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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Forest Encounter

I skipped to write and post something on this blog for a while and would like to post something over here which the topic normally interesting me as an out of the box. Yes, one of my favorite topic is all about the nature and forest related. 

I recently visited one of the  - on the way forest alone, so, blogging about it. I prepared to write and post last night but due to recent travel and tiredness didn't publish it and doing it in the one fine early morning. 

You would have read my earlier post on Forest Jump 2 Adventure trip, if not, no issue and you can read it and link has been furnished above. The adventure all over and you shall know how to enjoy the adventure with carefully. No idea when bad time can comes in such places. 

It is also normal that no idea when the bad time even can come in routine places as well. Life is generally full of adventure and looking for an additional adventure in life is something out of the box.

How to reach the forest?
I used to cover various topics / niche as a blogger and one of them is travel and adventure specially related to nature or forest etc. I used to write and blog about other topic like technology or related and one of them is Heights of email marketing to cherish.

Anyhow, coming back to the topic, I was about to go with friends to a different nature place this weekend and due to few unavoidable circumstances planning changed at the last moment as it used to happen sometime. And, suddenly sometime we used to go unexpectedly in a different places too. 

So, planning in advance to go somewhere doesn't work sometime. This time happened like that only though I had to go for a different place otherwise to do some work and got the opportunity of a forest encounter on the way as same as like Bandipur forest visit in the past. It was luckily that it was in the day and afternoon time so pleasant journey with less hassle or risk around.

What to see in the forest?
All alone, God, me, my bike, silent, natural atmosphere and a small stick to protect me just. The nice bird chirping, rare roaring from far only could heard and experienced. As usual, insect natural noise around. No idea what could happen next second over there. 

Little thrilling and little adventure when stuck for a while without any guidance. The old tricks helped me to come out easily then. It will be really hard to go alone in such a forest place at the night time except heavy secured vehicle along with friends or a group to be with us for a courage and protection just.

Nothing else more than sharing one of the above photo on this post. Keep visiting and will publish more on this blog.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Forest Jump 2 in Bandipur - Believe it or not

We visited one of the forest called Bandipur, Karnataka, India. It was just less than a year ago. The resort what our senior people / friend booked was something strange and they had already visited in the same property couple of times. So, they had booked the same once again despite many luxury resorts are around with the same tariff.

Whatsoever, these guys booked the same one due to adventure, some spooky and shadow feeling. They used to talk about it in the office once in a while when I was even never been there. So, I too agree to go with them to know the realty. By completing this article, you will know the forest adventure, the best resort in Bandipur, adventure place in Bandipur, haunted place in Bandipur etc. etc.


Friday, July 29, 2016

Forest Jump 2 - Adventure trip in Bandipur at Tiger Ranch Resort

I missed out to blog continuously on my earlier Forest jump stories series despite still getting good traffic to them. Thanks to visitors and readers. Anyhow, I got an opportunity for a short trip or tiny vacation to travel this year even though we (me, my friends and colleagues) were / are busy with work schedule compare to last year work schedule and holidays that we enjoyed more than two weeks during summer or post summer. One of my dream places to visiting is Bandipur and Mudumala forest. This was discussed with my friends who already been there.

So, I would like to share the latest one (short holiday and trip to Bandipur and Mudumalai) and will continue to write the old Forest Jump story series later. Yes, you can enjoy our adventure and thrilling trip in Bandipur, Masinagudi, Mudumalai, Karnataka, India on 22nd to 24th July 2016.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Forest Jump – Adventure 3

Due to busy schedules these days, I was unable to write on time about the continuous of the Forest Jump part which I was trying to write few sentences and paragraphs one by one since few weeks to complete this part. One of the reason I used to write this topic is to share the adventure story and I am already getting more hits from the visitors for the earlier part posts thus understands the readers' interest on this topic. Thanks to all. Here you go.

