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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life without Google - I wouldn’t have known Search Engine pros and cons

My life without Google as follows;

wouldn't have known what Search Engine can make the differences in the world.

wouldn't have known Google can help me to reach the exact webpage / content that I am looking for

wouldn't have known writers can help to get the detail what we wanted it from online source

I wouldn't have known many families would run just because of Google / Search Engine Company

wouldn't have known Google or the Search Engine Company let other’s to work from home


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yahoo - Reloaded

There was an event of Yahoo at Milbey, MG Road Mall, MG Road, Bangalore, India. I got an opportunity to be there on 21st Nov 2013 evening, as a blogger, I didn't miss the chance to participate over there. 

Yahoo reloaded with latest updates of four different products namely Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Flickr, Yahoo Weather and Yahoo Search. Most of them are with next generation features and matching with almost all types of net connectivity to get the things done by all. The Yahoo team introduced themselves and presented their products in a simple and professional manner, we got to go with them very friendly on each and every conversation and clarification. This event taken place after Microsoft event attends.

Yahoo Mail:
Many of them unaware about Yahoo Mail updates done few weeks back, there are many options to change the Inbox or Mail screen compare to old one, just go to option icon at the left side bottom and select the screen design you would like to 'apply' for your Mail box. There are many features loaded in Yahoo Mail and user can experiment with lots of features over there. My question was, how about webpage loading for Yahoo Mail as we sometime experience slow webpage loading in Yahoo Mail due to different users in India using different 2G or 3G or 4G connectivity. I received reply as it has been already improved and YM could be faster than previous one and it will match all sorts of connectivity. This is a kind of knowledge to know the fact and lesson.

Yahoo Search:
When you hear about search engine updates then you will think about 'content' and SEO but here Yahoo have updated Image search and there is no hint about text or keyword or content search. For example, if you would like to search image about any famous 'waterfalls' in the world or 'flowers' then it gives top search for the clarity, size and latest posted image which can satisfy many image searching users. You can use the Yahoo search from you Smartphone, Tablet PC, Laptop or Desktop etc.

Yahoo Flickr:
This is really amazing for photographer or cameraman or image lovers to use Flickr feature effectively as Yahoo is giving unlimited Terra Byte (TB) space for each user which can help member to use it till his/her lifetime, free space and free settings. You can drive safely on this and you can save your old images that was taken from childhood or school days or college days or even vacation or holidays etc.

Yahoo Weather:
Hour wise weather updates on touch for iPhone users and other Yahoo Image user from any device, latest updated images and weather detail can be found here. You can become member of Yahoo Weather and post latest weather detail about your place. Andhra state weather is very important at this moment as there could be Cyclone at any point of time, it is a campaign in India toward clean too like Swachh India.

Tanmay Bhat - TV Comedy Anchor:
The fun part in the program is really about fascinating and laughing continuously for at least thirty minutes due to Tanmay's performance and he is all the way from Mumbai - he left no one for choosing fun topic - great. Beside we got to go with yummy starter pack, soft drinks and dinner at the end with memorable program.

While we go exit from the event, we got a gift hamper from Yahoo which carries Yahoo Pen Drive, Yahoo Robot USB Hub and Yahoo key tag. Thank you Yahoo!!

Hope these reloaded features from Yahoo can make you smile and use Yahoo products effectively.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to create free blog and how to become blogger

Most of them are aware how to create free blog without involving any kind of financial investment except writing good articles and allotting time for it. Some of them also aware how to become blogger, but many of them used to ask offline and online Q&A or in Forum thread that 'how to create free blog', another similar question is 'how to become blogger' or 'how to earn money from blog' etc.? Though some of them knew about it and have answer about it but still many doesn't know and they are interested to learn and earn by creating blog and becoming blogger.

No one in the world that already learnt then born, but vice-versa. It applies even to blogging life, to create free blog you have to find guideline from your friend or relatives or online friend or online search, in turn you will get however answer for it. To create free blog you just need to go some big site like or where you can get an option to create free blog. There are many websites that let you to create free blog and earn money but the above one are standard and dependable for a long period without involving domain charges nor web-hosting fee etc.

