdrops and they also offer discounts on selected items beside their festival offers time to time. So, I don't like to miss the chance. Do you like to miss the chance?


Friday, May 1, 2020

Few questions to ask yourself for better understanding the life and world

In general, people doesn't know why they come as human and what is the main purpose of the life etc.? Most of them clueless. Few might have right or wrong belief too in this. To know better and one step ahead than regular activities, we can ask few questions ourselves for better understanding.

Few simple questions to yourself?

1. How about your parent, for example, do you believe your father as father or other?

2. How about the book you believe to read, write and pass in the exam? For example, will you read, understand, by-heart and do practical or write the 10th exam of the latest / current year, or few decades back syllabus (that your father or fore-father studied one) despite they have updated right now?

3. How about yourself on job or business? If you think yourself as you are good, or maintain good relation with everyone in office or business, punctual or coming to office or business on-time and going likewise but you don't want to work or do business or offline or online work at all? Expecting Salary / benefits?


1. Obviously you will agree your father only and won't give his place to anyone despite you might have fought or bitter (testing) experience with your father.

2. I am sure you will read, study, practice and write the exam for the latest one than 1960's tenth standard despite both are tenth standard (year 1960 and current year) only.

3. Being Good, punctual, is a part of job or business and it doesn't mean these are sufficient but you have to 'work' practically to get its salary. If you work or business only then you will face good and bad, criticize, benefit and loss, tests and on, finally benefit. Following the business or job guideline is very important. So, life has the latest guideline as well.

Ok, finally, one more thing. The one who born in 7000 plus and their chain is an ancestor one or the one who born in 4000 or later is an ancestor for main status?

Hope most of the questions and their answers are available right now.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Men's DAD Ring Gold Plated Silver Engravable from get name necklace website

Dear friends, you might have received a gift from your Dad but have you ever given any gift to your dad anytime?

I thought to do so actually since I have received a lot of gifts from him often but never given him yet. So, let's do it - was the aim at that time.

I recently visited a website for buying a men's engravable item to present a gift to my dad, and reached many websites after using search tools online.

As usual, keep on browsing with different websites to get suitable men's engravable gadget and this was my choice to give him a gift. So deliberate on search in a different online shopping sites.

I was also searching for a best ring to present him but that's less price compare to men's wearable. I wanted to surprise him as well with a better option and pricing.

But where to get it? Different websites but not satisfying their products. Thank God. After a lot of searching landed to get name necklace website where you will get what you want it.

I was browsing at get name necklace website more than other websites to get a best product from them with a reasonable price. It achieved almost.

I really like the design and different ornaments there. One can find different categories over there. What I got there as I like? Interested to know? It is nothing but Men's DAD Ring Gold Plated Silver Engravable gift item to my dad.

What surprised me is the item they show is unique and affordable price. Easy to register or sign up, you can simply select the desired items and add to cart. You can process the payment easily. 

What I bought another one from get name necklace website is, that really simple and fantastic. Free shipping also available with some condition.

You will get the item at your doorstep as soon as possible within time frame. What I bought is mentioned above. You can buy from them and enjoy too.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Hyderabadi Cheapest Samosa and Briyani to cherish

I travel to Hyderabad / Secunderabad quite sometime and roam there for few hours to know some unique things in the city center compare to other cities across India. This comparison is for most of the cities when I travel, and used to write about it when time permits to do so.

This time is all about the Hyderabad city surrounding and cheapest Samosa and Biryani over there leaving other observation which I could write in a different post.

Though I came across about a small or mini-samosa for Rs 1 (yes, just one rupee per samosa - vegetable) two years back in Hyderabad / Kacheguda area, this wondering me for sure compare to my current city (Bangalore) where one Samosa (Veg) was Rs 8 (Eight) two years back and Rs 10 (Ten) at the moment. 

Hope you too have wondered on this if you are not from Secunderabad or Hyderabad surrounding. The above image shows one Rupee tasty veg samosa. I suggest you buy and have it only if it is hot or fresh. It doesn't have any problem in case if it is not hot too, to enjoy it.

The next surprise is all about the Vegetable Biryani over there for Rs 10 (Ten only) with little spicy. Two plates can fill your stomach for sure in case if not one - appetite. This is one of the tasty veg Biryani I came across while wandering around. Don't ask me about the Tea over there. Really Tea is superb in selected place or almost half of the city's Tea stall.

