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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Thanks to Delhi Metro Authorities

My friends were on a fun plus business trip to Delhi from Bangalore, it was just few months back. They were on just fun and casual (trip mood than business aside) from Bangalore Airport to New Delhi. 

They got a cab till the Aerocity to get the Metro to roam in Delhi once they landed in Delhi.They got down at Rajiv chowk from Metro and few minutes later one of them realized that he missed his laptop bag from the Metro train which the train just left and the laptop cost around Rs 40K and the data for client might be around or more than one lakh worth.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Ab Mai Bolega - My Voice to Clean India campaign

I remember four things whenever I read or hear about ‘clean’ topic. One is, almost every religion says neat and clean is very important beside our routine practice, the second one is Singapore and my visit over there during Apr 2001, the third one is Saudi Arabian Airlines Catering unit in Riyadh and the fourth one is Tamil veteran actor Kamala Hasan.

What does religion says about Clean:

I can say no religion forget to says about clean, as clean is half Imaan (belief) and the rest half belief is individual soul’s choice toward almighty. I feel sad myself also that we are not following our own basic principle on this, fully or partially.

What does Singapore says about Clean:

I remember one incident while one evening walking on the Orchard road in Singapore in April 2001 (a decade ago that too), I once spitted aside on walking over there and immediately I afraid and remember the country’s different strict rule and disciplinary action compare with back home, though I was safe over there. As you may know that making bad atmosphere or creating pollution in Singapore is against their law and strict disciplinary action will be taken for the concern. So, each human being carry their responsibility set by the nation thus they are in a good atmosphere including neat and clean surrounding.

What does Saudia Airlines Catering Riyadh unit says for clean:

Though it is a five star hotel level unit, thus it is normal that one can find neat and clean nearby. That is not the surprise here, the astonishing thing is the one which this unit create and practice everyone to be neat and clean beside some disciplinary measure when required. One example is, if you have a long hair or good hair style and working in Admin than Food production area which is far located, still Hygiene Inspector will roam, monitor, catch and warn you first to cut the hair (if so) as per company policy, if fail to do so then disciplinary action would be taken. 

As usual, food production area will have so many rules for handling food that can be found herein India’s five star or three star hotels too and forget this one in local hotels. Beside this, the Managers and above posts (mostly Saudi citizens) of each department will monitor for neat and cleanliness in their respective area, they will handle alone some cleaning task in the office premises and make changes the office atmosphere often as simple look and nice decoration.

What Kamala Hasan says for Clean topic:

I don’t know whether you are aware or not about actor Kamala Hasan and his discipline, India’s PM is taking clean initiative now but this veteran actor is talking and taking ‘clean’ initiative since few decades. He always used to give some hint or message or a song or even a film for only ‘clean’ topic.

So, when an actor can take an initiative for a long term on ‘clean’ India with social motivation, why individual shall not take an initiative on this, which is every citizen’s responsible too. We have 24 hours a day; we spend almost 24 hours a day in every other task, why shall not we spend at least half an hour to one hour just to keep cleaning in domestic and nearby area or outside, as responsible. 

Note: Starting from now, I will try to clean my home first and nearby area next.

This article is written for IndiBlogger for Indi-Happy Hour contest associated with #AbMontuBolega from Strepsils on Clean India Campaign, so let us work with Swach Bharat. You may also visit their website at and  Strepsils on Facebook and Twitter.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 found?

I used to often search online about Missing Malaysian Airlines and its tremendous searching in Indian Ocean and its team effort for unknown reason on MH370 vanishing from radar on March 8 with 239 passengers on board. 

What happened to missing MH370? What is the reason for that? All over the world would like to know the missing Malaysian Airlines MH 370 real location and its reason to come to the fact and conclusion. 

Near and Dears are tearing and waiting for their loved ones who travelled on ill-fated plane. There were many reasons said by media and authorities on this subject, it seems, all are almost no finalization or confirmed to the reality. It is really hard to find missing MH370 in deep Indian Ocean or somewhere else where it is resting.

There are no credible leads confirmed yet for missing Air-plane, however, I recently come across one of the website that says MH370 is probably found but authorities have not confirmed it yet. 

US pilot Michael Hoebel informed to his hometown TV station on 27th April 2014 that he’s probably found Missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. This could be a clue for good search result on a mystery that eight nations have done relentless effort to solve over a 52 days search. 

US pilot Michael Hoebel further stated on TV news that "I was taken aback because I couldn’t believe I would find this". Michael spoke to WIVB as per online source.

