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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winning Five Crores from a Lottery

A poor man cum farmer hardly used to earn Rs 300 daily wages and he run family as such, sometime poor man’s poor wife will help him for daily wages from agricultural or farm work when poor man fell sick. The honest, simplicity and hard works helped to run their family in a small hut with three kids and their study in a Government Schools beside. The poor man hardly sees the big amount in his life.

Sometime out of his curiosity and naturally, he used to dream for wealth too and but have no straight resource to earn big amount from zero or little investment from his own talent. He killed his many wishes as such and unable to fulfill his poor wife’s and kids’ wishes too but run family and life peacefully and smoothly with bonds of love and affection among all including nearby people.

The poor man been to nearby city, bought some items for his family members and he spent for him only to buy a big amount lottery ticket and bus fare than nothing else as usual, he returned to home with empty stomach and it is normal one for him. 

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