This is reference to our forest trip (Forest Jump - Adventure 2) in the past, we were enjoying the car driving in the mid-forest after seeing a big mongoose recently and other earlier incident with elephant. After few kilometers, we again got down from the car for a while in the deep forest taking unnecessary risk and seeing some natural sources beside enjoying the natural air, sounds and blessings. This was actually a risk matter if Forest guard would have seen us either to warn or penalty etc. beside any animal’s attack on us. Luckily, we were alone without any disturbance of human and animal than enjoying the natural atmosphere. There were no cameras fixed on this location as well which we heard about it to fix the camera by the authority sooner or later. The evening was about to come passing afternoon but mild sunshine was there and chilly atmosphere let us enjoy even more in that location. Every minute was thrilled and enjoyed over there.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Forest Jump - Adventure 1

We used to enjoy holidays or weekends by going some trip to nearby places, just to enjoy the beauty of the nature and greenery dense atmosphere in unique location or sometime we used to go out just for swimming in the nearest resort. One of the trips was just nearby forest area which is around 80kms from our location. Started to leave Bangalore in the early morning and reached within two hours to the spot, before entering the forest route, we had enough breakfast, packed some soft drinks and food stuffs. On the way we took some snaps as usual and had fun riding cars without disturbing to anyone.

The gate at the both the sides of the forest remain open till 6 in the evening from early morning, so we had to reach and come out within this time or else both the sides gates are going to be closed, and there will be many questions on coming out from the way of forest area. Those days no camera over there but one can find the warning notice board fixed on the tree stating ‘you can’t see animal but it is looking at you’. Sometime we afraid on seeing this board though most of the time we ignore it due to overconfidence on calm atmosphere. No one knows what will happen in next few second in such place.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

All religions with the same principle

A man was running very fast on the remote area where a lion was about to attack him, he ran such a fast with the difficulties that the lion was unable to catch him earlier than expected. On the way, he suddenly felt down and trapped in the unknown old well where luckily he was hanging on the root of the tree. The lion came near the surface of the well and looking at him to catch as and when situation comes for prey, he was time being happy that he almost escaped from the lion and found that a Honey comb near to him which has few bees roaming here and there. 

This man started feeling thirsty, he tasted the honey nearby him and later he observed that there was a giant snake moving at the bottom of the well which is little far from him. Oh God, he was unable to digest the situation but enjoying little bit honey meanwhile to overcome from thirst and hungry. No way to come out from the old horrible well since it has no stairs nor one can help him at the moment than hanging comfortably.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Air Turbulence

One of the well known word is Air Turbulence in Airline industry beside other various famous words in its operational activities. In some region or route, Air Pocket is famous one due to sudden and natural incident on the air. 

Air Turbulence can happen at any time at any region due to bad weather upon flying whereas Air Pocket can be taken place in selected region in different unconditional air cycle. When I was working in Airline industry for few years, I used to hear those words but not experienced until once I was coming from Riyadh King Khalid International Airport to Mumbai Chathrapathi Shivaji Terminal in 2002.

I got a flight seat at the rear one, was able to enjoy take-off view and slope of the giant flight 747-400. It was going well till two hours and found smooth flying without any issue. The announcement from the Flight purser / crew started for fastening seat belt due to heavy rain and bad weather on the way. The passengers who were roaming around on the flight due to wash room and entertainment etc. controlled immediately by the flight supervisor. I was just seeing that few of them enjoying with Alcohol and dishes offered by Airline hostesses whereas I put an end to the dinner served and relaxing for one more hour to reach Mumbai to catch Chennai's flight in the early morning for further travel.

Last one hour before landing in Mumbai, it was heavy rain with thunder seems, flight was slowly shaking and looks like little bit out of control for a while. I never faced such horrible shaking experience on flight till six years of flying experience with many different routes specially flying in night times (except one).Since I was sitting at the last row and able to know the feeling and fear of other co-passengers as well. Flight and the passengers are very silent at that situation and looks like we were crossing heavy rain, thunderstorm, dark cloudy and fog etc. mixed up. 

Suddenly we were able to see and experience the tail / rear area of the flight moving here and there specially where we were sitting, it let us felt like giant fish tail moves here and there. Again announcement made from Crew saying that fasten seat belt, sit with calm and one can use Oxygen bag (on the top) if necessary etc. It was looking like we were crossing some pathetic route in bad weather, possible for anything to happen at any time due to unconditional weather. 