Anyhow, the statement confuse further as  it says NE coast of Malaysia (west of Songkhla in Thailand) where the plane is and against Indian Ocean?  Both are not the same place. It may or may not be correct...need to confirm with one location on missing Malaysian Airlines MH370.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Toward Emergency ward – unknown patient

There was a famous Doctor who used to charge heavily as consultation fee for everyone regardless of the human status (poor or rich). He was very strict on his principle and his personal character, there is no compromise or negotiation or flexible on patient’s consultation. A day came when a person met road accident with major injuries and he brought to his clinic with some people who helped him on the way due to critical issue.

Doctor came to know about it and asked to those who helped him out to pay the bill prior to critical condition check up or patient care. Doctor even refused to see the patient in such condition. Those people informed to Doctor about his emergency check up and unknown personality - will clear the bill and will help Doctor soon after intimation to his near and dear, please help. Doctor refused on this, those helped hand group become empty hand and disappointed except checking patient’s document to trace some identify of his relatives and friends.

They finally got some contact with his mother and informed about it which took around half an hour to do so, she contacted her husband immediately for so and so reason. When husband came to know about it he then approached immediately to see his son / patient and shocked. His only one son died due to road accident and carelessness in the Clinic. The husband was no one else except the same adamant Doctor. Now, he realized the big mistake and pain in his life that, I (Doctor) would have paid all the wealth if my only one son would have saved at any condition.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ten Commandments to select the right candidate thru Apps

I would inspire and mobilize India’s youth to select the best candidate by using voting rights during Indian General Election 2014 thru using social mobile apps as follow.

Social mobile apps will have various parameters prior to choosing their choice of candidate, thus I will create an apps (for WeChat) with various simple parameters to understand by common public in a simple way about their region’s each candidate’s earlier / current performance to go through, read, analyze and decide on own prior to selecting the right candidate.

The apps will have the following options to go through prior to selecting the right candidate for General Election 2014. Ten Commandments to select the right candidate in a region.

History of each party from 1947 to date
Achievement of each party from 1947 to date
Achievement of each candidate to date
Corruption of each party from 1947 to date
Corruption of each candidate to date
History / Qualification of each candidate from 1947 to date
History of each area (city and village) and their progress from 1947 to date
History of communal violence from each state to date
History of economy and bluffing project from each party to date
Overall average and its chart of each party

After going through the above tabs and statistics of the candidate or state or past government performance, the eleventh option will be there in those apps for user which could help voter’s to select the right candidate per choice as voting to check whether it is correct or incorrect. This selection from public can help to gather information by the Apps management which can give ample result prior to election itself. There won’t be any politics on this nor can few media play against voters by giving wrong opinion to public on their (media’s) survey to believe in their news for TPR or other sort of benefit.

General note for all: We can take an example of election and selecting candidate in Tamilnadu state for every Assembly election. For example, one time DMK party will win and the next time ADMK party will win (Voters of the TN used to as such normally). By this time, media and public would come to know the truth that each party done some good work and some corruption (hidden and popular one). The same result could work in Center also, one time Congress party will win and another time BJP will win, voters will come to know that those party have done some good work and some corruption (hidden and popular one) whatever duration they stays in the power / seat.

Moral of the Apps: Faces change but story remain same, thus this apps can help voters’ to select the best candidate for nation’s growth.

This article is written for IndiBlogger's contest on Indian General Election 2014 with Social Mobile Apps #VoteForIndia.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Election Result 2013-14 live for Delhi, Rajasthan, CG, MP & Mizoram

Election Result 2013-14 for Delhi, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh & Mizoram states are going to announce soon, live report of voting counts for the above four states can be seen here. As per sources, BJP shown majority and put down Congress behind, we just need to wait and watch on this and this is just beginning news and not finalized yet. 

Delhi voting count result: Cong - 8, BJP - 32, AAP 28, Oth - 3

Total: 70/70

Result: BJP majority seat in the election, AAP*
Rajasthan voting count result: Cong - 21, BJP - 162, Others 16

Total: 199/199

Result: BJP won the election
Madhya Pradesh voting count result: Cong - 58, BJP - 165, Others 7

Total: 230/230

Result: BJP won the election
Chhattisgarh voting count result: Cong - 39, BJP - 49, Others 2

Total: 90/90

Result: BJP won the election
Mizoram Election result 2013

Mizoram voting count result: Cong - 32, BJP - 6, Others 2 

Total: 40/40

Result: Cong won the election

The above states voting counts for election result is under progress, it will be updated time to time and announce the final result for respective states accordingly. The above report updated till 17:00pm, dated 9th Dec 2013.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Paul Walker met an accident unfortunately

Paul Walker once said that if speed kills him then don't cry by his fans - it means he was smiling, the time come as such. The sad news for Paul Walker's fan across globe and his unfortunate that he met an accident while he was on the way to an event for charity function on 1st Dec 2013.

