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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My first Smartphone – Touching, Touching. Touch integrated

There is no touch nowadays with friends, relatives and beloved one just because of Touch devices on everyone’s hand. I don’t know whether it is just because of busiest world or technology advancement. However, the world is filling up with just technology gadgets and moving ahead without any comment except personal Hi and Bye. A person can talk and see live from Australia to America or any other remote area where there is hardly human can be seen but network with the features of 3G or 4G technology in Smartphone just. Yes, this is the story going on across the globe and the Smartphone with advance G uses may increase with higher percentage soon.

Now coming back to the main topic of my first Smartphone in life #ChooseToStart, which is Moto E. However, it is hard to tell which one was my first Smartphone except as said Moto E which I owned recently after checking its reviews online and offline. I will write about it in the next paragraphs with detail specification and hands on review. Anyhow, the other Smartphone that I was using before Moto E was given by company for official usage and it was not my personal one. So, I can safely says that my first Smartphone is Moto E. Here, one thing to observe is that, I was suggesting few other brands and their different series Smartphone to my friends and relatives upon their enquiry or suggestion when there wasn’t Moto E or Moto G available. Now, I can safely suggest them with live demo including drop down test (with my heart breaking).


Gupta Ji was waiting for me with Kellogg’s

I got an invitation from Kellogg’s that I have to be present in well known Gupta Ji’s house nearby for meet and happy nashta / breakfast. I prepared myself in advance to reach their home on time since lack of punctuality in me which creates trouble except maintaining punctuality on food and entertainment. Since I woke up early in the morning on that day, I felt very hungry and no idea whether to eat at nearby (on the way) restaurant or no time to do so as I have a very short time to reach to Gupta Ji’s house. However, I controlled my hunger and reached to Gupta Ji’s home on time.

I had been there as per schedule and able to meet Gupta Ji’s family with warm welcoming but no introduction yet. I shocked when I saw some other fellows who were already there on lobby area and talking with their family members beside breakfast handy. Each one of them had different colors of bowls with different types of Kellogg’s related breakfast food. Few of them were with Strawberry sliced Kellogg’s, few of them with Apple sliced Kellogg’s bowl and few of them with rounded sweet kelloggs’ on their hands.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

She gave me a free Singapore Chicken drumstick with happiness

I was in Singapore during April 2001, 14 years ago and I was very young at that time. I was alone to travel some Far East and Middle East countries on short vacation. It was my first visit to Singapore en route Brunei (neighbor country) for two days visit over there. Yes, I can recall those pleasant four days stay and some of the occurrences in Singapore. I visited many places in Singapore and unable to recall those visiting places name except Orchard Road, City Center, Mustapha shopping, Little India, Sentosa, Airport and so on. I was actually visited to Singapore when I was working in Gulf countries at that time. However, Singapore Airport and outside live atmosphere let me breathtaking though I have seen them in few movies and TV shows. I can still remember Changi International Airport experience, emigration clearance, exiting the airport and cab assistance toward the address etc.

Beside reaching and cooling down at my friend’s home in Singapore, the whole day let me relax, watch sports event of school children at nearby stadium and chat with friends and their relatives. There were / are five hours differences in timing for each other’s (Singapore vs Saudi Arabia) places geographically. I mean, Singapore’s evening 5 o’clock would be Saudi Arabia’s 12pm noon. So, I got little trouble on sleeping hours in Singapore as I had to miss my sleeping time back to Saudi timings with five hours differences, whereas India is 2.5 hours behind to Singapore timing. I was unable to get sleep during night time due to timing differences naturally though I got enough and comfortable accommodation in Singapore as everybody gets it over there. I was able to sleep early in the morning around 5am or 6am till 10am or 11am and then fresh, refresh and move to see the best places in Singapore.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

One of the most memorable days in my life

There were many days in my life like most memorable days but I will let you know one of them over here. It was the day (14th Sep 1997) of rejoining with my family members and friends again after a long gap of more than a year. I was able to meet few of them in the same place where I left them one year ago. Yes, I landed in Chennai International airport from Gulf country for first holiday vacation to meet my family members and friends on that day; I went to Riyadh on 14th Jun 1996 (Friday Night).

However, the first day after landed in new land felt like busiest atmosphere, have to manage and cross emigration formality till custom clearance to exit the airport. The new faces everywhere and I was alone from my family members over there. Home sick slightly started. Later, I had to come out from the airport to wait for company’s representative and their pick up till reaching company’s camp / accommodation. At last, they company’s bus came to pick me up and found that there were many stranger faces filled up inside the bus who were returning from their duty and going toward accommodation.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Different views, Different thoughts and Different results

There are generally four types of human views which I am going to explain you continuously in detail later. However, one of them is going to explain you over here. Read it.

Two Orthopedic Trainee / Students were standing at the college ground and talking each other with different syllabus and cases. A person was walking with difficulties like a kind of knee issue or leg injured he got. These two observed him and discussed each other by saying first one as, this man got knee issue most probably. The other one explained that the way he is walking looks like he must have got ankle or feet issue than knee or joint.

Both argued each other till they get seriousness. Later they become calm and decided to ask that person itself who was crossing them. So, they called him up and he approached these two Orthos.


My bold step and a big change to start a new life

I was worrying for my future when I was around 20 years old and about to complete my Graduate. There were many reasons to concern and one of them was less job openings in a Private and Government organization whereas too much applications and competition in each organization for few titles post recruitment. Considering this, I was cross verifying with some top professionals about their job profile and salary structure as a knowledge and calculation to compare the same job profile or lower one in overseas vacancy, to try a job in abroad as an idea for near future.

Another concern was Income Tax deduction for those professionals at that time despite their low salary structure for that higher posts or medium level posts, or let’s say who was getting around Rs 4500 (Four Thousand and Five Hundred Rupees) used to pay Income Tax percentage respectively. Nowadays different story for job openings and IT slabs.


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