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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Thanks to Delhi Metro Authorities

My friends were on a fun plus business trip to Delhi from Bangalore, it was just few months back. They were on just fun and casual (trip mood than business aside) from Bangalore Airport to New Delhi. 

They got a cab till the Aerocity to get the Metro to roam in Delhi once they landed in Delhi.They got down at Rajiv chowk from Metro and few minutes later one of them realized that he missed his laptop bag from the Metro train which the train just left and the laptop cost around Rs 40K and the data for client might be around or more than one lakh worth.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Aaj jawani par tirane wale Kal pachh tayega

This is one of the best Qawwali or lyrics I came across in my life which can be reality for many, yes, for many. It is of course a bitter truth of life. Read this lyrics to get some points from this Aziz Naza's Qawwali to know the life and truth.

Huye naamvar...Be-nishaan kaise kaise...

Zameen kha gayi...Naujawan kaise kaise...

Aaj jawani par tirane wale Kal pachtayega...Aaj jawani par tiranewale Kal pachtayega

Chadhta suraj dheere dheere...Dhalta hain dhal jayega
Chadhta suraj dheere dheere...Dhalta hain dhal jayega
Dhal jayega dhal jayega...

Tu yaha musafir hain...Yeh sarai-e pani hain
Chaar roz ki mehman...Teri zindagani hain
zan zameen zar zevar...Kuchh naa sath aayega
Khali hath aaya hain...Khali hath jayega

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Human’s ignorance for a right track and judgment

Other than the ego, evil act and selfishness, the biggest enemy of human is the ignorance of oneself on a right track, whose ignorance toward a truth searching leads him / her to intolerance, whose intolerance and untruth actions destroy the true image of himself / herself. And, when the people look at him / her, they think that he / she is what he / she is actual. A wrong image and status than a right one, supposed to be.

Another example is, as says, coin has two sides, and no one value for it if the coin has just one side and other side is just blank or scrap or a different than usual one supposed to be. Likewise, every factual matters or incident has two different sides. It is a childish or immature one if a person just decide on the factor that one sided, speaks and judge accordingly.

The person himself / herself misjudged or cheated on own first. Which in turn, the result will come out at a later stage where his / her judging, decision, and statement may go completely flaw. The final result on factual matter might result differently and possible for tear his / her own image at a later stage for sure.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bitter Truth – Life

Today’s sunrise may set soon and today’s young chap become an old one soon.

Unknown or unidentified or untraceable whereabouts those Kings or dynasty or celebrities or famous personalities who were once popular, and died. Death eaten them and become lesser than a dust to remember them regardless of their young, strong, rich and popular etc. One can hardly remember them once in a while or rare or never.

Today’s youth may become an old soon, today’s sunrise may set soon, and it is all nature and one can’t stop it. Humans’ are travelers (on the earth), walking toward a water bridge, our life is all about few days. Health, wealth, earth, flirt won’t come along with us (with each individual) when they die since they came empty hand and will go likewise.

Don’t be ignorant knowingly and don’t build the house just in a water. You have already been lost in this world without knowing the reality and forgot the sender. We have so far seen the lost only for the one who gain. And cry the person who knows all about the reality of the life journey and the world.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Reality - Part-1

A person was going to Chennai from Bangalore and got his seat in one of the public travel bus wherein that bus seats were slowly filling up. He had to go to Chennai just to meet his friend who helped him countless occasions; this was his main purpose to travel. He found another person was already sitting in the window seat and this guy happy to get the seat next to him and that too without any reservation, he also felt comfortable after reaching and catching the bus and its process along with little tiredness. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

King Solomon (Prophet) and His Diamond Gift to a Poor

King Solomon was considered as one of the best Prophet (though all Prophets are the best and has unique character/history with excellence toward worshiping God alone). He was a famous King, Rich, Better in Judge, Human being and so on. Once, he and parade moving toward one place to another place where he has to pass by the Forest. King Solomon observed that a poor old man was alone in the forest and cutting the tree. King Solomon stopped and asked that poor man about his health and wealth, poor man replied the reality of his life as he has to cut the tree and sell it to get some penny/money to run his family. King Solomon want this old poor man to become wealthy and healthy without working hard as such in that age and situation, thus he gave him a Diamond to poor man and asked him to use it for poor man's betterment of the life.