Last Photo of Paul Walker, courtesy source.

Paul Walker, 40 years old, a famous artist and Fast Furious star met an accident with his car on the way, at North of Los Angeles, USA. A passerby took a video of burning car where this accident took place and the video was taken prior to Police arrived.

For more detail on shocking video taken by passersby who stopped to help victim on accident of Porche GT, from YouTube. Courtesy YouTube and Video Person.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

King Solomon (Prophet) and His Diamond Gift to a Poor

King Solomon was considered as one of the best Prophet (though all Prophets are the best and has unique character/history with excellence toward worshiping God alone). He was a famous King, Rich, Better in Judge, Human being and so on. Once, he and parade moving toward one place to another place where he has to pass by the Forest. King Solomon observed that a poor old man was alone in the forest and cutting the tree. King Solomon stopped and asked that poor man about his health and wealth, poor man replied the reality of his life as he has to cut the tree and sell it to get some penny/money to run his family. King Solomon want this old poor man to become wealthy and healthy without working hard as such in that age and situation, thus he gave him a Diamond to poor man and asked him to use it for poor man's betterment of the life.

The poor old man was very happy as he got a big gift of priceless Diamond that too from King Solomon, he thanked him and both moved in their own direction. The poor man was so quick and hurry toward his dwell to share this news with their near and dear carrying Diamond, he saw it and its shining often and enjoy it on the way to home. It was his unfortunate that an Eagle came toward him and grab his Diamond within few seconds or in a glance, he was very much upset and reached to his home with empty hand with this bad news. All near and dear made comfort him with good words and asked him to come out from this incident to move ahead, he was about to forgot it in a day or two though little indigestible.

The poor old man again started his wood cutting business in the forest in his old age without any tense as usual, after few days, King Solomon - upon returning observed the same poor man with the same old practice despite presenting wealthy Diamond to change his lifestyle. Prophet Solomon stopped near him and asked him about the earlier story, the old man sadly stated the reason what had happened with him through an Eagle for Diamond. Now, King Solomon was empathy more than before and presented one more Diamond to this poor man to live and settle well. The poor old man thanked him and received the Gift with very pleased and returned to home to share this news, this is indeed a second chance and life who can forgot it.

The poor man was very thirsty on the way to home and he saw a river where he could consume little natural water to clear his thirstiness and move ahead, he then approached to river and drunk reasonable water and in a glance he observed that his Diamond felt down in the river. Oh God, what shall I do, do I need to felt down in the river too? He was sad and sitting over there for a while then returned to home again with this sorrow news, almost all kids and his wife advised him for peace, patient and forget it once again - they advised him that it could be for another good reason in their life though they are poor - it could be destined too. 

However, he once again recovered from this bad incident and went to forest for his usual business. The days were going on and his health become even worsen and weak, he still doesn't give up for his labor and run his family with happiness among near and dear - this is live example for everyone nowadays. One fine day, King Solomon was going with his parade near that place and observed him once again with the same wood cutting business. King stopped over there and asked him once again what-about and whereabouts etc? The poor man then replied what had happened to him near the river for Diamond. King Solomon just listened him with patient and about to talk to him with polite manner.

Now the statement given by the King Solomon should be remembered by every human on the earth. Yes, what he said to that poor man? "I wish to give you (poor man) a Diamond to make you (poor man) wealthy and healthy in this old age for future betterment and you (poor man) also wish to accept it, but no idea what is the wish of the Almighty God on this", however, King Solomon hand overed him one more (third time) Diamond to a poor and said that this time Almighty God shall agree on this and make this poor wealthy, enjoyable, peaceful and relax-able plus purchase what he desired. King then moved to his way and poor man happily reached to his dwell with this great news to share with near and dear, he shown it to his family members and afterward he then sold his Diamond and bought almost all convenient for his life.

