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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life without Google - I wouldn’t have known Search Engine pros and cons

My life without Google as follows;

wouldn't have known what Search Engine can make the differences in the world.

wouldn't have known Google can help me to reach the exact webpage / content that I am looking for

wouldn't have known writers can help to get the detail what we wanted it from online source

I wouldn't have known many families would run just because of Google / Search Engine Company

wouldn't have known Google or the Search Engine Company let other’s to work from home


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My first Smartphone – Touching, Touching. Touch integrated

There is no touch nowadays with friends, relatives and beloved one just because of Touch devices on everyone’s hand. I don’t know whether it is just because of busiest world or technology advancement. However, the world is filling up with just technology gadgets and moving ahead without any comment except personal Hi and Bye. A person can talk and see live from Australia to America or any other remote area where there is hardly human can be seen but network with the features of 3G or 4G technology in Smartphone just. Yes, this is the story going on across the globe and the Smartphone with advance G uses may increase with higher percentage soon.

Now coming back to the main topic of my first Smartphone in life #ChooseToStart, which is Moto E. However, it is hard to tell which one was my first Smartphone except as said Moto E which I owned recently after checking its reviews online and offline. I will write about it in the next paragraphs with detail specification and hands on review. Anyhow, the other Smartphone that I was using before Moto E was given by company for official usage and it was not my personal one. So, I can safely says that my first Smartphone is Moto E. Here, one thing to observe is that, I was suggesting few other brands and their different series Smartphone to my friends and relatives upon their enquiry or suggestion when there wasn’t Moto E or Moto G available. Now, I can safely suggest them with live demo including drop down test (with my heart breaking).


Sunday, March 22, 2015

She gave me a free Singapore Chicken drumstick with happiness

I was in Singapore during April 2001, 14 years ago and I was very young at that time. I was alone to travel some Far East and Middle East countries on short vacation. It was my first visit to Singapore en route Brunei (neighbor country) for two days visit over there. Yes, I can recall those pleasant four days stay and some of the occurrences in Singapore. I visited many places in Singapore and unable to recall those visiting places name except Orchard Road, City Center, Mustapha shopping, Little India, Sentosa, Airport and so on. I was actually visited to Singapore when I was working in Gulf countries at that time. However, Singapore Airport and outside live atmosphere let me breathtaking though I have seen them in few movies and TV shows. I can still remember Changi International Airport experience, emigration clearance, exiting the airport and cab assistance toward the address etc.

Beside reaching and cooling down at my friend’s home in Singapore, the whole day let me relax, watch sports event of school children at nearby stadium and chat with friends and their relatives. There were / are five hours differences in timing for each other’s (Singapore vs Saudi Arabia) places geographically. I mean, Singapore’s evening 5 o’clock would be Saudi Arabia’s 12pm noon. So, I got little trouble on sleeping hours in Singapore as I had to miss my sleeping time back to Saudi timings with five hours differences, whereas India is 2.5 hours behind to Singapore timing. I was unable to get sleep during night time due to timing differences naturally though I got enough and comfortable accommodation in Singapore as everybody gets it over there. I was able to sleep early in the morning around 5am or 6am till 10am or 11am and then fresh, refresh and move to see the best places in Singapore.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Quikr Nxt Apps benefit in 3 ways

Quikr answers in 3 ways.

It says ‘yes’ and it gives what you want
It says ‘no’ and gives you something better
It says ‘wait’ and gives you the best.

No Fikar, Chat Quikr

The main three reasons why I would prefer Quikr chat over a phone call, as below.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

I am a Pan Beeda Litterbug

The way we throw the ball will return the same. Yes, the same way we get the good or bad returns based on our deeds. Here we need to observe many things whether throwing trash or other wastage's around easily which can harm us later. If one spit Pan Beeda litter that may come back to their face or mouth and it was experienced by me when I was using Pan Beeda then spitted while I was driving the car. The litter from Pan came to me with almost same force and made bad result for me and my car window / glass. I learnt that this is sort of self indiscipline act and learnt to avoid even small garbage throwing act likewise. We have to learn good deeds or discipline act from others than opposite one.

