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Monday, December 25, 2017

How to save a life - Swimming Story

A Doctor entered in the boat to travel and reach the far island. An Engineer also entered it followed by. There were very few people or traveler who came to the boat for the same reason. The wait is over and the boatman has to drive it from one place to the other island through the usual way.

The uneducated and poor boatman knows only how to drive it from one place to the other and earn few amounts daily from the travelers on this natural travel. The boat was reasonable with motor drive for a long distance.

The story in the sea:

A Doctor was looking at the scene around upon boat running and interested to know more about the atmosphere. Thus, he approached the boatman to know the safety precaution etc. he then explained about life jacket and all. 

He enquired extra about it. In that situation, the engineer also came in and interested to enquire a bit about design of the boat and maintenance etc. there is a reason naturally.

The boatman patiently replied for everything they asked for while driving even by attentive on his driving beside though it was like a humor around. The climate slowly changed after an hour. 

Just for a fun, the Doctor asked the boatman about his education. He replied, neither been to school nor studied. Doctor replied as, 'you wasted your one fourth life'.

The Engineer asked the next, any trade education?, the boatman replied, no. Engineer replied as, 'you wasted your half life'.

The boatman kept silent on these questions and weather changes from good to very bad at the moment, which boat can be in trouble or drown anytime soon. 

The boatman then asked these two (Doctor and Engineer by profession) whether they know how to swim? They said no. But boatman knows it and can face the drown and get a second chance in case.

The boatman replied to them, 'both of you wasted your whole life now'. 

Tips: Learning swimming is not very important but important to fight with water or nature sometime to save yourself.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Thanks to Delhi Metro Authorities

My friends were on a fun plus business trip to Delhi from Bangalore, it was just few months back. They were on just fun and casual (trip mood than business aside) from Bangalore Airport to New Delhi. 

They got a cab till the Aerocity to get the Metro to roam in Delhi once they landed in Delhi.They got down at Rajiv chowk from Metro and few minutes later one of them realized that he missed his laptop bag from the Metro train which the train just left and the laptop cost around Rs 40K and the data for client might be around or more than one lakh worth.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Aaj jawani par tirane wale Kal pachh tayega

This is one of the best Qawwali or lyrics I came across in my life which can be reality for many, yes, for many. It is of course a bitter truth of life. Read this lyrics to get some points from this Aziz Naza's Qawwali to know the life and truth.

Huye naamvar...Be-nishaan kaise kaise...

Zameen kha gayi...Naujawan kaise kaise...

Aaj jawani par tirane wale Kal pachtayega...Aaj jawani par tiranewale Kal pachtayega

Chadhta suraj dheere dheere...Dhalta hain dhal jayega
Chadhta suraj dheere dheere...Dhalta hain dhal jayega
Dhal jayega dhal jayega...

Tu yaha musafir hain...Yeh sarai-e pani hain
Chaar roz ki mehman...Teri zindagani hain
zan zameen zar zevar...Kuchh naa sath aayega
Khali hath aaya hain...Khali hath jayega

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Different status from unknown to known

After a long time, I got an opportunity to blog / write, especially on Sunday. I will pen down sorry type down for one of the stories among many in my mind. So, here you go for one of them right now.

Long ago, a boy was doing timber business and unable to control the workflow, he added the workers but still not enough for its operation despite business and revenue were increasing. He found an old man who was a stranger in his area, used to often approach this young man and asking for a labor job for daily bread and shelter. This young gentleman didn’t agree him immediately, and after few days this young man accepted him to join in his business for routine labor work.

This gentleman was somewhat angry person since he was a young blood too. Sometime it is unavoidable that he used to shout this old man for doing some silly mistakes in his routine work. Sometime he used to ignore and control this old man’s mistake and sometime not. Never mind about human being. The days were going on like this and the young man used to pay him daily wages for his labor work.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Youngistan Performance

After a month of medical leave post minor accident, Babu went to his office where everybody warmly greets and wished him for a speedy recovery. He was called by DGM at his office and Babu went to meet him before starting his duty for the day.

The DGM asked him what about and where about etc. to Babu on recent incident since DGM just came from a foreign business trip of a month and unable to reach Babu’s home or hospital on-time to know further detail. He told him so and so incident and came out from his office to perform his duty. Almost many colleagues came to ask about him when he was in the hospital / home. There were only few colleagues who were unable to reach either hospital or office due to various official trip reasons etc.

Whatsoever, during the medical leave, no one disturbed Babu and he was working from home for the last two weeks and so (as first two weeks were just relaxing without any work due to health issue), he has to do work for some important reason which he only can do it even though in such a situation. At the same time, he was unable to talk with anybody except email communication or max SMS, at that time. Whatever he did from home that brought many different level of success which makes surprises to many.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Life is Fantastico - King, poor man and dynasty

There was a King who used to always love one of his fantastico assistant than any other ministers or even his sons or daughters in his palace. He used to call this simple gentleman for every other assistants. It was looking like that without him the King was handicapped for the day.  Most of them felt strange against that a simple man who was attracted by King and his majesty. This simple and poor man was joined the dynasty just five years back only whereas other ministers and even well known people including his sons were with the King since many decades.

The dynasty was a strange place at that time, the atmosphere changed little bit and overall this poor man become one of the hero over there. The King personally happy with the poor man and he used to take him along whenever there was a war or any important occasion to go.

Again, the people, the close relatives and even the ministers felt so strange and almost all of them wanted to finally ask King about this fantastico gentleman. So, the time came and then finally the question again raised by few ministers on some occasion about this poor man’s behavior and attraction. King smiled as usual and said to them that he will tell about it soon. Again, King’s close relatives raised the same question about this poor gentleman, King smiled again as usual and said to them that he will tell about it very soon.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Human’s ignorance for a right track and judgment

Other than the ego, evil act and selfishness, the biggest enemy of human is the ignorance of oneself on a right track, whose ignorance toward a truth searching leads him / her to intolerance, whose intolerance and untruth actions destroy the true image of himself / herself. And, when the people look at him / her, they think that he / she is what he / she is actual. A wrong image and status than a right one, supposed to be.

Another example is, as says, coin has two sides, and no one value for it if the coin has just one side and other side is just blank or scrap or a different than usual one supposed to be. Likewise, every factual matters or incident has two different sides. It is a childish or immature one if a person just decide on the factor that one sided, speaks and judge accordingly.

The person himself / herself misjudged or cheated on own first. Which in turn, the result will come out at a later stage where his / her judging, decision, and statement may go completely flaw. The final result on factual matter might result differently and possible for tear his / her own image at a later stage for sure.

Monday, September 7, 2015

King Solomon and largest live creation on the earth

Once King Solomon (Prophet / son of David (Prophet)) asked almighty about the largest ‘live’ creation on the earth leaving normal largest creation such as the land, stone and water. The almighty replied him by saying largest living creation is inside the sea. Since King Solomon was given a special power and able to control the air, rain, communicate or talks with birds, talks with animal, talks with Genie (Jinn) and so on with so talented and knowledge blessed by God, thus, he was planned to go to sea to find the largest creation on the earth, as said by almighty. 

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