The Poor man bought farm, agricultural land and estate etc. he spent life happily with his kid and wife as wished by King Solomon and now God Almighty wishes together, there was a test from God for all including King Solomon, Poor man and all human being who are about to hear/read this story. In continuous with this reality, once kids of poor man played in the farmland and about to clean the dirtiness nearby thus planned to clean it. Kids called poor man (father) and said that this dirt is something different and shining, poor man recognize that this is the first Diamond where he lost against Eagle and found it in his farm together with Eagle's dirt/shit - Poor man and his family become more happiness on this Diamond and become even more richer that before.

Now the turn is for food and kids desire on the menu for the day, kids said to his father (poor man) that we haven't had Seafood for a long time, thus today we shall have seafood or fish or crab and so on. He agreed, poor man ordered and brought Fishes and other seafood from the market, now the kids who sliced the fish to cook observed that there is one more Diamond in that big fish stomach. The family members of the poor man really surprised on this great historical news and became more richer condition than past, they all thanked King Solomon and Almighty God on this and lived happily for many decades.

Reality is, King Solomon was very kind and helpful to poor and almost all poor during his tenure liked him than King David (Prophet and his father), he used to fulfill poor's need per age, requirement, judge and likewise.

Moral of the real story is: Though little late than never - Almighty God wishes this poor man to give three Diamonds than only one Diamond from King Solomon. If you are destined then you will definitely get at any case, or nothing.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jaundice and its treatment - how to recover from Jaundice

There are some people across globe who suffers from Jaundice, there could be different types of Jaundice and it also recognize as Hepatitis various type. Hepatitis for kids is different than for young or elders or olders. However, instead of searching for Jaundice cure, we will first try to know it how Jaundice occurs. There are two types of beliefs and one is due to bile and liver issue and another one overheat due to lack of water consumption ontime, lack of food intake ontime and lack of sleep ontime. 

The reality is second one, and not the first one. How? When you fail the second reason stated or lack of water and food consumption ontime or unscheduled time, you will automatically get heat within stomach which creates various types of issues like acidity, bile issue, gastric and so on, this specially affect while unscheduled time consuming the water and food instead of ontime.

Now, coming to the main point. Since your stomach created unusual practice thus created heat and allergy when you haven't consume food / water ontime, thus your bile and blood affects others, which finally affected blood circulates to your various organ like kidney and liver which auto-affects liver and sometime kidney plus possible for various organs within including intestine.

You will feel yellowish in some parts of physical since blood burnt and released via urine or stool thus Jaundice patient need blood replacement naturally by food consumption instead of same type blood injection to the patient which is wrong. Sometime, people cross Bilirubin from 2 to 20 or above and make allergy which causes also itching their body beside various other facts. The itching not because of heat but because of lack of content requirement to produce the blood within body. One of the important for blood formation is salt, it doesn't mean one shall consume a lot of salt but per  one's physical requirement. Once blood forms and will naturally reduce Bilirubin and other SGP counts thus patient can recover easily due to liver and other function becomes normal.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rembrandt van Rijn was honored by Google

One of the famous personality from Dutch Rembrandt van Rijn marked the 407th anniversary by Google. Rembrandt van Rijn was a Dutch Painter and his contribution is noteworthy on contribution for European Art History. He born on 15th July 1606 in Netherlands and died on 4th Oct 1669 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

His full name is Rembrant Harmenszoon van Rijn, who was master painter and etcher. He have done some of the popular artwork like The Night Watch, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulip and Danae etc. to note down. He have done quality description between life and Art through his Paint.

The basic interest of Paint and Art is common among people, he have done outstanding and serious profession on Art and Life through greatest paint work in his career. Google Doodle honored him on his 407th anniversary. He is one of the example for Art and Paint work.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Miss USA 2013 Erin Brady

Are you searching for information related to Miss USA 2013? Then you are in the right page to get some brief info about latest Miss USA contest which taken place in the United States of America.

Congratulations to Miss USA 2013, Connecticut’s Erin Brady! After long surprises and awaited for the final result, finally Erin won the title on Sunday and claimed her crown as Miss USA for 2013. Erin is a 25 year old financial accountant. 

There were other participants in this event including Megan, Kasey, Amber, Cassandra, Brooke Burke, Chelsea Welch, Kristin Smith etc.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Indicate yourself for Good - Ring the bell for all

I am always proud to be an Indian. Also, Indian by birth and blogger by choice :). Blogger shall write reality or real one when something comes about serious matter except some myth or different drama writing for different occasion or contest.

