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Friday, January 30, 2015

Bo(u)nd to shave by Monepenny

You would have observed shaving seen while watching some of the movies of James Bond 007 (secret agent). Yes, his movie will let us remind on how one has to shave in reality to appeal handsome. But, don't expect like a James Bond in reality. Most of the James Bond's movie would have shown a clip of shaving or at least fresh face with shaven but here you will see something out of the box about 007.

You might be thinking what is so special about it? Yes, this is special one and it is just because of his colleague and dearer Moneypenny helped Bond to shave to make him even handsome in Skyfall. Do you know what could be the reason for it? Did you missed this movie or scene? If so, you can catch it up here.

Courtesy: YouTube


Thursday, January 22, 2015

I am a Pan Beeda Litterbug

The way we throw the ball will return the same. Yes, the same way we get the good or bad returns based on our deeds. Here we need to observe many things whether throwing trash or other wastage's around easily which can harm us later. If one spit Pan Beeda litter that may come back to their face or mouth and it was experienced by me when I was using Pan Beeda then spitted while I was driving the car. The litter from Pan came to me with almost same force and made bad result for me and my car window / glass. I learnt that this is sort of self indiscipline act and learnt to avoid even small garbage throwing act likewise. We have to learn good deeds or discipline act from others than opposite one.

We get freedom doesn't mean we spoil the atmosphere artificially but try to go with the nature which can ever help us for healthy surrounding, enrich forthcoming generation and overall better civilization through our current discipline. Our country has no strict law doesn’t mean we can throw all the wastage from our home to anywhere we find comfort but needed to learn where it supposed to be to carry forward in safe zone. We have to learn what is Housekeeping rather than what is dirty or junk around.


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