We get freedom doesn't mean we spoil the atmosphere artificially but try to go with the nature which can ever help us for healthy surrounding, enrich forthcoming generation and overall better civilization through our current discipline. Our country has no strict law doesn’t mean we can throw all the wastage from our home to anywhere we find comfort but needed to learn where it supposed to be to carry forward in safe zone. We have to learn what is Housekeeping rather than what is dirty or junk around.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Face Complexion

We have heard the proverb of ‘Face is the Index of the mind’. This proverb may suit sometime and it may not suit in different occasion or for different personality. However, most of them would like to have finest or the best complexion or skin texture in order to appear or attract others and to avoid unnecessary pain from pimple too. How about nature? Will it help to reduce or wipe out the Pimples when we pass through teenage or till the age where we cross 30 plus? I don’t think so that nature will help to hide or eliminate pimples but it will bring and grow during this tenure. What shall we do for the pimples to stop and gives better complexion?

I am sure that most of them would have experienced on Pimples and most of them would have tried to find out some tips or face cream or some herbal medicine or a kind of tablet or different food consumption etc. to remove pimples naturally. I am sure that some of the tips for Pimple would have worked for a while and some of them have given disappointment. 

What are the reasons for Pimples?


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dream of Bangalore resides

Being a Bangalorean, why shall I recommend to near and dear one on relocating to Bangalore? The more you think, the weaker your decision, so, just do it by Quikr. It is free portal and paid membership where you can buy and sell used or new items with satisfaction.

If you go through the above given link of Bangalore Quikr website then you will know the detail and option of the services rendered by them. However, other than normal dealing on buying and selling old or used items, some of the services are going to be very effective and useful while you would like to relocate from any part of the country.

This is an international platform so nothing to worry on relocating from any other part of the world to Bangalore by using Quikr online service. Quikr has city or country wise website link which can help you to get things done on selling old / used items, purchasing old / used items with reasonable or negotiable prices and decorate your needs and home accordingly.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Telling the truth is the right thing to do unless…

One of the toughest task nowadays is telling the truth ever or whenever deemed necessary to say truth, or in the circumstances where one has to lie to escape from unknown incident.

I have faced various situation as such but for me it is quite different and I can say that ‘telling the truth always’, or ‘telling the lie is rare’ unless it is justified in both the sides.

Before telling the truth, I would like to state a small story from a movie clip on the bitter truth while critical situation taken place (such situation normally do happens in one of our lives, the situation happened in our life shows by either TV serial or movie, or the reality show broadcasting by TV or movie normally do happens in our lives).  However, we will go through one of them as below.

A person has to pay (borrowed) money to his older friend who gave him cash as help for few days. The one who gave money got lot of tense from borrowed one due to promised broken and he asked his friend to return it as soon as possible, the way it was going is like he is not able to return the cash soon despite he is having enough money but let him follow for few more days where he got more tensed. 

One fine day, both of them met near the bus stand at midnight, he refused to return the money again despite he is having it, however, he was arguing to pay it immediately but looks like older friend is not able to get back his cash at this point. A group of thieves came on the spot and shown knives and other dangerous weapons to them to withdraw the valuables and cash to free them out. When the situation understands the borrowed person, he then paid immediately to older friend on the spot where he refused it at this critical situation. 

Now, the group of thieves got those cash beside other valuable belongings too from both, oh God. The one who borrowed cash from older friend agreed and told the truth in a wrong moment which causes both of them to lose all cash and belonging at the same time.

Sometime, when we need to lie in a critical situation to either save one's prestige matter or innocent act. And, sometime we need to tell the truth even though any seriousness or critical situation to save one's life than prestige or valuables. This is the truth or bitter truth which can always win the situation of life.

However, the Truth plays vital role, one is, we don’t need to remember the Truth for a long time as what we had told to a person in case, the other one is, lies can be caught at any moment and we have to remember it and not to forgot it for a long time to match the situation as what we actually lied with others.

This article is written for the contest of Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein from Kinley in association with IndiBlogger Happy Hour contest.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

From Melbourne with Love

Each city has its own glory and has created history in the World to remember for a long time for its residents or visitors or lovers, Melbourne city is one of them. How it has formed? To be frank, I know only few things about Melbourne city than Australia or other locations. Herein Melbourne, one is famous Cricket ground (MCG, as Cricket lover) and the next few are as below.

You may read the history of Melbourne city and other detail for your information.

How much you know about Melbourne:

Melbourne is a European name

Melbourne born in around 1810

Melbourne Town Hall is one of the famous and historical one.

