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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Different status from unknown to known

After a long time, I got an opportunity to blog / write, especially on Sunday. I will pen down sorry type down for one of the stories among many in my mind. So, here you go for one of them right now.

Long ago, a boy was doing timber business and unable to control the workflow, he added the workers but still not enough for its operation despite business and revenue were increasing. He found an old man who was a stranger in his area, used to often approach this young man and asking for a labor job for daily bread and shelter. This young gentleman didn’t agree him immediately, and after few days this young man accepted him to join in his business for routine labor work.

This gentleman was somewhat angry person since he was a young blood too. Sometime it is unavoidable that he used to shout this old man for doing some silly mistakes in his routine work. Sometime he used to ignore and control this old man’s mistake and sometime not. Never mind about human being. The days were going on like this and the young man used to pay him daily wages for his labor work.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Tresemme for silky, softy and shiny hair with perfume

Unexpected moment, a call received from a courier boy and asking for residential address with confirming nearest landmark and our presence. Once we asked about it as enquiry then they say you have a courier delivery and no idea what about and whereabouts except unknown “from” address. Finally he reached my place, received my signature and hand over a gift pack. Sometime, I am afraid to receive unknown gift pack from unknown address through courier person, also no idea or familiar about its ‘from’ address. I can guess little bit and satisfy only that it might be from IndiBlogger which I submitted requests for it and supposed to receive few months or year back :).

Oh, thank God, received Tresemme pack on-time and no delay / return by courier this time. I opened it and found that two bottles of Tresemme shampoo, one is in black color and another one is in white color, one is Tresemme shampoo and the other one is Tresemme conditioner. Ok, now the time to experiment them, after some thought, they kept aside for few weeks though often remember to write about it. Hmmm…time flies if we don’t take steps as well.

One fine day, both of them taken and given to family members to experiment both, they happily got them and used them upon shower. In first instance, they used them without mixing each other (shampoo vs conditioner), one gives good lather/foam and another one is not (but feels less sticky on hand like castor oil) though it is of very good perfume smell like lotion type. Next time, both of them mixed well and used them gently and worked out fine.

Some of the best from Tresemme shampoos are, hair separated from each other as even hair, no mixed / rough hair further, feels silky, softy and shiny hair, nice smell like a perfume with long lasting, the perfume smell stays for 1 day around, no issue of hair falls post applied, rich experience and so on. Family members are enjoying and happy with Tresemme, they will continue to use this in the future by getting it from nearest shop.

I am not writing review about Tresemme but this is the practical one does happen for the Tresemme users. I can clearly say that this pack is of worth and would like to continue with satisfy once it is experimented all the way. Tresemme, it is split remedy of course.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Indicate yourself for Good - Ring the bell for all

I am always proud to be an Indian. Also, Indian by birth and blogger by choice :). Blogger shall write reality or real one when something comes about serious matter except some myth or different drama writing for different occasion or contest.

Now, I / We sometime hang our face due to few reasons, one is like woman assault or rape news from any part of the country, terrorist activities, few bad politicians who put down our country in a danger role with bad history, corruption within organization for small work or services across and so on. Other than that, we don't have any issue with near and dear human beings in our proud nation.

Regarding Ring the bell subject, when we do something then our conscience will automatically indicate us whether it is right or wrong and it is legal or illegal. We can't sure that the same scenario can fall to other as well when they do something but almost all will feel as such except few. Yes, few black-ship can do anything at anytime specially when the opportunity arises for their act on illegal whether they are with the groups, or individual with enough opportunity. 

He or they wont consider anything (which could even happen to their own near and dear) but will do it all illegal or shame act more than animal's behavior. Do you think that they will just think for few minutes or at least few seconds before they are about to do any bad or illegal act in general in the name of whatever called - it could be of rape or killing or terrorist or block money or  swindle/corruption etc. 

