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Friday, July 29, 2016

Forest Jump 2 - Adventure trip in Bandipur at Tiger Ranch Resort

I missed out to blog continuously on my earlier Forest jump stories series despite still getting good traffic to them. Thanks to visitors and readers. Anyhow, I got an opportunity for a short trip or tiny vacation to travel this year even though we (me, my friends and colleagues) were / are busy with work schedule compare to last year work schedule and holidays that we enjoyed more than two weeks during summer or post summer. One of my dream places to visiting is Bandipur and Mudumala forest. This was discussed with my friends who already been there.

So, I would like to share the latest one (short holiday and trip to Bandipur and Mudumalai) and will continue to write the old Forest Jump story series later. Yes, you can enjoy our adventure and thrilling trip in Bandipur, Masinagudi, Mudumalai, Karnataka, India on 22nd to 24th July 2016.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Air Turbulence

One of the well known word is Air Turbulence in Airline industry beside other various famous words in its operational activities. In some region or route, Air Pocket is famous one due to sudden and natural incident on the air. 

Air Turbulence can happen at any time at any region due to bad weather upon flying whereas Air Pocket can be taken place in selected region in different unconditional air cycle. When I was working in Airline industry for few years, I used to hear those words but not experienced until once I was coming from Riyadh King Khalid International Airport to Mumbai Chathrapathi Shivaji Terminal in 2002.

I got a flight seat at the rear one, was able to enjoy take-off view and slope of the giant flight 747-400. It was going well till two hours and found smooth flying without any issue. The announcement from the Flight purser / crew started for fastening seat belt due to heavy rain and bad weather on the way. The passengers who were roaming around on the flight due to wash room and entertainment etc. controlled immediately by the flight supervisor. I was just seeing that few of them enjoying with Alcohol and dishes offered by Airline hostesses whereas I put an end to the dinner served and relaxing for one more hour to reach Mumbai to catch Chennai's flight in the early morning for further travel.

Last one hour before landing in Mumbai, it was heavy rain with thunder seems, flight was slowly shaking and looks like little bit out of control for a while. I never faced such horrible shaking experience on flight till six years of flying experience with many different routes specially flying in night times (except one).Since I was sitting at the last row and able to know the feeling and fear of other co-passengers as well. Flight and the passengers are very silent at that situation and looks like we were crossing heavy rain, thunderstorm, dark cloudy and fog etc. mixed up. 

Suddenly we were able to see and experience the tail / rear area of the flight moving here and there specially where we were sitting, it let us felt like giant fish tail moves here and there. Again announcement made from Crew saying that fasten seat belt, sit with calm and one can use Oxygen bag (on the top) if necessary etc. It was looking like we were crossing some pathetic route in bad weather, possible for anything to happen at any time due to unconditional weather. 

I understood that many passengers were praying at this moment and some non-alcoholic felt like they are consumed it by seeing flight dancing and the one who consumed alcohol felt that they are steady by leaving Alcoholic feelings.The flight once in fifteen minutes used to shake here and there and hard to see steady movement as before, however, we were able to rely on it for a while and the flight become normal after certain duration by passing a particular region. Thank God, we got smooth flight operation few minutes before landing in Mumbai and landed safely. This was one of the unforgettable flying experience in my life. I will share more as such...till then good bye. See you soon.

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