Multicultural cities of the world

It is one of the famous tourist places, warm hospitality and full of luxury

This city is also famous for social, educational, sporting and cultural activities

Kulin Nation is called for Wurundjeri, Boonerwrung, Taungurong, Djajawurrung and the Wathaurung.

Up to date Tourism assistance, entertainment, leisure, technology updates.

Building Melbourne:
Princes Bridge, is one the construction which was proposed to build on 22nd April 1840, a company was assigned to build a bridge across the Yarra River despite controversy among counselor members taken place for a different location while planning for it. However, it was built as finalized.

First land sale in Melbourne city:
It was on 1st Jun 1836, Governor Bourke authorized to sell first land (Crown) in Melbourne city with subdivided in to twenty allotments which administrated by Robert Hoddle, and it was said to purchaser that it has to be built the home within 2 years. Apart from highest price paid for the land in different area, but the lowest price paid for the land in particular area of Melbourne become ‘Golden Mile’ called highest priced real estate within short of span.

Second land sale in Melbourne city:
Just five months after the first land sale for the residence / commercial purpose, in Nov 1836, the second land sale taken place. Again within short time, the land value increased in Melbourne city, specially for North West corner of Swanston street and Flinders street which paid by John Batman.

As per survey during that period, once the residents used to think about the location as merely a part of town or village since the province looks like home here and there with few houses, tents and sheds scattered in one or two. The traffic has to be suspended due to chain of waterlog, shallow gullies and ruts on the street.

Melbourne was a province of New South Wales since the beginning. Later on, Melbourne became incorporated town in 12th Aug 1842 with four wards. Andrew Russell was elected as First Alderman for six years term, Henry Condell was elected as first Mayor of Melbourne, and Charles King selected as Town Clerk in Dec 1842.

Melbourne Town Hall was completed to build in 1870 despite few issues upon its construction including labor shortage and proposal of a different location after finalization etc. It was built and officially opened during 9th Aug 1870 by his Excellency Governor of Victoria Lord Viscount Canterbury.

Entertainment in Melbourne:
The Regent Theater was first opened in 1929 incorporated with Plaza, now it is Sunset Boulevard since 1997 as it was under legal issue with MCC and other controversy earlier.

Now, we got to go with various mode of entertainments in Melbourne, Australia and unlike those days just with movie/film and circus etc.

Gold discovery effect in Melbourne city:
The discovery of Gold in Victoria during 1850s had a remarkable effect on the growth of Melbourne city; it was looking like a desert due to people leaving from Melbourne and tried to settle down in Victoria. Many foreigners used to arrive by sea and some of them happy and few of them disappointed on Gold business and returned back. The same story for a different natural source might happen over there.

Other best places to visit and see in Melbourne city:
The Great Ocean Road
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
Lightning Ridge Opal Mines
National Gallery of Victoria
Sun Theatre Yarraville
National Sports Museum
Shrine of Remembrance
Block Arcade
State Library of Victoria
Dandenong Ranges
Melbourne Museum
Melbourne Zoo
City Circle Tram
Degraves Street
Fitzroy Gardens
Eureka Skydeck 88
Rod Laver Arena
Arts Centre Melbourne
Federation Square
Melbourne Town Hall
Yarra River
Docklands Stadium
St. Kilda Beach
Queens Park
Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium
Maroondah Reservoir Park.

This article is written with love for the contest of What's your reason for falling in love with Melbourne, the most livable city in the world? In association with IndiBlogger.

Now the time for the visitors of this blog, contest to you: "Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?". 

The best answer will win a gift voucher and it will be sent to you soon.

The contest end by 4th Jan 2015, so answer below and Hurry up.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Yes or No - To be or Not to be, Pre-Martial

I am going to write on this topic casually just like straight from the heart whether I win the contest or not. Pre-Martial sex won't mostly suit for Indian Culture since it is against all religions customs that made thousands years back and followed accordingly despite few does against act from long. Whenever we talk about Pre-Martial sex we just pay attention or think only on girls against religions or society’s custom and how about boy who does Pre-Martial sex prior his marriage? Yes, this bias prevails against male vs female on this topic.

Adam and Eve / Stone Age:

If you consider Stone Age from Adam and Eve, God made them as couple and not as Eve is like a Girl friend of Adam but married couple or Eve as Adam’s wife rather different relation or fiction. By accepting this, one can move little ahead with little different custom at the initial stage which we as majority need to agree with our elder’s decision on this scenario.