Now, the work is not finished once you created free blog but you have just begun or stepped-in in bloggers world. You can share your knowledge or expertise from your each post at your blog that can be helpful to many online visitors, let's say that you are expert in Aeronautical field then you can write something about it one by one which could help many online visitors who search related to Aeronautical subject or unknown visitors can learn about it. The way you present the quality article will always speaks and possible for many benefits to you and online visitors. By posting many articles related to different topic or subject can make you as blogger, you need regular contribution on your blog to find many successes in bloggers' world.

If you would like to know how to create free blog and earn money from blog, then kindly visit the link give over here.

Monday, January 7, 2013

How to earn money online from Adsense or Other online sources

As you are aware, there are many who normally earns money online from various sources like Ads, MLM, Internet Marketing and so on. Internet service normally helps for various business online, other than this, various corporates including Government and Private sector uses online services to run their business smooth and on time compare to those old file & paper days.

Here you can find the list of few well known personalities in the web who makes and earns money online from their blogs, as per latest news, we have heard that there are couple of people who earns money online with millions of dollars from their blog with various ads promotion including Google Adsense revenue. Here are those news from various sources who earns money online and their list as follows;

Micheal Arrington, who earns 8 million Dollars per month from Arrington blog name techcrunch

Pete Cashmore, who earns 6 million Dollars per month from Cashmore blog Mashable

Mario Lavandeira, who earns 2 million Dollars per month

There are few other bloggers who earn near about 1 million Dollars per month, their name as Callis Taeed, Timothy sykes etc.

Most of the bloggers to used to work in some companies and got experience along with enough knowledge, finally they jump into create their own blog and contributed as much as they can as content writer or blogger. 

Here are similar stories with Indian bloggers, India's richest blogger Amit Agarwal earn money online about 18 lakh Rupees per month from his blog

Other Indian bloggers like Amit bhawani, who earn money online about 7 lakh rupees from his blog

Harsh Agarwal, who earn money from online work and earns about 4 lakh Rupees from his blog
Try to learn many from your profession, and side by side you may create and contribute blog, once it become popular and getting hundreds of thousands of visits per day, I am sure that you can reach to that level as well. Earning money online is not a tough task and at the same time it is not an easy thing to get it done. You have to succeed the show and competition in whichever field you select to write or blog. Good luck.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Google search engine algorithm changes in Panda

There are some changes from Google search algorithm Panda recently, thus most of the webmaster or blogger finds differences in their blog usual traffic. Some of them are happy with recent changes made in Google search algorithm that helped them out for increasing traffic and revenue, and some of them are not happy due to drop down in their blog usual traffic and revenue.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What are the ways to earn money online?

How to earn money online as other does?

This question was puzzled me till year 2008, I was not sure how to earn money online; it is just because of so many fraudulent websites that looted money from innocent online users. Though, there were very few websites that used to pay for their contributors less than what they used to contribute via various types of online work.

Only hope from Google adsense that used to pay during 2008 and before for bloggers or associated websites with Google. Though still Google adsense used to pay for their associated blogs or website which we can hope for present and in the future.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jab We Met IndiBlogger meet in Bangalore

What happened Jab We Met IndiBlogger meet in Bangalore?

First of all I would like to thanks to team, Surf excel team and other bloggers who used to promote my blog via Indiblogger. To be frank, after joining IndiBlogger, my blog got an extra traffic compare to earlier days where I was even using famous Social Networks and other directory submission to promote it at that time with less effective.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to use Keywords for better traffic to your blog?

What is Keywords? and How to use Keywords for better traffic to your website?

Keywords are the most valuable things in any article which helps for SEO and carrying traffic. An article without enough and exact keywords is useless for better search results. Though a Search engine can identify the meaning of an article by reading and crawling the title, summary and description only, but still search engine can’t identify what for an article is written about.

Since a search engine understands only text or data information that lies in the keywords so the keywords are very important for SEO. A search engine just read crawl and index rest of the matter of an article and it never identifies the image, sign or symbols etc. Hope now you would have understood the importance of the keyword in context of text or data.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

List of Top 20 Expensive Google Keywords

Here you will find the list of top 20 Google keywords that may fetch good traffic to your article.