Most of them - 'No' but they will try to pre-plan for escape or change the word for selfish and desired illegal act. Now, who is victim? Who is going to solve the issue for Victim? No one can solve the issue but sometime it will publish in media or speak about it for a while till forget the topic and very rare for very few cases - justice can take place. There are many bad or illegal act happens behind the scene smartly. How to solve it and how to precaution or ring the bell to indicate it?

To avoid all those bad acts, one has to change him/herself, or other responsible person or officials shall put those persons in a situation that they shall change from bad to good. Punishment is not an end for bad act but changing their own character is the end for all such malpractices. Each one's responsible is to Ring the bell. Prevention is always better than cure.

This article is written for Ring the Bell at Indiblogger. You can check the more detail about Ring the bell.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Seven Sisters in Seven different routes of their life

Long long ago, there was a story of Seven sisters and story used to begin as such....(I am not going to write recent past reality in that way).

Now, the fact related to title is - there are few family in India that have Seven sisters/daughters and they don't have any brother but may be in far relation. Most of the seven sisters real story is like their father (regardless of religion) would have worked hard, and God would have given him strength to overcome from his responsibility to settle all seven daughters life from their childhood to married life and so on.

Here, I am going to tell you one of the seven sisters' real story in short. I am going to write complete detail about them later. The life of the seven sisters were going on with fun-filled, one sudden day, seven sisters father passed away and at that time last sister's age was about 7 years old. Now, the question raised is how their life moved from natural issue after their father's death. Deceased daughter's father luckily had some reasonable business (with one more sleeping partner though no benefit for their family business from sleeping partner in anyway) to earn money to run their life in the city, at the same time one more plus point for them was the first sister/daughter got married and her husband was working abroad. First son in-law came to know about death little late though he arrived India and took responsibility of his father in law's business.

First son-in law was having no connection or knowledge about father in law's business but this young energetic and smart son-in law took responsible with adding his abroad settlement fund too as one of the partner. The business was going well and they came out from some sad part of life, these sisters uncle or relatives hardly helped them out in such circumstance than just visiting and giving some suggestion. Smart son-in law worked hard honestly and took responsible for three sisters in-law's married within 10 years till another scenario falls in around 15 years gap. Smart or First son in-law have no kids for around twelve (12) years, later a sweet daughter/rose born for him, following that - within or less than two years - he and his daughter was unfortunate that both of them lost wife/mom. Since first son in-law's wife passed away and he have got less than 2 years old daughter alone, he and his daughters have to leave the mother in law's home / business for his personal life to continue (as there were no other decision though got various options) - though there were human being activities among them.

Seven sisters family or their mother not discussed with elders or uncles for further prospects of all daughters future and family matters for a right direction - here again hidden big tragedy starts for seven members family. By this time (first son in-law's wife death and leaving home / business), there were already four son in-laws including him - seven sisters' mother took unwise decision and given responsible to politician speech son in-law (third son in-law) instead of second son in-law though second son in-law didn't have any political act than working hard, straight forward, earning money through his routine business, little innocent, dependable and good faith character.

Now, after very few years - they talk came about fifth and sixth daughters married - the marriages were happened in a short time with the help of their father's hard earned money balance and business settlement in the recent past also little bit fund from current business investment with third son in-law. By taking business and marriage responsibility with show off - the third son in-law got good name and faith among society within few years with gimmick. Here again, left one more (seventh) daughter to get married after few years gap. The third son in-law brain washed internally within family members (seven sisters) saying that "their father's valuable property should transfer to their mother's name or else father's relatives may claim the property rights". On the other hand, he brain washed to his mother in-law saying the "above stated reason and need some more investment for widening business plus last daughter's/sister's marriage expenses to do in a grand manner.

These innocent sisters without consulting their husband or relatives or friends - executed "Released deed" without knowing its terms assuming the name of "Transfer to mother" without reading it in good faith from the property title thinking that it is going to mother's name and naturally mother will do justice in the future to give their share equally to their daughters. They have afterward not told anyone about it since they have thought that it is in mother's name and her property only.

