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Monday, June 3, 2013

Aap Aaye Bahaar Aaye - WeChat Apps and My Group - Naatanki

In my group of WeChat apps, there are five (important) people as follows;

1. My Father
2. My Mother
3. Mahathma Gandhi
4. Mother Theresa
5. Adolf Hitler

My communication starts in WeChat as follows;

Hold to talk key pressed...

Me: Hi Father, how are you and where are you father?
Father: Fine, in heaven my son
Me: Are you getting network signal or receiving WeChat apps communication? 
Father: Yes, clear.
Me: How's comparison between the World and Heaven?
Father: Incomparable, I am above seven skies and you are strucked in or within seven skies
Me: Hmmmmm, what shall I have to do if I wanna come over there but without death?
Father: Only one way to reach here my son, that is death and you have to leave your body and needs to come only with soul here.
Me: Hmmmm, so I will live here only with both of them, let me think for a while or few years. See you and bye for now.
Father: Ok son.

Me: Mom, how are you?
Mother: I am fine in the heaven and how about you son? I am always thinking of you and very rare you remember and ask me.
Me: No Mom, I always remember you but what to do I have lots of full time work, part time work, taking care of family, life tense, friends and chatting with them in Mobile, latest WeChat in addition, FB, online work and so on..
Mother: No worry, take care of your health my son and always pray for every one's prospects
Me: Hmmmm, oh mom, I will take care first about my prospects
Mother: : ) :)

Mahathma Gandhi Ji:

Me: I missed you Mahaan Ji
Mahathma: No worry my boy, take care yourself, neighbor and nation
Me: You are giving me so much responsibilities Mahaan Ji
MG: No boy, you have to take it care one by one and learn from grass root and train it well in a long duration with systematic and sympathy
Me: Nowadays - there is no sympathy Mahaan Ji even among near and dear, everywhere human being killed in the form of various act.
MG: There will be some percentage like that boy and but not everywhere and all as such
Me: No Mahaan Ji, nowadays no value for human but money
MG: Yes, it was the same case earlier when I lived, nothing to worry about it. You ignore the world and wealth but just serve it - you will be served from many
Me: Hmmmm, I don't know what will happen practically if I do so, but will try it Ji
MG: All the best boy.

Mother Theresa:

Me: How are you Mother? I missed you to meet earlier
MT: (Smiling and shaking head) Graces of God, fine son
Me: Bless me mother
MT: You are blessed ever son
Me: Thank you Mother for your blessing, chatting and allotting your precious time and I will keep on do some social works that learnt little bit from you
MT: Good luck

Adolf Hitler:

Me: Hi I am... How are you Sir?
AH: Who are you?
Me: Sir, I am a normal person from India and invited you to WeChat group
AH: You are so lucky and you are not near me
Me: What do you mean? What if I am near you?
AH: Don't you know about me?
Me: Am I in chat with Adolf Hitler of German? Your favorite food is Baking Potato? Your favorite Game is World War? Am I right?
AH: You are still so lucky and you are not near me to start one more War
Me: Shall we start war from WeChat sir (slightly nervous)?
AH: Oh, are you crazy and don't you know I need few people to operate WeChat apps and Smartphone etc.
Me: Yes sir, but I am alone enough for you to play WeChat war with two players options in the smartphone
AH: Then why did you called me up?
Me: Just to know that you are in the same tempo or changed.....and I need at least one villain in my group, so you are. Hee heeee heeee
AH: Again you are very lucky boy.
Me: Yes sir, very lucky that I live here. Good bye sir.
AH: I call upon the world and my military to follow my.....
Me: WeChat apps disconnected by me and trying to change the group member at least one member.

This post is written for Indiblogger contest on WeChat apps. You can also refer WeChat at YouTube.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu film and Housefull 2 film

Recently released Hindi movie is on the hotlists, namely Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu film. Another upcoming movie trailer shown on Housefull 2.

Both film updates as on 10th February 2012.

Main Aur Ekk Tu - Starring Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor, is a chasing up romantic-comedy with a known story at its end. A straight-laced architect made movie. First half keeps you what will be the next one to come on the screen. The second half of the film is even better than the first, because it adds an element of unexpected to the mix of great dialogue, writing and acting. What you have is a Bollywood rom-com that is funny, romantic and mature enough. Good to watch it and Paisa Vasool.

Housefull 2 - Starring Zarine Khan, Shazan Padamsee, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandes, Randhir Kapoor pictures in Housefull 2 Movie First Look Launch in Bollywood Miscellaneous. The Housefull 2 movie trailer is on the theatre hall and it looks humorous mixed; hope it will easily attract masses”.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun with Gun – Refresh yourself

Are you always serious, don’t like fun activities, very serious personality, even if you pass by sometime on a good humor and fun-filled jokes – still skip to enjoy or control yourself on laughing? Then just move from this blog immediately. Expert author never likes to write only one way or one type of articles but he / she have to showcase his / her talent differently when they write something every time.

Have you seen Quick Gun Murugan film? If yes, you would have enjoyed it, if not, you can see and enjoy it.

This article mainly for few funs to share with you guys to just refresh yourself from busy blogging, or other professional works or personal works around. Please find few jokes to refresh and enjoy yourself.

Helping hand for Moving luggage:

There was a person moving his huge luggage on stairs, seeing this hard task, the one who paid attention to it came and helped him in his task as sometime we used to help others. Both huge muscled body tried and never moved a single inch for that luggage… after few minutes, they kept as it is on the stair, taken deep breath and communicated both as follow;

Why this luggage unable to move even one step toward upstairs, then another one (the one come to help) immediately said that “are you trying to move it toward upstairs? And I thought it was moving toward downstairs and did it accordingly”.

Still :( then go for next...

Elephant and Mice story: :

Elephant and Mouse were very close friends, their relationship broken for one reason once, and it is as follows;

Once Elephant and Mouse were relaxing and sleeping near the beaches (don’t misunderstand anything here – and no logic applies), when mouse woke up, it doesn’t find its underwear and shocked for self naked. Mouse then immediately went to the beaches where Elephant taking shower from nice tides from the beaches, with the peace of mind with nature’s gift.

Mouse then immediately pushed and pulled Elephant and saw it behind then again pushed it toward forward direction. Elephant then immediately asked mouse why it does as so, mouse replied that its underwear might have taken and wore by the Elephant.

Your comment is welcome. This is general Jokes. It has no specialty like Indian jokes, Sardarji Jokes, Santa Banta Jokes, Film jokes, Comedy articles.

To be continued...

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