Now, we can discuss something about how to get traffic to your article? There are so many articles online available related to SEO. However, only SEO related article though really help you for better traffic but still not sure that SEO related article will help you for a long term. Most of them asking how to prepare SEO related article that helps for better traffic since it is well optimized based on the Search Engine.

Two things you need to concentrate while preparing an article to fetch more traffic. One is try to select hot topic that is searched worldwide - it may or may not searched for a long term though you have potential traffic source from it, and another one is try to write in the way that online visitor used to type in search engine to get the result. As saying, you need to be on customer's shoe to understand their requirement to improve your article. Without SEO and relevant Keywords are useless of article that won't help you to get traffic on your webpage.

The list of Top 20 Keywords are:
  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim
  11. Conference Call
  12. Trading
  13. Software
  14. Recovery
  15. Transfer
  16. Gas/Electricity
  17. Classes
  18. Rehab
  19. Treatment
  20. Cord Blood
Please remember that these keywords are mostly related to banking and financing related. Thus, possible for very much traffic in your site. Make sure that you use Insurance keyword related like USA Insurance or USA loans or USA mortgage with its precise, otherwise the same keywords used to use for other countries too. Possible for changing the targeted website.

You can get more organic traffic from those above mentioned keywords.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Page Rank 10 sites list

Page Rank (PR) 10 sites list and detail.

You will find here top Page Rank website name and its list. These sites are getting huge traffic and optimized well for its business. Please check the list, we will update more on the Page Rank and website name.

Adobe - PR 10 -117,000 backlinks-
Adobe Acrobat - PR 10 -767,000 backlinks -
World Wide Web Consortium -PR 10 - 481,000 backlinks -
Macromedia - PR 10 - 49,700 backlinks - - PR 10 -  47,100 backlinks -
Intel Corporation - PR 10 - 43,600 backlinks -
Apple - QuickTime - PR 10 -  36,500 backlinks -
MSN - Microsoft Services Network - PR 10 - 347,000 backlinks -
Yahoo - Yahoo Information Network - PR 10 - 386,000 backlinks -
American White House Official Site - PR 10 - 83,600 backlinks -
National Institutes of Health (NIH) - PR 10 - 117,000 backlinks -
Keio University - PR 10 - 9,810 backlinks -
MIT Laboratory for Computer Science - PR 10 - 9,240 backlinks -
The World's Largest General Scientific Society - PR10 - 21,600 backlinks -
University of Washington - PR10 - 71,800 backlinks - PR10 - 24,300 backlinks -
National Aeronautics and Space Administration PR 10 - 80,000 backlinks
National Science Foundation PR 10 - 71,100 backlinks
Apple Computers PR 10 - 86,800 backlinks
U.S Goverment Official Portal PR 10 - 209,000 backlinks

Google adsense revenue sharing sites list

Please find here Google adsense revenue sharing sites list.

Squidoo - PR 7
Triond - PR 5
Bukisa - PR 5
HubPages - PR 6
Flixya - PR 5
InfoBarrel - PR 4

IndiaStudyChannel - PR 3
Techulator - PR 3

We will update you more on Google adsense revenue sharing sites list.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Keywords training in Bangalore, India

Learn SEO for better enhancement

Are you looking for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Keywords training in Bangalore, India? Then, here you can get the detail on the best SEO and Keywords Training center in Bangalore. SEO and Keywords training can get from Tony John, who is an expert in SEO and Keywords, he has set up a training center in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, India.

This SEO training is for those who would like to make a full time or part time career in online work as content writer or wish to become a great blogger or webmaster in a booming internet community.

SEO and Keywords training is given to those who would like to aspire on website career for a long haul. Any professional, student, home maker and other online writers can get the best training for SEO and Keywords in a professional manner from Tony John.

SEO is an essential part of the draft you make as an article to publish online, without SEO technique in your article draft one can’t distinguish between the high quality article and poor quality article. Also, Search Engine will not identify and give preference to your article in case if your article is lack of SEO technique. If you would like to aim for your article to be shown in top 10 in any search engine, then you have to understand the search engine algorithm or you have to learn it from professional to do so. Thus, Tony John can help you on this.

