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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Second Chance: Book review

I recently came across one of the inspiring book called "Second Chance" authored by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa. So, the title itself attracted me and was interested to know that it could be something extra ordinary on the real life story. Author is a Doctor, so there must be something a great feast for the book lovers.

Yes. I read it and would like to review of the Second Chance Book and publish on my blog to share with my readers, and I would like to remember the book for a long time too.

The front page is simple and it has written as "...If you were given a second chance, how would you change things...". The main character is all about a rich young man with little less matured in few scenarios. 

How he gets some strange alerts on the way which he couldn't understand them on-time to avoid them or except coincidentally save himself surprisingly or crossing them to invite few shocking troubles.

The author of the book has made us interesting to read each lines of the book and let us feel like we are facing it live or watching them live on the screen with thrilling, real and important lesson added. He nailed it professionally in his first book itself. He is Doctor by professional but seems Book writers by passion beside great social service contribution.

I personally felt that 'life lesson is one of the main motive of the book', to be alert and go with the happy life without harm to others. The young man 'Shekhar', his character and life detail filled up over there which it could be coincidentally real for anyone around.

There are around 17 chapters in this book for the entire story of the particular few years of his life. One of the best things that I personally liked is super duper finishing at the end and an advice from Ashutosh to Shekhar. 

Yes, he mentioned that "If you help anyone you would never be in a loss." In the beginning of the book, when read, it will let you feel that you are driving a car and facing issues surprisingly and unaware how to overcome out of it etc.

Shekhar's reality, some thrilling, some suspense, few sudden surprises, few sad, bad, some good and all are there in the interesting book. After so many years of good life lived including some hurdles and bitter things on the way, he settled down with the blessing of elders, helping hands and known persons around. 

Shekhar's wife requested him to go to her mother's home as he didn't visit together even once after their marriage. He accepted to go with her, she next found the list in his coat pocket and she read below;

The poor man's leg crushed.
Snatched Kailash's work.
Seized Ashutosh's company.
Unnati (herself, Shekhar's wife now) was not promoted.
Insulted the begger and did not give her anything etc.

What he did after this, how he solved the things, how he got a second chance, did he changed himself or continued with the former character. The question comes again and again on this. So, you can read the detail in the book to knows the story better and an interesting one.

The author has carved it well in his second book (though the first one has to release anytime soon). I am also one of them who is eagerly waiting for the first one to release and read as soon as it comes.

The Author of the Book: Dr. Sandeep Jatwa, born in Holy City Ujjain, India. M.B.B.S from MGM Medical College, Indore (MP).

The Author's wish / aim: Able to Educate Children who work in the street and have little opportunity to make something good from their lives.

The Book Published By: EduCreation

Second Chance Book Price: INR 255/= (An eBook also available)

Hope you liked the Second Chance Book Review. Your comment is welcome on the Book or Review.

Tips: As said, you may try to read this book which would help you as an eyeopener in real. If you are a book lover then wait for the author's first book also to release which is not published yet (but the second (this) one published and released).

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