Now, I / We sometime hang our face due to few reasons, one is like woman assault or rape news from any part of the country, terrorist activities, few bad politicians who put down our country in a danger role with bad history, corruption within organization for small work or services across and so on. Other than that, we don't have any issue with near and dear human beings in our proud nation.

Regarding Ring the bell subject, when we do something then our conscience will automatically indicate us whether it is right or wrong and it is legal or illegal. We can't sure that the same scenario can fall to other as well when they do something but almost all will feel as such except few. Yes, few black-ship can do anything at anytime specially when the opportunity arises for their act on illegal whether they are with the groups, or individual with enough opportunity. 

He or they wont consider anything (which could even happen to their own near and dear) but will do it all illegal or shame act more than animal's behavior. Do you think that they will just think for few minutes or at least few seconds before they are about to do any bad or illegal act in general in the name of whatever called - it could be of rape or killing or terrorist or block money or  swindle/corruption etc. 

Most of them - 'No' but they will try to pre-plan for escape or change the word for selfish and desired illegal act. Now, who is victim? Who is going to solve the issue for Victim? No one can solve the issue but sometime it will publish in media or speak about it for a while till forget the topic and very rare for very few cases - justice can take place. There are many bad or illegal act happens behind the scene smartly. How to solve it and how to precaution or ring the bell to indicate it?

To avoid all those bad acts, one has to change him/herself, or other responsible person or officials shall put those persons in a situation that they shall change from bad to good. Punishment is not an end for bad act but changing their own character is the end for all such malpractices. Each one's responsible is to Ring the bell. Prevention is always better than cure.

This article is written for Ring the Bell at Indiblogger. You can check the more detail about Ring the bell.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Microsoft and Bloggers at McDowell's No1 location by Indiblogger

I received an email from Indiblogger just two days before to Microsoft Cloud Blagathon meet at UB city (on 2nd Jun 2013/Sunday) - I was checking the stated date again and again to confirm it whether this event is after two weeks or two days. When confirmed the date, once again confuses started - whether to go or not for this meet, I cancelled the native trip for this meet and it is also just because of the last two meets (Times of India and Ring the bell) missed out due first one is, been to native and the next one is, been to Munnar for summer vacation. This time I was about to miss this meet but missed out native trip and no issue on this. However, learn, fun and excitement made me forgot everything.

First of all I convey thanks to Indiblogger team for this great event invitation and I am really happy that Indiblogger has successfully conducted six meets so far within a year with grand, in that, so far I had attended four meets viz. Surf Excel / Samsung meets at Capitol Hotel, NokiaApps meet (Gangnam style) at ITC Gardenia, HP meets at ITC Celestia JP Park Hotel and this one Microsoft Blogathon at Tower Kitchen - 16th Floor at UB City. Special thanks to Anoop, Rene and Indiblogger team members. 

There were near about 200 bloggers presents and some of them new and some known bloggers. Every bloggers shown interest to learn something new from Microsoft and this event, many learnt likewise though few of them were in good 'beer' and 'cheers' mood. Few bloggers interacted with Microsoft head to learn something new and we got its prompt reply from them which increased extra knowledge on MS products.

What is Microsoft Office 365 Education:

Microsoft Office 365 is nothing but latest updated apps in MS Office concentrating consumer and business requirement, future generation requirement, updated software apps, all in one, easy access, user friendly and along with advanced tech of Cloud storage option - Skydrive.

As said, we got to see and meet some of the big head from Microsoft to interact and learn something new from them. Yes, we got some valuable information from Microsoft - Ramkumar Pichai (GM, Microsoft) and Tarun Malik (Director, Product Marketing & Strategy) and nice to learn updated subject on Microsoft Office for customer and business orientation.

Microsoft Office 365 Highlights:

Updated and added apps in MS Office 365

Corporate, Education, Student choice on MS Office including OneNote, Publisher and InfoPath

Cloud storage - Skydrive and data security

Focusing on future generation, time management and their requirement

As aware, Microsoft OS and its Office apps is rocking the globe for the past few decades though there are huge competitors across, standing in number one position is not an easy at present for including Microsoft unless they updates their product per consumer demand ontime. Microsoft is very well aware about future generation requirement, worldwide consumer requirement including corporate requirement at present, data security implementation, hacking and virus related issues. If you would like to know more detail about Microsoft Office 365, then check the link given here.