For SEO and Keywords training from Tony John, you just need to meet him and attend the brief discussion interview. You just need to pay nominal fees for SEO and Keywords training during this course.

You can get flexible timing and days for SEO and Keywords training at the center. There are different classes for SEO and Keywords training.

About Tony John:
He is the professional SEO and Keywords trainer and running more than 50 quality websites for the past 12 years. Tony John’s most of the websites goes beyond Google’s Page Rank 3 and above for the quality and comprehensive information.

From SEO and Keywords training from Tony John, you will learn as follows;

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Why SEO and keywords are so important?
How to tune Keywords and SEO technique in your article draft for better traffic online?
How to get your article in Google search engine as top 10 list?
What is Keywords?
How Keywords plays vital role in our article draft?
How I can become professional SEO and Keyword expert?
How to become professional content writer?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Google adsense Analysis

Overview on Google adsense and its Analysis:
This piece of information will help you to get some idea pertaining to Google adsense page impression, traffic, clicks and generating revenue etc. From this, you will know some idea how generally Google adsense works and helps us to get page impressions, traffic, clicks and generate revenue for its member. To reach that level, what author or adsense member has to concentrate and do in their article to get page impressions, traffic, clicks and generate revenue etc.

I personally believe that many online authors / users especially most senior knows few fact that, no one is sure for generating good traffic and good revenue even for high quality and well qualified articles, whether author writes an article with good keyword and SEO technique that can be optimized by the search engine or not. An article may attract visitors or not also possible for traffic or not, traffic may generate revenue or not etc. but only one thing I believe that there are two types of revenue via Google adsense for your online articles, one is short term revenue from your article and another one is long term revenue although there are huge online competition from various members in various sites exists.

Short time revenue’s example is like, posting jobs or latest news or hot topic that attract for only few days and possible for good traffic and generate moderate revenue for short time only, and, long term revenue is like author try to write an article related to business institution, product review, government related query, well know person’s achievement, history about a place or human, about travel and tourism, educational projects and long term genuine sources etc. those are possible to generate traffics little low to those pages with standard and moderate traffic for long term along with potential to generate revenue for a long term search.

Most important over here is, Author should follow first well known site terms and condition or (own site terms matching Google policy), so that, depend on site webmaster and site requirement one can post an article that helps for generating revenue first from those site which other members divert to reach winner’s article (Example Hubpages runs many competition and found winners), later it become more popular for traffic – hence, possible for more traffic and more revenue for both terms (short/long term).

Who will be expert than Webmaster of the site to attract your article? Please follow the site terms and condition first to succeed.

Other than competition for article, traffic and generating revenue, another competition is, Author may put effort in many parameters for their article preparation to be effective in terms of traffic and generating adsense revene with understanding few points per below;

1. Author shall select the hot topic in a timely manner
2. Article topic and text posting must be for near future date and its search
3. Article text must be matching online visitor’s search which transform into traffic, for example, today is 3rd February, kindly follow the calendar and its important day, in this case, 14th February, it will be celebrated worldwide as Valentine day, so, you may try to write an article on the topic of 'Valentine day' and write few words, sentence and paragraphs with good keywords and SEO for Valentine day, it has ample scope for long and short term benefit.
4. Try to write maximum two article for relating same topic without SPAM of keyword and SEO
5. Author article should follow 1 year calendar occasions for long term benefit, and it shall comply with worldwide competitions.

Moreover, Author shall not give preference only to write or think about as stated above, but author may concentrate for other different articles too, also, since author would have posted many articles in the past for a different topic in a different time that too helps them a lot for traffic and revenue from their previous articles, our old posts can be searched anyone at anytime that helps us. Old post is helpful for us for traffic and generating revenue as Google also considering seniority.

All the best for traffic and $$$.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Earning money online is not an easy task

How to earn money online?