I understood that many passengers were praying at this moment and some non-alcoholic felt like they are consumed it by seeing flight dancing and the one who consumed alcohol felt that they are steady by leaving Alcoholic feelings.The flight once in fifteen minutes used to shake here and there and hard to see steady movement as before, however, we were able to rely on it for a while and the flight become normal after certain duration by passing a particular region. Thank God, we got smooth flight operation few minutes before landing in Mumbai and landed safely. This was one of the unforgettable flying experience in my life. I will share more as such...till then good bye. See you soon.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Go anywhere and stay for less, from Airbnb

I am actually one of the travel lovers and would like to roam all over the world. I had been too few foreign countries beside local trips in India. The International trip was to Singapore (tour visit), Brunei (tour visit), Bahrain (tour visit), UAE (tour visit), Saudi Arabia (for work), and Kuwait (for short-term work). These all happened few years back and would like to still roam in India and other foreign countries when time permits. However, I won't give up to travel anywhere in the future.

When I recall the past, some of the best trip in India was, Shimla, Jammu, Sri Nagar, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Munnar, Goa, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore and other small and less known tourist places, on.

Wherever we go, the important one other than travel is of unique accommodation and suitable food, or boarding and lodging or bed and bread beside a wonderful sightseeing, experience and remembrance for many years as I recalled this one. I used to see trip photos which was taken long back to recall the older excitement and happy days. Still you can enjoy it, and age doesn't matter to go around. 

There are few travel companies that assist online for such trip and to get unique accommodation with lesser price. One of them is Airbnb. All these fun together, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190+ countries. Why don't you utilize this facility?

To avail the facilities at Airbnb and its booking through online or from a mobile phone, you can visit Airbnb booking. I too have selected few foreign location and two local locations as follows.

Ireland: This is one of the best places to visit due to various reason and one of them is naturally beautiful. It has various sightseeing and soft people around.

New Zealand: You can either visit Australia or New Zealand which is great to be there as long as you would like to realize natural rich atmosphere.

Luxemburg: International travelers never forget to enjoy the beauty of Luxemburg. This is one of the best hospitality and tourist places in the world which real traveler never misses the opportunity to enjoy.

Kodaikanal: Although it is famous location in India for coolest place and try to stay over there during Summer, this is one of the best location in southern India to experience lush green and hill station with beautiful atmosphere.

Hyderabad is actually a different city to visit, it is unlike some peace and quiet tourist location but it is a city which contains some of the historical places, architecture, mixed with nature and most importantly growing IT sector which called Silicon Valley of India.

You may also register with Airbnb to enjoy the holidays with very low expenses. Ref

This article is written for Airbnb contest in association with IndiBlogger.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beautiful daughter of Goldsmith - Searching...

You would have come across this story in any form, however I would like to blogging here to let you remind once again if you have come across or read as a new one if you haven't come across. Doesn't matter, the story is really interesting.

A young King along with his soldiers went to a river to swim and enjoy the day, there was already a group of girls were enjoying the swimming. These girls came out of the water once they heard the voice of battalion, one of the girls was so beautiful and King liked her and the group of girls moved from there immediately. King and soldiers enjoyed the swimming and King was just thinking about her even when he reached the palace too. He almost fall in love with her in a glance and unable to see her afterward, he always thinking about her and forgot his duty often.  At night, King didn’t sleep at all just by thinking her and remembering her face and walk.

In the morning, he ordered soldiers to investigate about her detail. Soldiers returned with her address and she was the daughter of famous Goldsmith in nearby area. King ordered soldiers to invite Goldsmith at palace, but Goldsmith never came to the palace even after four days over. King again ordered soldiers to invite him, again Goldsmith never came to palace even after eight days over.