Meeting Highlights - Including Ajak Majak round:

There were so many bottles and glasses around the floor which created freshness among bloggers

Entry system as usual for bloggers' login at 16th Floor / UB City
It was looking like 16th Floor / Kitchen Tower hotel and nearby area is only for Bloggers on that day

Starter pack was very nice with some varieties of veg and non-veg food plus drinks (hot and soft)

Hall of fame and some Swatch watch gifts were an outstanding (though I missed Swatch watch)

Unforgettable atmosphere for 4 to 5 hours with various subjects and people around

Ajak Majak round was very fun and "Hungry Bird" team won the contest, I was among them luckily and got valuable MS T shirt without any effort but just support.

I got an opportunity to meet once again some of well known blogger and friends like Suresh, Cebi, Bala and so on.

Totally, this blog event was like Ajak Majak only.

This is written and dedicated for Microsoft Office 365 blogathon by Indiblogger

Yes we did unlocked the Cloud Blagathon meet at UB city, Bangalore. See you soon.


Monday, April 8, 2013

IBPS Clerk Exam 2013-14 Syllabus and its Pattern detail

Are you looking for IBPS Clerk Exam 2013-14 Syllabus and its pattern, then you can get some information from this blog about IBPS 2013-14. Kindly go through this article to know something about IBPS Clerk Exam 2013-14 Syllabus and its pattern to prepare yourself. 

As we are aware that Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) conducts every year online test for Clerk, PO, Specialist officer and other position in the respective bank as an entry level. You can get here IBPS clerk exam syllabus for the year 2013-14 with required updated information.

Looking for job in Banking is become worthy nowadays and for that we have to complete our Graduate and go through IBPS Clerk exam to be eligible for further screening and claiming jobs in respective banks, otherwise hard to enter into Indian nationalized bank. As of today, there are Nineteen (19) national banks all over India that hires applicant for Clerical positions on the basis of IBPS Clerk Exam.

IBPS Clerk Written Exam Syllabus & pattern for the year 2013-14

There are five sections for IBPS Exam syllabus as follow;

English language
Numerical ability
General awareness
Computer knowledge

The above five sections contain 50 questions each and have to answer for all, you will get 1 mark for each answer. Total 250 questions to be answered and the total marks would be 250 for IBPS Clerk Written exam.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Watch 2013 IPL 6 matches live online

Are you eagerly waiting to watch IPL 6 matches online, then no issue you can watch 2013 IPL 6 matches live online without any disturbance to your business or work. You just need to have some internet connection with laptop or desktop in case if you don't have Television facility nearby you.

The following websites will help you to watch 2013 IPL 6 matches live online. You can get live score card of 2013 IPL 6 matches live online. Though there are many websites that helps you to watch IPL 6 live, but very few helps you without any disturbance or issue. You can watch IPL 6 live on YouTube itself except for countries like Canada and US. You can also get IPL 6 match schedule from the following links.

Few of the best sites to watch IPL 6 live is

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A kind of world for Bloggers – Specially for Bangalore Bloggers from IndiBlogger

From individual blogger to IndiBlogger, from IndiBlogger to Connecting People and the Corporate World. Something strange or out of the box happening in the online world for bloggers, the one who write different articles or express his/her word in their blog or writing personal experience in his/her life with unique style by drafting in various method or answering with detail for any question online for various blog becomes author. 

Blogger sharing their blog with others via various platform and one of them is IndiBlogger which help us to connect other individual bloggers’ contact and helping for their writing fragrance to look back one more time to re-analyze the way of their script. The life goes as such with the new dream of blogging world and accepting the challenges what they are facing upon blog and its other stiff competition online.

Once we doesn't know how to become author but online world changed it easily, average writer or outstanding writer can become blogger who in turn called as author equivalent to professional author – possible for promoting him/herself by utilizing online connectivity through web world to a new real world.  Online search or online visitor or corporate world can easily identify the different writers and their blogs, also ample opportunity given for blogger to use a part of their online business for mutual growth.

As such, we (blogger) got an opportunity through IndiBlogger platform to attend few blog meets in the recent past, for me to recall - my first IndiBlogger meet was for Surf Excel Matic at Hotel Capitol Bangalore, second one was for Nokia AppTasting at ITC Gardenia Bangalore and the third one was recently for HP #Original Copy & Harper Collins at Fortune Park JP Celestia Bangalore. It was party/meet raining over here in Bangalore compare to other Indian major cities, thanks to IndiBlogger team for this wonderful opportunity again and again with fun filled and full of Gifts without any disappointment within six months of duration. 