They (six sisters) even doesn't know or no idea for number of years that property have already transferred (as Gift deed) to their third sister in a smart cheating way through politician speech son in-law and kept property paper in one of the reputed bank, claimed loan for more than 50% of the property value and enjoyed alone already by third sister except very less percentage cash given to uneducated their mother to keep her in control as per their choice.

Be very careful always not only seven sisters but all.

Real story will be continued...

Your comments are Welcome.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How can Straighten Hair Naturally?

Sometime hard to change or replace the natural creation of human organ or no replacement for it including hair, some of them possible and some of them impossible to change or replace the natural parts of human parts. In some cases, it is harmful for changes or replacement against natural creation or parts of human being. 

Now, story is similar but for a different parts of human being. It is all about Hair style improvement, yes straightening Hair naturally is possible as long as you use natural product that won't affect your hair and related to its nearby nerves or ENT area. Now, we can talk about what we have experimented about Straightening Hair Naturally. Henna known and used by many for various reason, Henna (Mehandi) helps to thicken and darken hair but it won't help us to straighten hair.

Born with natural Silky hair is a gift one, but very few used to enjoy it naturally. Most of them unlucky on this, but we can try and get it done if we really work on it.

Few simple and natural tips to straighten hair naturally.

You can use Lemon juice with Coconut milk combination for straightening hair, but how? Find here the guideline to straightening hair naturally.

You can mix half cup of lemon juice with one cup of coconut milk, it may looks funny and very simple but it really works. Mixed half cup of lemon juice with one cup of coconut milk keep them in the refrigerator for a while. Those mixed natural sources may turn into a thick cream. You may take them out and apply on your hair till all hair area covers and become wet. You may then massage the scalp gently, you can use a shower cap to protect it for a while. You can wait for an hour and then you can use branded shampoo like Sunsilk. Once you shower, you may then comb your hair gently for straightening -  you can even use the hair straightening device for additional help though it is not necessary. Now, you will feel better hair presentation compare to earlier hair style.
This procedure have no any side effects. You may try it for few times and I am sure you will of course like this simple tips to straightening your hair. Add beauty to yourself.
Your valuable comments are most Welcome.

I am writing this article for IndiBlogger contest on The Straight Hair experiment - from Sunsilk.

Now, second tips or other procedure to straightening your hair, you can watch it in the following video.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

What is Vibrating Molecules? - Surf Excel Matic

It is as usual busy day for Kalpana, since it is Monday she has no chances to wake up late in the morning as yesterday (Sunday) but she has to wake up very early. First need to fresh herself, pious business and prepare all the snack & food arrangement for kids’ to go to school then hubby’s office going arrangement and so on.  As home maker, Kalpana has to take care entire home responsible as other home makers do normally.

Everything was going fine till two weeks back. Now, Kalpana’s worry is about her housemaid absence for the past two weeks that upsets her due to additional task of her house maid too, like cleaning the vessels, cleaning the entire big house, maintain the garden, pressing the dress of family members and so on. Now, everything Kalpana alone has to do in her home, otherwise one or another responsible will increase day by day as they are already piled up. There is no indication about her trusted house maid to come within few days as Kalpana already waited for one week extra.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Love or Arrange Marriage - Heaven or Hell

I would like to try and start this topic (Love marriage or Arranged marriagewith little humor : ) Yes, you may know that joke; however, I would like to share it with you all.

Love marriage is just like "Suicide" whereas Arrange marriage is like "Well planned murder". Shaadi ka laddoo khaiye tho bhi pachtave aur na khaiye tho bhi pachtave. Anyhow, Arrange and Love marriage are like you are on the rope with long stick balancing to stand and alive till you reach the desired destination. Both have equal chances of succeeding or hitting the rocks. Arrange and Love marriage both will work out if the partners are really committed to making the combination work for self, relatives and society...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jab We Met IndiBlogger meet in Bangalore

What happened Jab We Met IndiBlogger meet in Bangalore?