King ordered soldiers to arrest Goldsmith and sent soldiers to Goldsmith place, they found that Goldsmith house was locked. King again ordered soldiers to search them whereabouts, they searched everywhere but found them not.  Now, they planned differently with some reward, the one who trace them out will be rewarded with 1kg Gold. The days gone, many searched about them, but Goldsmith and his daughter never found even after ten days over. They planned differently this time; they announced that the one who is helping Goldsmith family will be hanged to death, again, Goldsmith family unable to find after many efforts and even one month passed once again by just searching them. Now, King directly announced the entire regime and they will get punish if they don’t help or find Goldsmith family, still unable to trace them out as month passed.

King once again asked helps with other regime’s Kings to find them whereabouts but still not able to get them out. Now, King depressed and felt alone with his love, he slept just due to few days sleepless night and tired at the same time he saw a dream where he is going to the same river and then suddenly he woke up from the dream and ran to the same river at the night time and waited for whole day to come to see the opportunity for her face. No positive result.

Now, King planned to meet famous Baba at the region so he along with soldiers reached Baba, he heard the story of King then Baba directed to a place and hut which was near to that river. Now, King happy to know the location and reach that hut near the river. He saw a girl accompanying an old man in that hut but King disappointed due to that ugly face girl and she was not the one that already seen or dreamt girl, still unable to find Goldsmith and his beautiful girl. The way King story going was filled with sad and strange, now King finally boycott soldiers for this task and hand over it to CBI (Spy team).

But still unable to find Goldsmith even after few months passed, King become more sadden.

Finally, King story, soldier story, his regime story, other regime King story, reward story, CBI story for searching on Goldsmith and his daughter were going just like wasting precious time on reading this article / blog by you where there is no link to you.

Don’t laugh it, the same thing happened to me as well when I experienced as you did now. You can take revenge for it if you say this story to any near and dear, specially to your close friend, dear reader.

However, please let me know if you find Goldsmith and his daughter. She is really beautiful.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 found?

I used to often search online about Missing Malaysian Airlines and its tremendous searching in Indian Ocean and its team effort for unknown reason on MH370 vanishing from radar on March 8 with 239 passengers on board. 

What happened to missing MH370? What is the reason for that? All over the world would like to know the missing Malaysian Airlines MH 370 real location and its reason to come to the fact and conclusion. 

Near and Dears are tearing and waiting for their loved ones who travelled on ill-fated plane. There were many reasons said by media and authorities on this subject, it seems, all are almost no finalization or confirmed to the reality. It is really hard to find missing MH370 in deep Indian Ocean or somewhere else where it is resting.

There are no credible leads confirmed yet for missing Air-plane, however, I recently come across one of the website that says MH370 is probably found but authorities have not confirmed it yet. 

US pilot Michael Hoebel informed to his hometown TV station on 27th April 2014 that he’s probably found Missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. This could be a clue for good search result on a mystery that eight nations have done relentless effort to solve over a 52 days search. 

US pilot Michael Hoebel further stated on TV news that "I was taken aback because I couldn’t believe I would find this". Michael spoke to WIVB as per online source.

Anyhow, the statement confuse further as  it says NE coast of Malaysia (west of Songkhla in Thailand) where the plane is and against Indian Ocean?  Both are not the same place. It may or may not be correct...need to confirm with one location on missing Malaysian Airlines MH370.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jaguar vs Crocodile attack - awesome video clips

There are thousands of natural creations, many of them are hidden and some of them visible for human or each other creations. Though some of them are very far from civilizations but still some can approach to identify far species act in remote places. Yes, under the sea creations or deep forest creations are unique and adventure to be there and enjoy some unique experience with lot of thrilling on the way to meet those creations to get some snap.

Here, you can watch some different video clips of Jaguar vs Crocodile attack from YouTube and Yahoo clips which can make you feel like suspense and thrill result. Both (Jaguar and Crocodile) are dangerous species and powered with their jaws / teeth to catch, kill or fight dangerously. Here you can enjoy the video clips of these two creations and unique turning point among them - the video might have been taken during 2013.

One of the best video clip I have ever seen, that is the attack of Crocodile vs Jaguar - passing crocodile bank and river taking risk and dragging it back - oh. Here you go for it (Jaguar vs Crocodile) fight / attack.

You can also watch the same video from YouTube. Courtesy: YouTube / Yahoo.

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