Hyderabad and surrounding is popular for various rich dishes and Indian culture, so, don't miss to experiment and enjoy these things when you in or around Hyderabad anytime soon. Stay tuned for more travel updates.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Best shapewear for any season from Cosmolle online shopping website

Are you looking for the best shapewear garments online? If yes, here is a good news for you. The website is nothing but Cosmolle that would help you to get various shapewears including Bodysuit shaper, Postpartum, Shorts, Pants, Waist, Venuz shapewear and Leggings and on.

I was actually searching for a tummy control underwear for my friend's request and landed to few websites. Most of them were not satisfied for my search but Cosmolle. Would you like to know what is Cosmolle? And what they are selling for? Please read this article for more detail.

I got to know various other wearable / shapewear garments including Bodysuits, Waist trainers, Panties and Camis / Tanks etc. from Cosmolle online shopping website.

The subject website has potential fitness garments beyond our imagination. This will help you to choose more product from there as well. Likewise, I also got to pick women's shapewear bodysuits in a decent price with high quality material. This shapewear bodysuit really a fantastic in terms of material, quality and fitness to the body. Really cool product. You would also love it for sure.

When it comes to health and fitness, the wearable or shapewear also plays important role for sure. We just need to make sure the garment is suitable for our body and has enough quality. You would sure find the products in Cosmolle that you are really looking for.

It is very easy to browse the category on Cosmolle online shopping website, very easy to sign up and smooth merchandise too with the quality innerwear. There are different categories among. You will know once you browse each category and who knows which product you are looking for is there and help you to get it in a decent price.

There are couple of products which you may like, the products are, Luxury seamless, Powernet full body shaper, Mesh short shaper and on.

If you are also searching for Cosmolle Shapewear then I would suggest you to visit the website, browse all sort of shapewears over there and pick it from the list as desired. I am sure you would appreciate it. I personally like the 'Waist Trainers' category that gives you better design on Waist Cincher models.

Also, you would get free shipping till your doorstep in case if you buy the garments more than $80. There is 20% off collection also available. And, in case if you buy more than two items then there is an offer that $10 discount will be there. Don't miss the chance - Hurry up!

Friday, September 27, 2019

Cheap wedding dresses from Yesbabyonline website

Are you searching for the latest and cheapest wedding dresses online? If yes, you can find one of the best source for it from here. Don't waste your precious time anymore and just try to visit Yesbabyonline website where you can get hundreds of cheap wedding dresses in one go. You will be happy for sure on this. Thanks us later.

We were searching for the latest wedding dresses online to assist one of our friend to buy it and landed the Yesbabyonline website again though we have ordered couple of dresses from that website earlier.

The website contains lot of dress materials including Evening and Prom, Wedding dresses, Party dresses, Swimwear and Accessories etc.

The above image is of Glamorous Lace Appliques Mermaid Wedding Dresses, from Yesbabyonline website for your reference.

You can go through each section, check the dress, design, price, size, color and on. You can then sign up (register - which is very easy) and add your selected dress to cart and proceed for online billing. Once everything is done and paid, you can wait for the deliver time to get it at your doorstep.

The dress what they are selling is quality one, trustworthy and satisfy oneself for sure. Try it once and let us know about it.

Burgundy bridesmaid dresses from Yesbabyonline

Have you heard about Yesbabyonline online shopping website? If not, please go through this article and it would help you to get some benefit on merchandise. You will also know its detail including what are the stuff they are selling online, their prices and discount etc.

I was browsing for a different dress materials on a different online shopping websites and landed Yesbabyonline website fortunately while searching for more and more. The subject website just grabbed my attention though I was unsure to get the dress what I was looking for.

However, it was just few seconds browse helped me to continue to check on Yesbabyonline website where I got many attractive dresses. In that, I chose one of them is burgundy bridesmaid dresses to give someone a gift. 

The above image is of New Elegant Cap Sleeves A-line Prom Dresses | Cheap Long Lace Evening Gown is one of them for your reference.

So, I selected it and added it to cart. It is really very easy process there after. You just need to select the favorite product which you like, select the color, size, measure and proceed to pay. They will deliver it to your doorstep on-time.

You can pay them online or Paypal to get the product as you like. There are hundreds of dress materials that would attract you and the quality + price would make you happy for sure.