The poor old man was very happy as he got a big gift of priceless Diamond that too from King Solomon, he thanked him and both moved in their own direction. The poor man was so quick and hurry toward his dwell to share this news with their near and dear carrying Diamond, he saw it and its shining often and enjoy it on the way to home. It was his unfortunate that an Eagle came toward him and grab his Diamond within few seconds or in a glance, he was very much upset and reached to his home with empty hand with this bad news. All near and dear made comfort him with good words and asked him to come out from this incident to move ahead, he was about to forgot it in a day or two though little indigestible.

The poor old man again started his wood cutting business in the forest in his old age without any tense as usual, after few days, King Solomon - upon returning observed the same poor man with the same old practice despite presenting wealthy Diamond to change his lifestyle. Prophet Solomon stopped near him and asked him about the earlier story, the old man sadly stated the reason what had happened with him through an Eagle for Diamond. Now, King Solomon was empathy more than before and presented one more Diamond to this poor man to live and settle well. The poor old man thanked him and received the Gift with very pleased and returned to home to share this news, this is indeed a second chance and life who can forgot it.

The poor man was very thirsty on the way to home and he saw a river where he could consume little natural water to clear his thirstiness and move ahead, he then approached to river and drunk reasonable water and in a glance he observed that his Diamond felt down in the river. Oh God, what shall I do, do I need to felt down in the river too? He was sad and sitting over there for a while then returned to home again with this sorrow news, almost all kids and his wife advised him for peace, patient and forget it once again - they advised him that it could be for another good reason in their life though they are poor - it could be destined too. 

However, he once again recovered from this bad incident and went to forest for his usual business. The days were going on and his health become even worsen and weak, he still doesn't give up for his labor and run his family with happiness among near and dear - this is live example for everyone nowadays. One fine day, King Solomon was going with his parade near that place and observed him once again with the same wood cutting business. King stopped over there and asked him once again what-about and whereabouts etc? The poor man then replied what had happened to him near the river for Diamond. King Solomon just listened him with patient and about to talk to him with polite manner.

Now the statement given by the King Solomon should be remembered by every human on the earth. Yes, what he said to that poor man? "I wish to give you (poor man) a Diamond to make you (poor man) wealthy and healthy in this old age for future betterment and you (poor man) also wish to accept it, but no idea what is the wish of the Almighty God on this", however, King Solomon hand overed him one more (third time) Diamond to a poor and said that this time Almighty God shall agree on this and make this poor wealthy, enjoyable, peaceful and relax-able plus purchase what he desired. King then moved to his way and poor man happily reached to his dwell with this great news to share with near and dear, he shown it to his family members and afterward he then sold his Diamond and bought almost all convenient for his life.

The Poor man bought farm, agricultural land and estate etc. he spent life happily with his kid and wife as wished by King Solomon and now God Almighty wishes together, there was a test from God for all including King Solomon, Poor man and all human being who are about to hear/read this story. In continuous with this reality, once kids of poor man played in the farmland and about to clean the dirtiness nearby thus planned to clean it. Kids called poor man (father) and said that this dirt is something different and shining, poor man recognize that this is the first Diamond where he lost against Eagle and found it in his farm together with Eagle's dirt/shit - Poor man and his family become more happiness on this Diamond and become even more richer that before.