This time really it was IndiBlogger meet for only Bloggers and their spirits which some of them missed it in Nokia AppTasting meet. However, there were often fun from Anoop vs Blogger from each corner of the hall as expected to be. I remember that 30 second fame introduction for blogger was quite smooth and interesting one.

Everything in our life has two different faces, good and bad, black and white, ugly and beautiful and so on. Likewise, one of them is Original and Fake. Blogger can be original but draft can be copied from any one of the original sources – again, blogger can be original and his/her draft also would be of Original – that speaks forever – though some may be copied from Original at any time. If you can experiment between Original and Fake, almost everybody will accept that Original is always better than Fake, however, some of them who accepts the Original is far better and still tend to buy Fake one, another one is, sometime Fake product uses due to lack of knowledge or cheaper cost and so on but fake product won’t help for a long haul though it looks cheaper whereas it is really expensive for its overall facility and minimum performance duration. Original product always speaks though it could look very expensive compare to Fake product but it is actually cheaper in cost with extra facilities for a long duration comparison – This is one of them we got to recall and re-learn it over in this meet.

Once again thanks to IndiBlogger / HP / Harper Collins team for their wonderful and useful gift as HP Pen Drive, a beautiful T Shirt and Mice in Men book from Harper Collins. Though there were some lucky members who got more than this including latest HP Color printer – Congratulation to them as well. Loo type pose also got winning prizes - nice one and fun - another one "being 12 years of married life" for Why dis Kolaveri question too got winning prize with color printer from HP. Overall, awesome meeting with High Tea.

For more detail, kindly visit IndiBlogger meet at ITC Celestia JP Park Bangalore on 20th Jan 2013 for

Read about: Man of the Millennium Mr. Kalyana Sundaram.

Your comments are Welcome !


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Republic Day Speech Articles

Most of the student would like to seek the help of online to get some different article on Republic Day Speech to prepare themselves for forthcoming Republic day and to speak accordingly in their respective Schools or Colleges. It is not surprise to see or prepare but the important factor is the point we are about to discuss, something unique and something outstanding speech during Republic day will make many happy around. Republic Day Speech Article is very important to prepare and practice it one or two weeks prior to Republic Day for Speech.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sachin Tendulkar announced retirement from ODI

Sachin Tendulkar, master blaster and giant of Indian Cricket team finally announced his retirement from One Day International (ODI) matches. Saturday (22nd Dec 2012) night hot news was Sachin Tendulkar's retirement and his success on his 23 years profession as an all rounder in ODI.

Sachin Tendulkar, he was one of them in the team of World Cup winning by Indians during 2010-11 against Sri Lanka in Final at Mumbai stadium. Sachin Tendulkar announced his retirement from ODI just prior to India's team decision for ODI and T20 against Pakistan for forthcoming series, he has hurdle for the past few matches in his overall performance, and he made last Test hundred was in January 2011; last 50 in January 2012 respectively.

Sachin Tendulkar informed BCCI President N Srinivas and Secretary Sanjay Jagdale on last Saturday, about his ODI retirement.However, Sachin Tendulkar is not given up for Test career and he is planning to continue that most required for Indian team.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Man of the Millennium Mr. Kalayanasundaram

Who is Man of the Millennium? 

Would you like to know who is Man of the Millennium? If yes, kindly go through this small article where you can get brief info about the hidden giant and Man of the Millennium. There was a talk few days ago about Man of the Millennium, after searching through; we got to know that Mr. Kalyanasundaram Indian citizen got Man of the Millennium award which many of tycoons were dreaming of it. Although little late we got this information, still would like to share with gentle visitors about him. I was going through some of the articles related to Man of the Millennium and reading about a selfless living fable Mr. Kalyanasundaram from India.

He was hidden among other service personalities and doing his best performance as selfless living, the person is selfless deeds and worked as a librarian for 30 long years. Long back, Mr. Kalyanasundaram was the best librarian in India and one of the top 10 librarians in the world.

Sacrifice and achievement of Mr. Kalyanasundaram - Man of the Millennium as follows;

Mr. Kalyanasundaram unmarried and donated his life for the needy. He used to work as additional in a reputed Hotel to earn for his own survival and other personal expenses. Having said that we have also heard that he has donated his entire pension amount around Rs.10 lakhs for the social cause as well. He is the only person in the world so far who has donated his entire earnings for the needy. Everybody in the world might be pleased and pleasant with surprise to read about this gentleman. Other than this…

Mr. Kalyanasundaram contributed his whole salary for 30 long years to help the needy i.e. for social cause. People normally used to do it for few times or occasionally like contributing fund to social cause or needy but the achievement over here from him is one thing that this donation continued for 30 years and so on.