Cheap prom dresses from babyonlinedress

Are you looking for the cheapest prom dresses online? If yes, you are on the right page in the right time. I have some info to share with you on cheap prom dresses that I came across that would benefit you in many ways.

I came across babyonlinedress website while searching for some of the latest and cheapest prom dresses and gone through its detail.

The babyonlinedress website offers different contents, I mean varieties of prom dresses to pick as you like. The design of the each dress is so attractive that you would love almost all the dresses and design out there.

The above image of Sparkly Off-the-Shoulder Evening Gowns | Muslim Mermaid Formal Dresses with Ruffles is taken from babyonlinedress website for your reference.

When I gone through and compare with the other websites, I realized that it has also better and different content and better pricing with discount etc.

If you are interested to know more about the cheap prom dresses from babyonlinedress then you must visit to know more detail.

Sexy bridesmaid dresses from 27 dresses website

Dear visitors and friends, I have some good news for you. Yes, if you are looking for sexy bridesmaid dresses then I can suggest you one of the best online shopping websites where you can get a lot of choices of the attractive and beautiful bridesmaid dresses.

I have gone through many websites on the subject dress and landed few different websites. After thoroughly checked their products, I then finalize the 27 dresses website where one can get cheap and best and latest sexy bridesmaid dresses with wide range of collections in one go. No need to waste the time here and there.

The above image is of Sheath Charming Speghetti-straps Bridesmaid Dresses, where I got it from 27 dresses website

It is very easy to merchandise from it. You just need to visit the 27 dresses website and browse them. Once selected, you can check the dress detail like Description, size, color, delivery time, measurement and on.

Hope this info helps you to get the latest and the best sexy bridesmaid dresses from 27 dresses website. Go ahead.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Mysuru Palace - One of the best places to see in Karnataka

Are you planning to go to Mysuru, Karnataka, India? If yes, your decision to see one of the best places, Mysuru or Karnataka is a right one. You can see some of the best places in Mysuru for sure.

KRS Dam, Mysuru Palace, one of the best Zoo in India and more places in and around. The weather is reasonable in most of the time with less humidity when summer.

You can visit Mysuru anytime except general summer time or a peak season, like, March to June month. You will see Dasara festival during October month where the city will be filled around. It is up to you to go at that time to cover the festival detail.

I will share couple of photos of the city and would love to add more story and photos soon. Enjoy it. Stay tuned for more such a travel detail from this blog to learn even more.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Getnamenecklace for Name rings and Family tree necklaces

Are you planning to buy a Name Rings or a Family Tree Necklaces to your beloved one anytime soon? Are you looking for a beautiful Name Rings to present a gift? Are you searching for the best accessories online for your dear one? If yes, you are in the right page to get the right info on this.

Getnamenecklace online shopping portal is enough for ranges of Name rings, Family tree necklaces and other accessories search. Interested to know more about it. Here you go.

There is a online shopping portal where you can buy cheap and best with varieties of Family tree necklaces, Name rings and other wide range of accessories instantly. It is nothing but Getnamenecklace website where you can merchandise as much as you can and receive at your doorstep.

You can see lot of different design custom heart rings, birth stone necklaces and crystal living locket etc. You may get the best design of the latest accessories and necklaces with discount price and offers. This is one of the best accessory websites where I am satisfied for plenty of designing Name rings and Family tree necklaces, after experiencing the reality.

You can visit Getnamenecklace shopping site and buy the items in a decent price by just sign up, choose the desired items and go to kart for check-out with reasonable amount paying them. 

The next one is, you can wait for few days to receive the lovable items at your place to enjoy them. Isn't it amazing? Try it and let us know if you have question or concern so that we can help you as well. Have a nice shopping! and have a great day.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Beautiful leather case from FYY for iPad Pro 2018

Are you looking for the latest case of iPad Pro 11 inch 2018 model? If yes, you can get some tips from here. We recently ordered couple of iPad Pro 11 inch case from online shopping and received them as mentioned on the web.

The website is nothing but FYY for the latest case of iPad Pro. We were actually searching for genuine leather made case of iPad Pro 11 inch 2018 to protect it from scratches and damages in case if it is fell down accidentally etc. so, we found that website.

The case is not only attractive but very simple and elegant look too. It also comes in just $46.99 out of $69.99 as an offer. You may get the best deal from them. 