When a person become a member in any reputed online site, he/she try to earn money as an important one than concentrating himself/herself to match that site’s requirement.  Member shall concentrate on quality article than thinking to get points and money from online, by doing this, I mean, by posting good and quality article in reputed site itself like member earn automatically points and money along with earning author’s or member’s identity over there. Understanding Google adsense first to earn

Millions of topic available to select and write a best article to post in a reputed online site by the member. Online has many business, as same as the business operation on the field expect online effort. When a member post an article, member shall try to concentrate many things, as we have heard and red in many places in the various articles that good Title or Topic along with relevant and good draft overall can fetch it by search engine. Article needs detailed subject link and photos like an identity of the author that gives long-term benefit. Benefit doesn’t mean only quickly earning money or points, but first identity of the author's presentation, goodwill, interest from reader and online business provider. Later like money and fame that may comes on the way by your hard works in the past. How to increase traffic to your article and site?

There is no doubt that everyone like to earn points and money online by using their leisure time with their great effort. There are very few online sites who pays money to members’ articles whereas more online site just say ‘earn online money’ but the site earn money from the member. Why everybody like to earn money online? This is one of the good question in most of the members. Earning money online is not an easy task, may be unknown or inexperience person may thought as such. To earn money online, one has to put big effort to post (not copied) many articles with losing energy and spent hours / days.

The above text is just for refresh purpose. The main Answer for the Title and the Question is, a member can try to write an article differently with various topic as much as he/she can and post article in a site like hubpages which gives long term benefit to all (Member, Site and the Readers).

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Google adsense approval with ease

Most of the bloggers' dream is to get Google adsense approval without any issue. If you are looking for Google adsense account approval with easiness then you have to adhere Google adsense policy. Google will not tell adsense approval policy but Google reviewer will screen your personal profile and article content is of worth.

Other than this, Google has various parameters to approve for adsense account, thus, you need to meet some basic requirement before you apply for Google adsense account.

For more detail on this, you may visit the following link to get Google adsense approval.
How to get Google adsense approval without any issue

Friday, January 27, 2012

Your Turn for a wonderful traffic blog

I was going through many articles online from many websites and blogs, I was researching on few articles and their traffics for the past few months, and observing how some of the websites are top 10 per any search engine even though some of them are worth and some not deserve per relevant Keywords and Search Engine Optimization with those searched or typed keywords.

How Search engine works? How some relevant pages from blog works for top 10 search results or some irrelevant page comes as top 10 on search result. Other than this, I have come across few good articles or let’s say outstanding articles with superior guideline for your blog success.

As we are aware, blogging is one of the important online businesses. Blogging and online advertising thus possible to generate revenues. One is Publisher and another one is Advertiser. So, setting up your online business in this world internet market among various other blogger's vs your website is one of the major achievements. Creating a website and launching is not a big issue – there is friendly guideline exists for everything. How can you earn from your blog is one of the question, you can achieve it in the way you can bring it lot of people to visit your website and increase the traffic to your site.

The main reason for this is few things, one is expert on SEO, even SEO expert sometime can’t achieve as they likes to bring traffic and earn money online, another one is no one eager or likes to visit your website daily unless its content is of hot topic or most searchable topic with relevant keywords on them. So you need make your website accordingly.

Making interesting blog, most researchable article posts, useful for online visitors and attractive things to make for people to visit your website, observe and update it for their daily needs etc are overall circumstances to achieve something differently in the competitive online business. Let us observe the next things on blogging, ads and success. Let start to know the ways to increase the traffic to your website which is somewhere in the ranking of the Internet.

Now, to achieve our target for increasing the page impression, traffic and visitors to your website can be handled in many ways. You might have observed that there are two types of traffic can be done, one is online and the other one is offline method to increase the traffic to your website. Here you can find some useful tricks and tips on how to increase traffic to your website by creating energetic publicity.

Marketing of your website to generate interest among the people to visit your blog on daily during their needs will surely result in making your online website presence in the World market of blogging. It will be considered as a successful launch also to make it as the online money generating machine.

I will clear some of your doubts here before we go to useful and important tips for increasing traffic to your blog, yes, search engine has hundreds of algorithms to detect each article posted, just using irrelevant keywords or SEO technique in your articles might brings traffic but search engine finding them out easily after few weeks then they reduce website or blog rank, also they put your blog behind the search page result later with other disadvantage points for those blog or website. This is opposite case to relevant keywords and SEO article with quality that gives always fruits to all.

