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Monday, July 28, 2014

Eid Mubarak 2014 Eid ul-Fitr

In most of the Asian countries other than most of the Gulf region, Ramzan Eid festival is going to celebrate on 29th July 2014 / Tuesday. However, most of the Gulf countries celebrated Ramzan Eid festival today dated 28th July 2014 / Monday. Such differences usually taking place due to lunar calendar, subject to moon sight in different region with different day / time etc. Ramzan is the name and the 9th month of Islamic calendar and Shawwal is the name and the 10th month of Islamic calendar.

After 29 days of fasting, Muslim worldwide celebrating 2014 Eid ul-Fitr / Eid Mubarak with their near and dear on this auspicious day. This fasting is a kind of obligation which most of the Prophets used to do in their tenure and asked their follower to do the same, though there are many health benefits on fasting, Muslims however does fasting per commandment and obligation. Each healthy Muslims who are 7 years old and above has to be followed the fasting, the obligation is for all whether they rich or poor, male or female and old or young. Fasting has to be commenced when the sight of the moon begin in the 9th month of the Islamic calender and the fasting has to be ended when the sight of the moon begin at the 10th month of the Islamic calender. Since it is depend on moon sight, sometime Ramzan fasting will be for 29 days or 30 days, it is subject to the moon sight, verification and official announcement from relevant authority.

Each day fasting will begin before Sunrise and it will complete when or after Sunset of the day, as such it will go either 29 or 30 days in the month of Ramzan every year. The one who fast shall not drink or eat or do related items in this timings, the time may take from 12 hours to 18 hours of fasting and it is subject to region and their timings along with sunrise / sunset etc.

This Ramzan month specially let realize to the individual about other poor people across the world who suffered or used to suffer often with no food or water or ill-economy etc. Islam religion and its followers are specially consider this month is for poor and needy along with adhering obligations. The one who is fasting has to pray additionally as compulsorily other than regular prayers, they have to do zikr or remembrance of God in every second, must be polite and humble, obey the obligation without fail, be patient, help needy, give alms / charity, maintain peace and so on.

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