The next come to our mind is Pre-Marital subject; most of them generally says No to Pre-Marital but will not describe more on why than they follow the customs or elders. Do you think custom made just to stop individual’s happiness on this subject, No, individual can enjoy but with following discipline and custom. If there is no custom and discipline on this subject then there will be no differences among human and animal. 

The toughest thing on individual happiness among this topic is not because of ritual or custom but it is just because of marriage unnecessary additional formalities and costs that unable to bear most of them which create mess up on this easy process. You can simply marry and enjoy the nature to avoid various health, crime and society issues than Pre-martial act. Few guys happy causes angry for many.

Though this subject is like both the sides of the coin, fewer pros and more cons would be there, only very few people who involved would be pleased and the one who come to know about it might be displeased due to such act which is against all law despite mutual involvement.

In general, only very few people might be happy on this (topic/act) but mostly against on Pre-Martial sex whether they do involve or support directly or indirectly. However, I would like to know opinion first from honest and discipline Girls or Women on this topic. You can also know the different opinion from PoonaamUppal's True Love - A Mystical True Love Story on Flipkart. You can also find the discussion on this topic here.

This article is written for YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex contest in association with IndiBlogger.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

No Achcham…No fear! Those days in my College

Human and other species generally born with fear (Achcham - in Tamil) as one of the instinct among many characteristic or the behavior. Different fears may comes across in different occasions or situations other than fun filled one or sad one or general one. But, which fear makes you more thrill, suspense, new, no idea for solution and many risk filled in including do or die situation alone? How to rise above fear in such circumstances? How to take risk in life to succeed and how to overcome from fear then claim victory which can be of turning point in your life. Read this article for more detail on No fear or No Achcham in our life.

Advice or suggestion can get easily in this world but how about practical risk taking alone without anyone’s support or an idea which involves life or death to reach some target, success and achievement. Only few people will face fear situation and take risky action to get succeed in their lifetime. There is saying that the one who afraid God will not afraid anyone since death is certain which needless to fear for it but live happily and take some steps boldly ‘for the right one or valid one’.

As one of the dialogue from Gabbar Singh, Jo dargaya so margaya! (Dead who feared for, even though he/she live).

I can give many examples on this topic but it is not an easy to write all in one post. Here I will write only one situation for it which I faced in College days.

There was College election campaign going on within College where some spark happened among two different student / pupil parties where the clashes between them finally about to an end in Principles office. It was unfortunate for the College Principle, well wishers and decent studying student that Principle got head injured due to hitting stone directly on his head which done by one of the student on that group upon Principal compromising between these two parties. That’s it, other surrounded Professors and HoD called the Police department (though their vehicles always used to stand near our college for the sake of college students’ act) and they arrived with little gap as usual. Meanwhile, the clash becomes even more serious before entering by Police group in the premises. I and my friend have to run to the third floor of the college class to hide on this situation where there were thousands of college students who runs on the same time as human tide upon Police entry.

Indian Police control the situation as usual with lathi charge and tear gas for a while. Pin drop silent in the college premises, hard to see bird flying over there. I was thinking of some serious situation since it was my first year study in college where I saw the live situation as such than movie. The area was like a desert for couple of hours. I suddenly thought of my College exam’s fee and its last day. I had to take Demand Draft for it or else I would be disqualified for the upcoming exam, oh God. I discussed with my college class mates and they shouted on me, they said, why you made delay on this since anything at anytime could happen in our college or even sometime in our country like strike, death and so on. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

My heart says go and get it done or else you will be in trouble and my mind says be careful. Only one thing I can do is to face do or die situation on that moment, I have to exit from the college and get the DD then enter the college till College Admin for submitting the DD with ID copy. How, possible for lathi charge to me or tear gas or even possible for sever action from Police that can be of shooting order on the move too. I have to and I have to – my heart says. I remembered God then slowly walked away from friends and passing through open ground and exit way of the college. Many (including Police) were seeing me like a deer walking alone in 200 meters path that is about face any situation right now. Eyes on me, eyes on me and eyes on me by all, including God. Thank God, nothing happened and exits safely and reached the Bank which is very near to my college.

I got a DD within half an hour and enquired the college situation by Bank authorities then I explained them accordingly. Ok, now the situation is again to enter the college with same dangerous atmosphere. Again remembering God and moving slowly from the entry Gate of the College (where Police enquired about me) and explained them softly about last day and DD (shown) to submit. They agreed to enter and slowly moving toward Admin with thrilled situation again, many again looking on me and this time got little confidence since Police conversation taken place just. Yeah, reached 100 meters path so far, still panicked in this pin drop silent atmosphere. Anything could happen.

