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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jaguar vs Crocodile attack - awesome video clips

There are thousands of natural creations, many of them are hidden and some of them visible for human or each other creations. Though some of them are very far from civilizations but still some can approach to identify far species act in remote places. Yes, under the sea creations or deep forest creations are unique and adventure to be there and enjoy some unique experience with lot of thrilling on the way to meet those creations to get some snap.

Here, you can watch some different video clips of Jaguar vs Crocodile attack from YouTube and Yahoo clips which can make you feel like suspense and thrill result. Both (Jaguar and Crocodile) are dangerous species and powered with their jaws / teeth to catch, kill or fight dangerously. Here you can enjoy the video clips of these two creations and unique turning point among them - the video might have been taken during 2013.

One of the best video clip I have ever seen, that is the attack of Crocodile vs Jaguar - passing crocodile bank and river taking risk and dragging it back - oh. Here you go for it (Jaguar vs Crocodile) fight / attack.

You can also watch the same video from YouTube. Courtesy: YouTube / Yahoo.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Far to come close to someone We Love

To "Go further to come closer", A man asked God, why girls are cute and sweet but wife is an angry personality?

God simply replied as;

I created cute Girls and you made one of them as Wife, that is your problem. That much closer we can :) 

This short article is written for Indiblogger's contest on How far would you go to get closer to someone you love?

Please visit official website of British Airways for more detail.

Wish you all the best for other participants.

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