Tips to increase traffic to your blog or article content.

There are few good tips to promote and get huge online traffic to your website or blog.

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Getting most from Banner Ads
YouTube videos
Offline traffic generation for your website
Submit your website to directories
Promote your website in Social Media
Social networking websites
Social bookmarking websites
Free classified websites
Generate traffic from banner exchange
Start your own affiliate program
Write guest post on other blogs
Submitting your site to search engines
E-mail marketing
Update your website regularly
Conducting polls
Reviews and Ratings
Giving freebies
Give awards or rewards
Blog Contest
Facebook fans page
Tag your Facebook and Google plus images
Select best domain name for your website
Give some important tips to your readers
Pay per click advertising
Website must be unique one

I will try to write about the mentioned tips with explanation in this blog later. Keep on researching and blogging. All the best.

Take care !!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It is all about earning money online

Do you have question like this in your mind - How to earn money online? Is this real one, or just cheat ourselves. No, you can surely earn money online but you have to know few basic things to do so. Identify yourself and be on the right place at the right time.

There are many bloggers or website owner across globe who earns money reasonably just by creating their own choices of blog and posting quality articles regularly. Just creating a website or blog is only not enough to earn money online, it is just a wise and first step, or it could be just a beginning and you have to reach more levels to achieve something from online.

Who will pay to website owner or blogger?

Blogger or website owner or webmaster can become a member in Amazon, Chitika, Google adsense, Kontera and MyLot etc. there are many ads promoting site for publishers where you can get benefit from them, there you have to just follow time to time updates and their guidelines to once become member and adhere their rules strictly ever.

How to earn money online when created blog or when become a member in any reputed site?

Once, you become in anyone of those ads promoting sites as above stated, you as member, has to show their ads on your blog that will help you to earn. Whatever ads display on your site shall not be clicked by you or other known person from you. The ads will help other online visitors who uses your article based on their search via search engine and get reasonable ads clicks on it matching advertiser’s and ads company’s interest.

There are many members who earn a lot just by becoming ads site (Amazon, Google adsense and Kontera etc.) member and let some unknown visitor to visit their site toward their quality article where they use genuine clicks just by their genuine interest on relevant posts.

Tips to earn money online – Do’s and Don’ts

There are few sites like those paying you “per view” plans but it is useless. It is always better for you to post quality article concentrating SEO and good keywords per subject title and summary in your blog or any reputed site where adsense revenue sharing exists. Once you post quality articles adhering copyrights condition, you will automatically get traffic on your blog.

Quality posts mean quality traffic, you will get few genuine ads click from those quality traffic. Thus possible for getting good revenue from those genuine ads click that is very important. There are many choices for you to increase online traffic to your blog, other than SEO and keywords, one of the best idea to promote your blog is just by posting relevant articles URL in various social networking sites like Google plus, Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Digg and other few.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Google Page Rank achievement with SEO and Keywords

Are you looking for some different SEO and Keywords related articles or sites to improve your article contents which lead to success? Then you may go with this article where you can find some guidance on SEO and Keywords achievements. As you may be are aware that there are huge competition across globe in growing internet market across various region and between various sites. Thus, search engine required with various parameters in order to provide better search results for the online visitor based on their algorithms search toward quality articles.

The following site was born very recently and promoted to Google Page Rank 3 just in few weeks, it is not the matter of a time to become Google Page Rank 3 but site contents with quality posts are very important Google PR 3 sites (Thoughts from Geeks). I would recommend you to follow the guideline from this site how Webmaster has given in order to achieve Google Page Rank 3 and more.

If you would like to succeed from the beginning itself on your article writing with good content which has to be with some good Keywords and Search Engine Optimization. Then you have to plan it accordingly, once you have planned it well, then you have to draft an article accordingly. What one has to consider when he / she write an article? The question is nothing but just to improve your own tag on writing that might help others upon search. You have to select nice titles, timing, summary, few paragraphs with relevant keywords and SEO in it. Approximately 500 to 750 words will be worth on any topic or subject to fulfill the quality demand Google Page Rank 3 guidelines.