Now the turn is for food and kids desire on the menu for the day, kids said to his father (poor man) that we haven't had Seafood for a long time, thus today we shall have seafood or fish or crab and so on. He agreed, poor man ordered and brought Fishes and other seafood from the market, now the kids who sliced the fish to cook observed that there is one more Diamond in that big fish stomach. The family members of the poor man really surprised on this great historical news and became more richer condition than past, they all thanked King Solomon and Almighty God on this and lived happily for many decades.

Reality is, King Solomon was very kind and helpful to poor and almost all poor during his tenure liked him than King David (Prophet and his father), he used to fulfill poor's need per age, requirement, judge and likewise.

Moral of the real story is: Though little late than never - Almighty God wishes this poor man to give three Diamonds than only one Diamond from King Solomon. If you are destined then you will definitely get at any case, or nothing.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rembrandt van Rijn was honored by Google

One of the famous personality from Dutch Rembrandt van Rijn marked the 407th anniversary by Google. Rembrandt van Rijn was a Dutch Painter and his contribution is noteworthy on contribution for European Art History. He born on 15th July 1606 in Netherlands and died on 4th Oct 1669 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

His full name is Rembrant Harmenszoon van Rijn, who was master painter and etcher. He have done some of the popular artwork like The Night Watch, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulip and Danae etc. to note down. He have done quality description between life and Art through his Paint.

The basic interest of Paint and Art is common among people, he have done outstanding and serious profession on Art and Life through greatest paint work in his career. Google Doodle honored him on his 407th anniversary. He is one of the example for Art and Paint work.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to create free blog and how to become blogger

Most of them are aware how to create free blog without involving any kind of financial investment except writing good articles and allotting time for it. Some of them also aware how to become blogger, but many of them used to ask offline and online Q&A or in Forum thread that 'how to create free blog', another similar question is 'how to become blogger' or 'how to earn money from blog' etc.? Though some of them knew about it and have answer about it but still many doesn't know and they are interested to learn and earn by creating blog and becoming blogger.

No one in the world that already learnt then born, but vice-versa. It applies even to blogging life, to create free blog you have to find guideline from your friend or relatives or online friend or online search, in turn you will get however answer for it. To create free blog you just need to go some big site like or where you can get an option to create free blog. There are many websites that let you to create free blog and earn money but the above one are standard and dependable for a long period without involving domain charges nor web-hosting fee etc.

Now, the work is not finished once you created free blog but you have just begun or stepped-in in bloggers world. You can share your knowledge or expertise from your each post at your blog that can be helpful to many online visitors, let's say that you are expert in Aeronautical field then you can write something about it one by one which could help many online visitors who search related to Aeronautical subject or unknown visitors can learn about it. The way you present the quality article will always speaks and possible for many benefits to you and online visitors. By posting many articles related to different topic or subject can make you as blogger, you need regular contribution on your blog to find many successes in bloggers' world.

If you would like to know how to create free blog and earn money from blog, then kindly visit the link give over here.

Monday, April 8, 2013

IBPS Clerk Exam 2013-14 Syllabus and its Pattern detail

Are you looking for IBPS Clerk Exam 2013-14 Syllabus and its pattern, then you can get some information from this blog about IBPS 2013-14. Kindly go through this article to know something about IBPS Clerk Exam 2013-14 Syllabus and its pattern to prepare yourself. 

As we are aware that Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) conducts every year online test for Clerk, PO, Specialist officer and other position in the respective bank as an entry level. You can get here IBPS clerk exam syllabus for the year 2013-14 with required updated information.

Looking for job in Banking is become worthy nowadays and for that we have to complete our Graduate and go through IBPS Clerk exam to be eligible for further screening and claiming jobs in respective banks, otherwise hard to enter into Indian nationalized bank. As of today, there are Nineteen (19) national banks all over India that hires applicant for Clerical positions on the basis of IBPS Clerk Exam.