A group of Police were moving to a different direction of the College which panicked me for a while then still moved on till Admin which came closely. Yeah, I made it, I made it and I reached the Admin and submitted the DD and ID copy to the concern authority. In reply, authority looking on me with angry as I am the only guy who gave him works on this situation. For a safety reason, I stayed few hours nearby College Admin area only till the situation come little calm, yes, they announced “indefinite college strike” which is really bad for the one whom studying well or who doesn’t involve in unnecessary act etc.

However, I won the day – did my work, no fear and no tear. No Achcham, Achchai meeri Uchchai Thodu...yeah.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Go anywhere and stay for less, from Airbnb

I am actually one of the travel lovers and would like to roam all over the world. I had been too few foreign countries beside local trips in India. The International trip was to Singapore (tour visit), Brunei (tour visit), Bahrain (tour visit), UAE (tour visit), Saudi Arabia (for work), and Kuwait (for short-term work). These all happened few years back and would like to still roam in India and other foreign countries when time permits. However, I won't give up to travel anywhere in the future.

When I recall the past, some of the best trip in India was, Shimla, Jammu, Sri Nagar, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Munnar, Goa, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore and other small and less known tourist places, on.

Wherever we go, the important one other than travel is of unique accommodation and suitable food, or boarding and lodging or bed and bread beside a wonderful sightseeing, experience and remembrance for many years as I recalled this one. I used to see trip photos which was taken long back to recall the older excitement and happy days. Still you can enjoy it, and age doesn't matter to go around. 

There are few travel companies that assist online for such trip and to get unique accommodation with lesser price. One of them is Airbnb. All these fun together, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190+ countries. Why don't you utilize this facility?

To avail the facilities at Airbnb and its booking through online or from a mobile phone, you can visit Airbnb booking. I too have selected few foreign location and two local locations as follows.

Ireland: This is one of the best places to visit due to various reason and one of them is naturally beautiful. It has various sightseeing and soft people around.

New Zealand: You can either visit Australia or New Zealand which is great to be there as long as you would like to realize natural rich atmosphere.

Luxemburg: International travelers never forget to enjoy the beauty of Luxemburg. This is one of the best hospitality and tourist places in the world which real traveler never misses the opportunity to enjoy.

Kodaikanal: Although it is famous location in India for coolest place and try to stay over there during Summer, this is one of the best location in southern India to experience lush green and hill station with beautiful atmosphere.

Hyderabad is actually a different city to visit, it is unlike some peace and quiet tourist location but it is a city which contains some of the historical places, architecture, mixed with nature and most importantly growing IT sector which called Silicon Valley of India.

You may also register with Airbnb to enjoy the holidays with very low expenses. Ref

This article is written for Airbnb contest in association with IndiBlogger.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Don’t Circus on road

Whenever I talk with friends and relatives on the topic of Road safety, I will remember few bitter incident and accident that happened in front of me and would like not to disclose here except hint. A small rose was smashed by giant stone in front of me while travelling on the bus, no one could help it at that moment for that rose and other stone which crashed, I was able to see it since I was sitting on the front seat which is near the bus driver.

I was unable to forget for few long days, unable to have food on time and often discussed with near and dear about it, and still I used to recall it once such topic arises. It was a horrible experience though a small school rose was not my relatives but unknown rose which didn’t grown as it is supposed to be and big lose for their family members. There are so many incident as such for my native / city people and those were behind my seen but still painful whenever I recall it. Oh God.

Drive(r) with care

Whenever I drive the vehicle on road or while traffic, the first one is remembering God, the second one is utmost care about who is approaching me to hit my vehicle / car rather than whom I am going to hit anyone. However, overall vehicle care, driving care and vigilant is there for which I suppose to drive well without hitting anyone following the driving guideline and fasten seat belt etc. Doing silly mistake in a second can harm many like attending mobile calls can cause severe damage including life threat.

If you want to drive vehicle upside down, wheeling, jumping, racing, showing and stunning etc. then you may join at any nearest Circus or bike racing center or formula one group etc. There are some expert who could assist you on this and I am afraid you won’t show such talent over there since you can do it at Road show only which can kill you and some on goers.