First of all I would like to thanks to team, Surf excel team and other bloggers who used to promote my blog via Indiblogger. To be frank, after joining IndiBlogger, my blog got an extra traffic compare to earlier days where I was even using famous Social Networks and other directory submission to promote it at that time with less effective.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu film and Housefull 2 film

Recently released Hindi movie is on the hotlists, namely Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu film. Another upcoming movie trailer shown on Housefull 2.

Both film updates as on 10th February 2012.

Main Aur Ekk Tu - Starring Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor, is a chasing up romantic-comedy with a known story at its end. A straight-laced architect made movie. First half keeps you what will be the next one to come on the screen. The second half of the film is even better than the first, because it adds an element of unexpected to the mix of great dialogue, writing and acting. What you have is a Bollywood rom-com that is funny, romantic and mature enough. Good to watch it and Paisa Vasool.

Housefull 2 - Starring Zarine Khan, Shazan Padamsee, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandes, Randhir Kapoor pictures in Housefull 2 Movie First Look Launch in Bollywood Miscellaneous. The Housefull 2 movie trailer is on the theatre hall and it looks humorous mixed; hope it will easily attract masses”.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun with Gun – Refresh yourself

Are you always serious, don’t like fun activities, very serious personality, even if you pass by sometime on a good humor and fun-filled jokes – still skip to enjoy or control yourself on laughing? Then just move from this blog immediately. Expert author never likes to write only one way or one type of articles but he / she have to showcase his / her talent differently when they write something every time.

Have you seen Quick Gun Murugan film? If yes, you would have enjoyed it, if not, you can see and enjoy it.

This article mainly for few funs to share with you guys to just refresh yourself from busy blogging, or other professional works or personal works around. Please find few jokes to refresh and enjoy yourself.

Helping hand for Moving luggage:

There was a person moving his huge luggage on stairs, seeing this hard task, the one who paid attention to it came and helped him in his task as sometime we used to help others. Both huge muscled body tried and never moved a single inch for that luggage… after few minutes, they kept as it is on the stair, taken deep breath and communicated both as follow;

Why this luggage unable to move even one step toward upstairs, then another one (the one come to help) immediately said that “are you trying to move it toward upstairs? And I thought it was moving toward downstairs and did it accordingly”.

Still :( then go for next...

Elephant and Mice story: :

Elephant and Mouse were very close friends, their relationship broken for one reason once, and it is as follows;

Once Elephant and Mouse were relaxing and sleeping near the beaches (don’t misunderstand anything here – and no logic applies), when mouse woke up, it doesn’t find its underwear and shocked for self naked. Mouse then immediately went to the beaches where Elephant taking shower from nice tides from the beaches, with the peace of mind with nature’s gift.

Mouse then immediately pushed and pulled Elephant and saw it behind then again pushed it toward forward direction. Elephant then immediately asked mouse why it does as so, mouse replied that its underwear might have taken and wore by the Elephant.

Your comment is welcome. This is general Jokes. It has no specialty like Indian jokes, Sardarji Jokes, Santa Banta Jokes, Film jokes, Comedy articles.

To be continued...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aadhar Project in India

This is about Aadhar Project in India. We have been hearing this news from 2009, AADHAR project survey was taken early in 2009-10. There were huge surveys taken from each states in India. Authority have collected all possible data's from each individual to ensure that this project goes even successful with complete information and database storage. Aadhar Project in India

Now, second stage is going on across India that whoever given survey is apart of it. Another one is whoever has Address proof and ID proof can be reached to nearest Aadhar project office where you can get Aadhar application form to fill it up. Once you fill in the Aadhar Application Form, you may then standby over there for your turn to get your finger prints and eyes vision prints or scan into their system. Once they verify the address and enter it to their database, they will then process the system generated data to cross check with you. If everything goes well, then you may get Acknowledgement receipt for your Aadhar Application and its enrollment.