The more you write the more you learn and earn. It doesn’t mean you just write as many as articles online to dump for something to earn but it should match the articles’ standard with the above-mentioned few tips highlighted. The main conclusion from this message is Webmaster or Author has to write unique and quality content. Don’t be over smart to just push the article online for search engine recognize or don’t violate Search Engine Optimization and Keyword usage. PR3

Monday, December 12, 2011

Keywords and Search Engine Optimization analyzing

About Keywords and SEO

We have seen various articles online, there are plenty of good and quality articles online, at the same time there are many articles with poor quality or less content articles, or lack of quality and lack of good keywords with poor search engine optimization in their articles. There is also few articles lack with title and short summary which is useless for online visitors as it might explains the online visitors’ correct search for few keywords and SEO but visitors may feel that they have reached it in wrong place or wrong articles, thus, visitors won’t stay on those articles for a long duration as they needed it.

Most of them may aware that consistency in contributing or posting an article may help them out for rich traffic and possible for search engine identification or search engine indexing their article, however, consistency contribution of an article is not only enough if it is poor draft without relevant keyword, poor quality in draft and lack of SEO.

The important one is, your content speaks with search engine, which helps online seekers for required amount of good and relevant contents. Another one is, sometime luck too helps you a lot in this case, it doesn’t mean your content has to be luck but it has to be its own. Keyword usage should be as same as the way that online visitors’ used to type or enter words upon they search in any search engine. For example as below;

If you would like someone to use search engine for search by typing as ‘Hotels and Resorts in California, USA” – then the article you post related to business directory of USA, must be using the same keywords in it, keywords must be Hotels and resorts in California, USA, this keywords will help for the one who search by typing in search engine as above said keywords that index your business directory articles. There are plenty of same keywords might be used by many online authors who wrote the business directory of USA, but search engine will identify all those relevant keywords based on seniority posts, based on quality posts, based on author’s reputation with search engine organization etc.

If you use any keywords, remember to use the same keywords maximum for three times and do not use repeating keywords more than thrice, as search in engine upon crawling might consider them as keyword SPAM. Whenever you use the keywords thrice – they must be natural made sentence, and it shouldn’t be as cheating for search engine index.

The below are the very few keywords that generally online visitors used to type in search engine to get the information, if you use them or related keyword type in your article, it will help online visitor to get help from it and in turn keywords and SEO help your article to increase potential traffic.

The best hospitals in the USA
The best laptops detail
Tips for summer
Tips for earning money online
Cheap and best mobile in the USA
Best tourist place in India
How to become success in life
How to earn money from Google adsense
The best tablets in India
Tips for diabetes
The best place to visit in Europe
About Shenzhen visa
How to proceed for USA visa
Cheap and best hotels in Europe
The best hotels in Asia
How to reach Mount Everest
How to learn HTML
How to learn Java
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Google adsense account opening process and earning from adsense

There are millions of Google adsense members are earning potential revenue from Google adsense process. There are few thousands of Google advertisers exists across globe who are a part of Google to promote their company and ads on any region with relevant articles from Google publisher.

Now, we can understand that there are three different sections in this process that plays major role for outstanding web operation for each other’s benefit. What are these three roles?

First one is Google who operate this and update time to time procedure and guideline adhering each countries rules and regulation.

Second one is Google Advertisers who become its member and uses Google channel to publish their ads, example Google channel is like Google Adwords that helps advertiser to use it.

Third one is Google Publishers who become member its member and uses their article to publish where the site or blog is already associated or about to associate with Google to get advertise on their article to earn it in a genuine process via online visitors favor on those ads.

You will get various question on this process, few of them listed here to know simple question for beginner and even for expert in this area.

What is Google adsense?
How to get approved Google adsense account?
How to earn from Google adsense?
How to become Google advertiser?
How to become Google publisher?
What is Google Adwords?
What is Page Optimization?
What is Search Engine Optimization?
What is organic visitors to the website?
What is most important for the success of your website?
How to get organic visitors to your website?
How various search engines helps to your site?

You will get the answer soon for these questions from this blog, however, you might have known about those topics early, anyhow, you can get these detail article here very soon. Time being, you can go through the below link’s each Google related articles where you can get an idea about the above subject question mentioned articles to get an ideas.

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