Courtesy: Nissan
Ten Commandments for Road safety:

1.     Traffic Authority should be vigilant – round the clock
2.     Long Signal process must not irritate travelers
3.     Highways shall not have speed breaker or hump 
4.     Driver shall have all valid papers to drive the vehicle
5.     Driver must know the road and driving discipline 
6.     Driver shall observe the side and rear mirrors beside front area
7.     No health issues including poor vision, cardiac, drowsy and madness
8.     Speed thrills but kills adherence, follow fasten seat belt term
9.     Fitness certificate, Insurance, Emission, DL and so on.
10.   Driver shall not use Phone on driving or stop vehicle to use calls.

Wish you all a Happy Journey – Bon Voyage.

This article is written for NissanIndia NSDF (Nissan Saftey Driving Forum) contest in association with IndiBlogger. Thanks to all visitors.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Beyond the dirt – where else we can reach

There are lots of buzz around on ‘Clean India’ campaign and it looks like we however need to get up at this moment to make clean our home, street, road and country. Anyhow, the main concern over here is, make it clean India understanding individual responsibility and contribution toward this campaign, at least. It is better late than never, as we know face is the index of the mind, thus cleanliness shows an individual status to country status.

What we learnt in these days is horrible due to unclean habit and atmosphere which affected overall nature cycle and destroyed many natural resources. Where are those birds and its quantity that we used to see couple of decades ago? Due to unclean, impure, contaminated, dirty, infected, grimy, polluted and unhygienic habit and its atmosphere, we bear many losses which are unaccountable. Disease spread in such a way that there won’t have any medicine except anti-biotic as temporary solution for it. What else?

This campaign would like to wake up those who are not ready to get up on time or not really interested toward clean atmosphere, this is especially for those who are not ready keep clean surrounding at home first. Other than individual contribution, team work plays very important role on everything, only discussion and performance matters. As said, team work means ‘less me and more we’ and team work means dream work. What we do in our team work is (there is saying) as below which failed in everything rather success.

This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. 

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. 

Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. 

Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s job. 

Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. 

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done it.

The real story goes like that. I think people (except few) don’t take personal responsibility for general success on social services because they want others to do the work for them. To get work done and success on my effort (no personal or self boast over here), I tried to start to clean Bathroom at home which is very small, this one also done due to family member ill at home. However, co-incidence would work sometime while such (Clean) campaign is going on altogether. The next one is, beginning of cleaning home and nearby atmosphere though there are many commercial items help to do for cleaning task but we need little effort to keep clean surrounding which could help to avoid various diseases and threats.

The next one is, I was going on nearby street where I observed that sometime garbage cleaning and sometime not from the authority. Here, one is authority shall do it and if they fail to do for any unknown reason then we shall request and remind them to do so in a right manner. You can see the below photos where once the trash / junk was huge, only one initiative and step from me (common people) to nearest Municipality helps to clean garbage regularly. We will go with Banega Swachh India and its campaign.

This article is written for Clean India campaign on Swachh India from IndiBlogger.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Ab Mai Bolega - My Voice to Clean India campaign

I remember four things whenever I read or hear about ‘clean’ topic. One is, almost every religion says neat and clean is very important beside our routine practice, the second one is Singapore and my visit over there during Apr 2001, the third one is Saudi Arabian Airlines Catering unit in Riyadh and the fourth one is Tamil veteran actor Kamala Hasan.

What does religion says about Clean:

I can say no religion forget to says about clean, as clean is half Imaan (belief) and the rest half belief is individual soul’s choice toward almighty. I feel sad myself also that we are not following our own basic principle on this, fully or partially.

What does Singapore says about Clean:

I remember one incident while one evening walking on the Orchard road in Singapore in April 2001 (a decade ago that too), I once spitted aside on walking over there and immediately I afraid and remember the country’s different strict rule and disciplinary action compare with back home, though I was safe over there. As you may know that making bad atmosphere or creating pollution in Singapore is against their law and strict disciplinary action will be taken for the concern. So, each human being carry their responsibility set by the nation thus they are in a good atmosphere including neat and clean surrounding.