The FYY not only have iPad Pro leather case but you can find various gadgets' leather cases like for iPhones, Laptop, Sleeves, Amazon Echo Dot and on. So, our suggestion for you to visit the FYY website and browse each category to know about the product detail to pick your favorite one.

The other part of the FYY will attract you other reasonable price is, easy sign up, easy search of wide items, easy payment process, quick door delivery, no shipment issue, and one of the best customer service to enquire the detail.

In case if you are interested to know more products info from FYY then you can visit FYY Instagram page for other ranges.

Monday, December 25, 2017

How to save a life - Swimming Story

A Doctor entered in the boat to travel and reach the far island. An Engineer also entered it followed by. There were very few people or traveler who came to the boat for the same reason. The wait is over and the boatman has to drive it from one place to the other island through the usual way.

The uneducated and poor boatman knows only how to drive it from one place to the other and earn few amounts daily from the travelers on this natural travel. The boat was reasonable with motor drive for a long distance.

The story in the sea:

A Doctor was looking at the scene around upon boat running and interested to know more about the atmosphere. Thus, he approached the boatman to know the safety precaution etc. he then explained about life jacket and all. 

He enquired extra about it. In that situation, the engineer also came in and interested to enquire a bit about design of the boat and maintenance etc. there is a reason naturally.

The boatman patiently replied for everything they asked for while driving even by attentive on his driving beside though it was like a humor around. The climate slowly changed after an hour. 

Just for a fun, the Doctor asked the boatman about his education. He replied, neither been to school nor studied. Doctor replied as, 'you wasted your one fourth life'.

The Engineer asked the next, any trade education?, the boatman replied, no. Engineer replied as, 'you wasted your half life'.

The boatman kept silent on these questions and weather changes from good to very bad at the moment, which boat can be in trouble or drown anytime soon. 

The boatman then asked these two (Doctor and Engineer by profession) whether they know how to swim? They said no. But boatman knows it and can face the drown and get a second chance in case.

The boatman replied to them, 'both of you wasted your whole life now'. 

Tips: Learning swimming is not very important but important to fight with water or nature sometime to save yourself.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

There is a reason, naturally

Sometime in life we tend to become busy! We won't get the things done what we suppose to do. You will be used as per your talent by others and you may miss what you supposed to be in. 

If it is for few instances then no issues and if it is for a long term then you might get many potential things though but you might miss the one you supposed to get it them on-time naturally. It might be personal thing as well.

It could be anything, yes anything!

What to do in such case? You have to sacrifice something to get something, sometime. Yes! if you don't do it on-time then the natural circumstances may change your direction without even your knowledge. It could be anything. Yes, it could be anything.

How to self-analyze?

So, try to look at yourself and your importance things to do first even when you are busy. I am sure you will get one or two days in a weekend despite busy during week days where you can think and do the best thing to get the things what you suppose to get in other than professional or business life. It means, it could be any personal things as well beside professional one.

It is nature that most of them have to either do business or work somewhere for routine life. You might get some benefit out of them. It doesn't mean you have to busy only in your professional life and miss the personal life even during weekend. Yes! You have to balance and get both of them in a right way.

How to balance the life?

Life management. You might use your weekend's one or two days just to relax due to tiredness of the weekdays work. Now you are using the weekend for relaxing for the past one but you are missing the personal life to enrich which could be anything of personal.

So, try to plan and follow the time management in your life so that hardly you will miss anything including personal. I just suggest you to use weekdays with time management where you can either work or do business within certain hour and the rest hour you can enjoy.

If you follow this then you will get the better weekend time management where you can use the effectively for the personal one. To meet friends, chat with known, outcome from stress, visit anywhere comfortably, travel, shopping and on.

Hope the above information helps you to get the things done personal or professional one. Make your life easy and happy.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Second Chance: Book review

I recently came across one of the inspiring book called "Second Chance" authored by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa. So, the title itself attracted me and was interested to know that it could be something extra ordinary on the real life story. Author is a Doctor, so there must be something a great feast for the book lovers.

Yes. I read it and would like to review of the Second Chance Book and publish on my blog to share with my readers, and I would like to remember the book for a long time too.

The front page is simple and it has written as "...If you were given a second chance, how would you change things...". The main character is all about a rich young man with little less matured in few scenarios. 

How he gets some strange alerts on the way which he couldn't understand them on-time to avoid them or except coincidentally save himself surprisingly or crossing them to invite few shocking troubles.