Once everything is done, you have to patiently wait for few weeks, time being you can check Aadhar enrollment or application status from the following link to know your
Aadhar Application Status.

You just have to wait maximum for three months to get your Aadhar card at your residence.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Blame whom? What is Team Work?

It is possible that sometime we face situation like this, it could be in our office or business or our personal home jobs to be done. You might have read or seen this one earlier, still no issue, you can read it to recall or to learn.

Once upon a time, there were four people; their names were Somebody, Everybody, Nobody and Anybody.

When there was an important job to be done, Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. When Nobody did it, Everybody got angry because it was Everybody¹s job.

Everybody thought that Somebody would do it, but Nobody realized that Nobody would do it. So consequently Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done in the first place.

Less Me, More We is Team work but it is Team Work misunderstanding to do task? or Sharing responsible with carelessness?

No proper organization, distribution, management and supervision. Thus resulted badly. Sometime One Man Show is better than such team work.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Piles & Fistula hospitals in Bangalore, India

Are you suffering from Hemorrhoids or Piles? Then, nothing to worry as some of them infected person used to worry lifetime for it. You may have questions like how to cure piles or fistula or related infection or disease such as Hemorrhoids with high bleeding and inflammable on its area. How to prevent from Piles and Fistula? What are the basic steps to solve the Piles and Fistula? However, there might be so many questions with and without answer on them. Anyhow, it is about concerning on future, what about those people who already experiencing piles related issue.

How to solve piles matter and how to solve without any scissoring or operation for Piles. There are so many hospitals and clinics across globe who does either scissoring or operation for piles, but there are very few places across globe those who treats their patient just by giving (intake) medicine or just using medicine on affected area without any scissoring or operation for piles. Yes, the below mentioned hospital in Bangalore, India helps for Piles or related issue patient by just using external medicine without any pain nor any food control to be handled.

You may feel that this hospital charges nominal or little extra, but as an experience to few of my near and dear, I can tell you that Amar Hospital in Bangalore, India helps you a lot, No scissoring nor operation for piles but just medicine. No food control required, nor you have to avoid any spicy or Non-veg food from the first day of your treatment for piles. Just try it for affected friends or relatives, I am sure that they may recommend this hospital in the future for any. Amar Hospital for Piles – address given herein below.

Amar Hospital
# 226 / 4, 7th Cross, Rangaswamy Temple Street,
Bangalore - 560 053. Ph : 22268269, 41136539
Mobile : (Dr. Anit) : 9886006547, (Dr. Sukesh) 9343872806
e-mail :

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family pleasure with KFC via Indiblogger

No one give even a single penny freely without any cause but KFC.

Ready, start, set and go for KFC.

I was blogging as usual even though I was not an expert on this. It was just doing to use my precious time to learn and earn something by sharing and getting knowledge. However, recently, I came to know from few websites post that, to promote our blog one has to have good keywords and SEO techniques that is usual lesson from SEO or online expert. However, to promote even for better traffic and fame - we have to submit our blog to some recognized site wherein other members can utilize this option to view our blog or vice-versa and possible for page impression and traffic on our blogs more than SEO and Keywords technique. Considering this, I got one of the blog submission site called wherein I become member few weeks back.

I have submitted very few URL pages of my blogs, where I got reasonable traffics from it, this site (Indiblogger) has various contests time to time, and members' meeting (event) option in each city upon fixed time. This site gives star level to its member based on URL submission with quality adhering site policy. They have various plans with different program, one of them is KFC contest.