What does Saudia Airlines Catering Riyadh unit says for clean:

Though it is a five star hotel level unit, thus it is normal that one can find neat and clean nearby. That is not the surprise here, the astonishing thing is the one which this unit create and practice everyone to be neat and clean beside some disciplinary measure when required. One example is, if you have a long hair or good hair style and working in Admin than Food production area which is far located, still Hygiene Inspector will roam, monitor, catch and warn you first to cut the hair (if so) as per company policy, if fail to do so then disciplinary action would be taken. 

As usual, food production area will have so many rules for handling food that can be found herein India’s five star or three star hotels too and forget this one in local hotels. Beside this, the Managers and above posts (mostly Saudi citizens) of each department will monitor for neat and cleanliness in their respective area, they will handle alone some cleaning task in the office premises and make changes the office atmosphere often as simple look and nice decoration.

What Kamala Hasan says for Clean topic:

I don’t know whether you are aware or not about actor Kamala Hasan and his discipline, India’s PM is taking clean initiative now but this veteran actor is talking and taking ‘clean’ initiative since few decades. He always used to give some hint or message or a song or even a film for only ‘clean’ topic.

So, when an actor can take an initiative for a long term on ‘clean’ India with social motivation, why individual shall not take an initiative on this, which is every citizen’s responsible too. We have 24 hours a day; we spend almost 24 hours a day in every other task, why shall not we spend at least half an hour to one hour just to keep cleaning in domestic and nearby area or outside, as responsible. 

Note: Starting from now, I will try to clean my home first and nearby area next.

This article is written for IndiBlogger for Indi-Happy Hour contest associated with #AbMontuBolega from Strepsils on Clean India Campaign, so let us work with Swach Bharat. You may also visit their website at and  Strepsils on Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to bring back the touch

My grandma used to massage my hair and body with pure Coconut oil during childhood, it given me relax, cool, refreshes and healthy. Those days are gone since we grown up and time changes everything, now once or twice in a week, I have to apply hair oil by self and rare self-massage too.

Whenever I apply hair oil (unlimited like waterfalls from my hair) two hours before sleeping at the night time then my closed one used to run away immediately and used to return as bring back the touch on the next day after shower and re-freshen.

My alternate usage for pure Coconut oil from village is Parachute oil which we can get it easily from nearest shop, this one helps me to remember my childhood and grandma beside same habit and healthy experience, to get back the touch again. Parachute oil massage on hair helps to relieve the stress, help for scalp, strengthen hair and cool for eyes etc. Parachute oil has fragrance in addition to same man made quality of pure coconut oil which helps me for closed one to bring back the touch at night time too.

Advanced one: other than Parachute coconut oil for good and healthy experience, Parachute Advanced Body lotion helps to get rid of rough skin and tiredness. I can assure you that such lotion apply / massage helps to relieve the roughness of the skin specially during winter and helps to get rid of body pain and tiredness etcWe can find additional help from Parachute Advanced Body Lotion is that our skin become smooth, glow and natural one - like #BringBackTheTouch.

This article is written for #BringBackTheTouch from IndiBlogger.

Porcelanosa dream 24K home for me

I almost forgot the home which I have in my native though rare visits over there and just dreaming to get a new and own home (at least 600 sq ft) in the city where I live in right now or at least own 1BHK flat with reasonable rate with quite and pleasant atmosphere. 

By the graces of God, it looks like my dream is coming true very soon and the matching one is a special idea what I got recently from this latest contest for interior from Porcelanosa via IndiBlogger. Hopefully, Porcelanosa's interior for Kitchen, hall and bathroom may match for my dream home to come.

Image courtesy: Porcelanosa

Most of the time, I supposed to be at home and work from home for official work beside blogging / online job. Thus, I would like to have a nice hall and a separate room as my small office and work in pleasant and heavenly atmosphere. 

Everyone’s dream to get own home rather than staying in leased one or rented one or staying with relatives or dependent etc. It applies to me as well, so, I have to look into it very carefully and get the best one at the right time including dream interior items from here.

Image courtesy: Porcelanosa

I love to keep neat and clean the kitchen since we have to maintain hygienic everywhere and its priority is at kitchen too. I can use Porcelanosa's Kitchen Furniture as New Cocina Gamadeco which can help me for easy maintenance and very much attraction. I can enjoy the food at kitchen itself.

Image courtesy: Porcelanosa

This is what I was looking for, this is nothing but metal finished interior wall at hall. If you would like to go with this one then you have to reach Porcelanosa's metal effect wall tiles design. All of them combination will wonder you and will suit for space and budget.

This article is written for IndiBlogger contest on My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa.

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