The author of the book has made us interesting to read each lines of the book and let us feel like we are facing it live or watching them live on the screen with thrilling, real and important lesson added. He nailed it professionally in his first book itself. He is Doctor by professional but seems Book writers by passion beside great social service contribution.

I personally felt that 'life lesson is one of the main motive of the book', to be alert and go with the happy life without harm to others. The young man 'Shekhar', his character and life detail filled up over there which it could be coincidentally real for anyone around.

There are around 17 chapters in this book for the entire story of the particular few years of his life. One of the best things that I personally liked is super duper finishing at the end and an advice from Ashutosh to Shekhar. 

Yes, he mentioned that "If you help anyone you would never be in a loss." In the beginning of the book, when read, it will let you feel that you are driving a car and facing issues surprisingly and unaware how to overcome out of it etc.

Shekhar's reality, some thrilling, some suspense, few sudden surprises, few sad, bad, some good and all are there in the interesting book. After so many years of good life lived including some hurdles and bitter things on the way, he settled down with the blessing of elders, helping hands and known persons around. 

Shekhar's wife requested him to go to her mother's home as he didn't visit together even once after their marriage. He accepted to go with her, she next found the list in his coat pocket and she read below;

The poor man's leg crushed.
Snatched Kailash's work.
Seized Ashutosh's company.
Unnati (herself, Shekhar's wife now) was not promoted.
Insulted the begger and did not give her anything etc.

What he did after this, how he solved the things, how he got a second chance, did he changed himself or continued with the former character. The question comes again and again on this. So, you can read the detail in the book to knows the story better and an interesting one.

The author has carved it well in his second book (though the first one has to release anytime soon). I am also one of them who is eagerly waiting for the first one to release and read as soon as it comes.

The Author of the Book: Dr. Sandeep Jatwa, born in Holy City Ujjain, India. M.B.B.S from MGM Medical College, Indore (MP).

The Author's wish / aim: Able to Educate Children who work in the street and have little opportunity to make something good from their lives.

The Book Published By: EduCreation

Second Chance Book Price: INR 255/= (An eBook also available)

Hope you liked the Second Chance Book Review. Your comment is welcome on the Book or Review.

Tips: As said, you may try to read this book which would help you as an eyeopener in real. If you are a book lover then wait for the author's first book also to release which is not published yet (but the second (this) one published and released).

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Forest Encounter

I skipped to write and post something on this blog for a while and would like to post something over here which the topic normally interesting me as an out of the box. Yes, one of my favorite topic is all about the nature and forest related. 

I recently visited one of the  - on the way forest alone, so, blogging about it. I prepared to write and post last night but due to recent travel and tiredness didn't publish it and doing it in the one fine early morning. 

You would have read my earlier post on Forest Jump 2 Adventure trip, if not, no issue and you can read it and link has been furnished above. The adventure all over and you shall know how to enjoy the adventure with carefully. No idea when bad time can comes in such places. 

It is also normal that no idea when the bad time even can come in routine places as well. Life is generally full of adventure and looking for an additional adventure in life is something out of the box.

How to reach the forest?
I used to cover various topics / niche as a blogger and one of them is travel and adventure specially related to nature or forest etc. I used to write and blog about other topic like technology or related and one of them is Heights of email marketing to cherish.

Anyhow, coming back to the topic, I was about to go with friends to a different nature place this weekend and due to few unavoidable circumstances planning changed at the last moment as it used to happen sometime. And, suddenly sometime we used to go unexpectedly in a different places too. 

So, planning in advance to go somewhere doesn't work sometime. This time happened like that only though I had to go for a different place otherwise to do some work and got the opportunity of a forest encounter on the way as same as like Bandipur forest visit in the past. It was luckily that it was in the day and afternoon time so pleasant journey with less hassle or risk around.

What to see in the forest?
All alone, God, me, my bike, silent, natural atmosphere and a small stick to protect me just. The nice bird chirping, rare roaring from far only could heard and experienced. As usual, insect natural noise around. No idea what could happen next second over there. 

Little thrilling and little adventure when stuck for a while without any guidance. The old tricks helped me to come out easily then. It will be really hard to go alone in such a forest place at the night time except heavy secured vehicle along with friends or a group to be with us for a courage and protection just.

Nothing else more than sharing one of the above photo on this post. Keep visiting and will publish more on this blog.

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