IBPS Clerk Written Exam Syllabus & pattern for the year 2013-14

There are five sections for IBPS Exam syllabus as follow;

English language
Numerical ability
General awareness
Computer knowledge

The above five sections contain 50 questions each and have to answer for all, you will get 1 mark for each answer. Total 250 questions to be answered and the total marks would be 250 for IBPS Clerk Written exam.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Seven Sisters in Seven different routes of their life

Long long ago, there was a story of Seven sisters and story used to begin as such....(I am not going to write recent past reality in that way).

Now, the fact related to title is - there are few family in India that have Seven sisters/daughters and they don't have any brother but may be in far relation. Most of the seven sisters real story is like their father (regardless of religion) would have worked hard, and God would have given him strength to overcome from his responsibility to settle all seven daughters life from their childhood to married life and so on.

Here, I am going to tell you one of the seven sisters' real story in short. I am going to write complete detail about them later. The life of the seven sisters were going on with fun-filled, one sudden day, seven sisters father passed away and at that time last sister's age was about 7 years old. Now, the question raised is how their life moved from natural issue after their father's death. Deceased daughter's father luckily had some reasonable business (with one more sleeping partner though no benefit for their family business from sleeping partner in anyway) to earn money to run their life in the city, at the same time one more plus point for them was the first sister/daughter got married and her husband was working abroad. First son in-law came to know about death little late though he arrived India and took responsibility of his father in law's business.

First son-in law was having no connection or knowledge about father in law's business but this young energetic and smart son-in law took responsible with adding his abroad settlement fund too as one of the partner. The business was going well and they came out from some sad part of life, these sisters uncle or relatives hardly helped them out in such circumstance than just visiting and giving some suggestion. Smart son-in law worked hard honestly and took responsible for three sisters in-law's married within 10 years till another scenario falls in around 15 years gap. Smart or First son in-law have no kids for around twelve (12) years, later a sweet daughter/rose born for him, following that - within or less than two years - he and his daughter was unfortunate that both of them lost wife/mom. Since first son in-law's wife passed away and he have got less than 2 years old daughter alone, he and his daughters have to leave the mother in law's home / business for his personal life to continue (as there were no other decision though got various options) - though there were human being activities among them.

Seven sisters family or their mother not discussed with elders or uncles for further prospects of all daughters future and family matters for a right direction - here again hidden big tragedy starts for seven members family. By this time (first son in-law's wife death and leaving home / business), there were already four son in-laws including him - seven sisters' mother took unwise decision and given responsible to politician speech son in-law (third son in-law) instead of second son in-law though second son in-law didn't have any political act than working hard, straight forward, earning money through his routine business, little innocent, dependable and good faith character.

Now, after very few years - they talk came about fifth and sixth daughters married - the marriages were happened in a short time with the help of their father's hard earned money balance and business settlement in the recent past also little bit fund from current business investment with third son in-law. By taking business and marriage responsibility with show off - the third son in-law got good name and faith among society within few years with gimmick. Here again, left one more (seventh) daughter to get married after few years gap. The third son in-law brain washed internally within family members (seven sisters) saying that "their father's valuable property should transfer to their mother's name or else father's relatives may claim the property rights". On the other hand, he brain washed to his mother in-law saying the "above stated reason and need some more investment for widening business plus last daughter's/sister's marriage expenses to do in a grand manner.

These innocent sisters without consulting their husband or relatives or friends - executed "Released deed" without knowing its terms assuming the name of "Transfer to mother" without reading it in good faith from the property title thinking that it is going to mother's name and naturally mother will do justice in the future to give their share equally to their daughters. They have afterward not told anyone about it since they have thought that it is in mother's name and her property only.

They (six sisters) even doesn't know or no idea for number of years that property have already transferred (as Gift deed) to their third sister in a smart cheating way through politician speech son in-law and kept property paper in one of the reputed bank, claimed loan for more than 50% of the property value and enjoyed alone already by third sister except very less percentage cash given to uneducated their mother to keep her in control as per their choice.

Be very careful always not only seven sisters but all.

Real story will be continued...

Your comments are Welcome.

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