Two weeks back I was about to login Indiblogger, and I came across that KFC contest and fill in application online form during login. I just casually filled it up and submit with my personal detail then I forgot it. One fine day (I mean on 18th December 2011) I got a letter from KFC Haryana, when I saw that post I remembered that this might be the “discount coupon” from KFC which I filled it up early via Indiblogger. When I opened it, I really surprise that it was not a discount coupon but completely ‘Free’ coupon’ worth Rs 500/= (who will pay a single penny without any cause but KFC via Indiblogger), when I took two free voucher worth Rs 250 each, I was still in doubt whether I have to pay extra amount with this voucher upon buying any menu from KFC outlet? (it is just because same scenario happened already in McDonalds and other organization offers that we have to pay extra amount on even free vouchers – business tricks).

However, I was ready to pay an extra amount if so and planned accordingly. I went to KFC with my family member with ‘party mood’ to have delicious and different menu to satisfy our lips and stomach on 21st December 2011. Warm welcome received from KFC representative although they got huge ‘paying’ customers, and we got the same welcome from them and no difference for voucher customer (we have been several times to KFC in the past to experience different menu – enjoyed it many varieties) also, I was working in Gulf countries and had experience with KFC branch over there, the same taste everywhere and no changes on their menu tastes beside friendly services. Now, the next part is, I submitted both the vouchers to outlet representative, in turn, he shown it to his outlet manager who was standing beside him, he signaled him to accept it immediately by seeing the KFC voucher without any issue. They asked me which menu you would like to select, I told him to give ‘Family bucket’ pack worth 400+ and the left amount plus little paid amount resulted for extra delicious burger from KFC.

Within few seconds, KFC representative served us friendly with fun and pleasant smile which worth more than few thousand bucks on free voucher from Indiblogger contest for KFC. I had to serve in the same way to my family members that made them even few millions bucks free pleasure. The menu was delicious that has no competition in India nor a single complain on ambience or hygienic level, we got lips smacking, stomach filling and additional happiness with free billing – so on. This is one of the ‘free party’ that my family enjoyed during 2011 year end prior to Christmas and New Year.

We hearty thanks to KFC and Indiblogger for fruitful and memorable party given. There are people or organization in the world that they pays you (regardless their business) more than a single penny for your (or customer or member’s) happiness without much expectation from us. I can say this is an event for me and my family’s where we have sharpen our mind and fiery tongue got us out of a sticky situation.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Healthy happiness

Some people worry because they do not have anything to worry about. If we think happy thoughts, we will be happy. If we think miserable thoughts, we will be miserable. If we think fear thoughts we will be fearful.

Allowing emotions to direct one’s actions bring failure, Acting with control brings success. Happiness results from discipline, A regular life is very essential for happiness. Nature gave you four faces, but you have to provide the expression.

Happy memories require preparation. Getters generally don’t get happiness, giver gets it. If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow. “What the mind of a man can envision, and believe, it can achieve” conceive happiness. One should be honest and also appear to be honest. One small deed accomplishes more than a thousand words. Some of our problems are self-inflicted. Staying calm is the best way to take the wind out of an angry person’s sails.

Practice abstinence, for riches will not last. Take time off to make yourself happy. Use your ‘wisdom eye’ to see what makes you happy. The only goal, which is common to all mankind, is to attain happiness. Refresh your mind by learning new things or achievements that is beyond our seen or area.

The happiness of your life depends on the wholesome of your thoughts. The secret of happiness is curiosity. Thinks and act cheerfully and you will feel cheerful. A wise man is one who can live in peace with things he cannot change. We can give others happiness only if we ourselves are sufficiently happy. Good attitudes do not result from good positions because of the positive attitudes. Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow, worrying is a function of idle mind. For a change, learn how to enjoy vacation abroad?

For example, if you live for up to 60 years old, you will be luckiest person if you have utilized it every second / minute for good for happiness more than 60% in your overall age. Opposite case will be like he/she doesn’t know in any status to being happy. Learn more on how to live healthy life?

Don’t worry and be happy.

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