We are happy and proud that this man on the earth from Indian soil and proud to be alive to read about such an inspiring Indian. Wish him for his great success and achievement for his life bonded with many sacrifices just for the social cause and needy.

Also, appreciating his service to human being, an American organization have honored him with the title Man of the Millennium and gave him a reward of Rs.30 crores for being human, which was again spent on the needy by this gentleman. In addition, the United Nations organization adjudged Mr. Kalyanasundaram as one of the outstanding people of the 20th century.

Mr. Kalyanasundaram has made so proud to our country and moreover increased our belief in selfless acts by human beings even in this age. I came across about this person very late and felt there may be many like me who would be unaware about the existence of such a great human being as being complete and perfect human just for other needy. Hats off Mr. Kalyanasundaram!!! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gangnam Style NokiaApps and IndiBlogger Meet in Bangalore

Advance booked self for the date and time only for Nokia AppTasting and IndiBlogger meet at ITC Gardenia Bangalore on 11/11/2012 at 5:30pm till end of the program as I had missed few event/meet in the recent past. Earlier, I was very excited to meet all Indiblogger's team second time (First time at Hotel Capitol for Surf ExcelMatic and this time is in ITC Gardenia for Nokia AppTasting). I was eagerly came to enjoy the meets and presentation from V.I.P guests all the way from Amritsar by Rajiv Makhni and Vikas Khanna from USA. We got to see some of the VIP from Nokia industry as well and pleased to see lots of new bloggers too.

When I entered ITC Gardenia for this, there were around 80 to 90% new faces compare to last meet at Hotel Capitol, Bangalore. This time I missed little bit of Anoop's host as he got chances for just few minutes to host with all the bloggers but I met him personally with his cute daughter. Around 280 bloggers in almost all ages, talents and with highly demanding tech knowledge's filled in around everywhere in Mysore Hall (Auditorium) of ITC Gardenia. It has to be, just because of giant NokiaApps related meets in Bangalore, India.

Each and every moment have to remember for sometime with fun filled from each sentences of Rajiv Makhni and Vikas Khanna. They were unfortunate to meet me :-) earlier but it was my fortune that I met them at the end of the program. They were/are outstanding, kind personalities and presented the function in a professional manner without missing any humor, specially many but I remember few and one of them is Tiger with four girl friends, fifth wife and sixth daughter :-) statement that too just from blogging ha ha ha... How Tiger manages them (blogs and these personalities) all? No one could beat him, still.

Courtesy: IndiBlogger Photos

Gangnam style song changed to Punjabi dance style suddenly by Rajiv Makhni with an additional talent added (I believe his statement), it is a kind of funny entertainment around here and there for almost five hours continuously. Some quiz were there and few of them got gift worth, whoever had 5 or 3 glasses of wine got gift (Nokia mobile apps detected their personal health checkup and its result of 0.3% alcohol in their blood) for "how Steady" they are by standing and claiming Gift :-). Whoever sat at the backside not given much chances to show their talent even though they were keep on shouting their name for referring questions, bad luck for them.

Few of them got Nokia Lumia Smartphones as Gift for their innovation ideas on new apps introducing by Nokia. Social awareness from techy world helps to develop the country of course, it is my opinion that Nokia can create one more apps to assist eGovernment or eGovernance in India by collecting all the data which could help in the future for all citizens and Government authorities to take necessary action on-time. I am a Nokia device fan since Nokia 5110 and 3210 :-) in around 1998/2000 and those devices bought in Gulf at that time, I will buy Nokia Lumia just to take its one of the advantage as shown on the stage for Charlie Chaplin film style in just few seconds.

I learnt how to cut Onion in a professional manner which taught us by famous Chef Vikas Khanna, thank you Vikas for this as I taught this one to my family members as well. Rajiv Makhni taught us how to be casual and funny around, thanks to Rajiv M. Nice entertainment and special dinner from Nokia and IndiBlogger, thanks for them as well. Special thanks to IndiBlogger team for a wonderful opportunity and a beautiful T Shirt once again. I wish IndiBlogger to achieve more, all the best and see you all in the next meet in Bangalore :-). 

If you would like to see the photos of the program, then visit here for NokiaApps and IndiBlogger meet in ITC GardeniaThat's it from this article on Gangnam Style NokiaApps and IndiBlogger Meet in Bangalore.

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