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Saturday, March 4, 2017

PIO Tea and JIO Tea

It was just few days back I was all alone at home, yes, it was like Home Alone adventure type. My Bro and family member knows that I am tired and sleeping well and will not come to the function till my normal duty time hours begin in the evening and on...even during Weekends, the afternoon and midnight busy shift put me in that habit for the past few months. So, they left me alone for attending the occasion and I was all alone and enjoyed deep sleeping in the day time till normal hours to wake up.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Does Food nourished by God?

A person heard preaching of a scholar on the topic of the “food and other requirements allotment for human being and other creatures on the earth”. Once he heard that the food is allotted and nourished by God to all human being then he decided not to have food to experiment on “how God allots and nourishes food to human being” if he/she didn’t accept or have it.

So, he went to home after heard this topic where her mother asked him to have a lunch (during lunch time) and he refused it, mother surprised and she got no idea since objecting for food by son is new for her. She tried twice to enquire and convince him but son refused to say and eat, she then went to relax as the time was afternoon. At that moment, he was happy that God might be allotted the food but he didn’t accept it though he was hungry.

The time gone as usual and now dinner time arrived, again he refused to accept the dinner despite many forces and love affections from mother for food having. He went outside the home without having dinner due to mother’s followed up and forces. He was sitting near home where mother brought his favorite tasty dinner food for her son to have it but again he refused, mother kept the food outside and told him to have when hungry or wish, and she went to sleep for the night. Since he is about to sleep outside the home but the nearby food smell doesn’t help him to sleep over there, so he went a little opposite of the home where a big tree and shelter was, as in the villages.

The place was open, remote and good for the stranger to arrive, visit and relax; as said remote place, now a group of thief came therein where they used to assemble normally to plan for robbing around for the day. A thief told that there was a smell of delicious food which can help them to have it some for appetite, a person from that group searched, approached that food and brought to those thieves. The head of thief was smart; it was sudden advised not to eat without experiment since it might be possible of poison mixing to trap them out. So, he ordered, investigate the person nearby, few thieves from that group found a person sleeping near the tree / shelter, they woke him up and asked him whether he kept that food? He replied with “No”, so they doubted on him and forced him to have it first to check for any issue, he refused it then they confirmed that this guy is making plan to trap those thieves by putting some poison on it. Again, they asked him to have that food, still this person refused, they slapped him, again refused, they beaten him but he refused again, then they beaten by sandal / shoe, then he had some food. Finally, all the thieves relaxed and confirmed that there is no issue or poison in that food, so rest of the food had by the group of thieves by enjoying the utmost dinner with free license.

The next day, this gentleman again went to the preaching place where the subject was about to start and continue the topic from the preachers, scholar came and preached for the day. At the end, this person told preacher’s not to incomplete the matter about “Does Food nourished by God?”, the scholar shocked and surprised from his saying then he replied to him “I said it as per religious book”. This gentleman told, that is what incomplete, you should have said “Food nourished by God, in case if human avoid to have food that nourishing by God then someone will be arranged to force and beat with shoes” to have food etc. Scholar really surprised what he is saying about as Scholar is not aware the matter behind.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family pleasure with KFC via Indiblogger

No one give even a single penny freely without any cause but KFC.

Ready, start, set and go for KFC.

I was blogging as usual even though I was not an expert on this. It was just doing to use my precious time to learn and earn something by sharing and getting knowledge. However, recently, I came to know from few websites post that, to promote our blog one has to have good keywords and SEO techniques that is usual lesson from SEO or online expert. However, to promote even for better traffic and fame - we have to submit our blog to some recognized site wherein other members can utilize this option to view our blog or vice-versa and possible for page impression and traffic on our blogs more than SEO and Keywords technique. Considering this, I got one of the blog submission site called wherein I become member few weeks back.

I have submitted very few URL pages of my blogs, where I got reasonable traffics from it, this site (Indiblogger) has various contests time to time, and members' meeting (event) option in each city upon fixed time. This site gives star level to its member based on URL submission with quality adhering site policy. They have various plans with different program, one of them is KFC contest.

Two weeks back I was about to login Indiblogger, and I came across that KFC contest and fill in application online form during login. I just casually filled it up and submit with my personal detail then I forgot it. One fine day (I mean on 18th December 2011) I got a letter from KFC Haryana, when I saw that post I remembered that this might be the “discount coupon” from KFC which I filled it up early via Indiblogger. When I opened it, I really surprise that it was not a discount coupon but completely ‘Free’ coupon’ worth Rs 500/= (who will pay a single penny without any cause but KFC via Indiblogger), when I took two free voucher worth Rs 250 each, I was still in doubt whether I have to pay extra amount with this voucher upon buying any menu from KFC outlet? (it is just because same scenario happened already in McDonalds and other organization offers that we have to pay extra amount on even free vouchers – business tricks).

However, I was ready to pay an extra amount if so and planned accordingly. I went to KFC with my family member with ‘party mood’ to have delicious and different menu to satisfy our lips and stomach on 21st December 2011. Warm welcome received from KFC representative although they got huge ‘paying’ customers, and we got the same welcome from them and no difference for voucher customer (we have been several times to KFC in the past to experience different menu – enjoyed it many varieties) also, I was working in Gulf countries and had experience with KFC branch over there, the same taste everywhere and no changes on their menu tastes beside friendly services. Now, the next part is, I submitted both the vouchers to outlet representative, in turn, he shown it to his outlet manager who was standing beside him, he signaled him to accept it immediately by seeing the KFC voucher without any issue. They asked me which menu you would like to select, I told him to give ‘Family bucket’ pack worth 400+ and the left amount plus little paid amount resulted for extra delicious burger from KFC.

Within few seconds, KFC representative served us friendly with fun and pleasant smile which worth more than few thousand bucks on free voucher from Indiblogger contest for KFC. I had to serve in the same way to my family members that made them even few millions bucks free pleasure. The menu was delicious that has no competition in India nor a single complain on ambience or hygienic level, we got lips smacking, stomach filling and additional happiness with free billing – so on. This is one of the ‘free party’ that my family enjoyed during 2011 year end prior to Christmas and New Year.

We hearty thanks to KFC and Indiblogger for fruitful and memorable party given. There are people or organization in the world that they pays you (regardless their business) more than a single penny for your (or customer or member’s) happiness without much expectation from us. I can say this is an event for me and my family’s where we have sharpen our mind and fiery tongue got us out of a sticky situation.

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