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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Aasmaan se gira aur Khajoor pe atkaa

There is a famous proverb in Urdu / Hindi  which says "Aasmaan se gira aur Khajoor pe latkaa" and sometime similar situation happens with anyone at any occasion. The question is, if it is minor one for matching this proverb then no issue but in case if it is a major one then this proverb let us stick in our mind for a long time along with that incident. So, check the below detail to know one of the major incident happened almost matching the proverb.

A young man accidentally felt down from the sixth floor and got no injured and survived miraculously, this news was spread nearby areas like a breaking news or hot topic. He was just shocked for few hours and relaxing at home where many near and dear visited him to see his well-being. He was diverted his attention from this incident on visitors chatting, however it is hard to just ignore the incident for few hours or days since many will ask about it often, so one has to recall it again though it is bitter experience. 

However, his friends came in and was talking about the incident and other matters, the friendship chat was going on. At the end, one of his friend asked him for sweet on this good news (survived news) so this young man said he will go to the sweet shop which is opposite to his home and bring famous sweets for them. When he moved and walked from home to shop, there was a wet (washed) slippery carpet in the street which he ignored and kept his leg, slept and felt down which cause him to get head injured and immediate death.

He escaped from big tragedy just few hours ago and now he stuck in big simply. Though it is sadden one but it happens sometime and matching this proverb as well. Take care :).

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beautiful daughter of Goldsmith - Searching...

You would have come across this story in any form, however I would like to blogging here to let you remind once again if you have come across or read as a new one if you haven't come across. Doesn't matter, the story is really interesting.

A young King along with his soldiers went to a river to swim and enjoy the day, there was already a group of girls were enjoying the swimming. These girls came out of the water once they heard the voice of battalion, one of the girls was so beautiful and King liked her and the group of girls moved from there immediately. King and soldiers enjoyed the swimming and King was just thinking about her even when he reached the palace too. He almost fall in love with her in a glance and unable to see her afterward, he always thinking about her and forgot his duty often.  At night, King didn’t sleep at all just by thinking her and remembering her face and walk.

In the morning, he ordered soldiers to investigate about her detail. Soldiers returned with her address and she was the daughter of famous Goldsmith in nearby area. King ordered soldiers to invite Goldsmith at palace, but Goldsmith never came to the palace even after four days over. King again ordered soldiers to invite him, again Goldsmith never came to palace even after eight days over.

King ordered soldiers to arrest Goldsmith and sent soldiers to Goldsmith place, they found that Goldsmith house was locked. King again ordered soldiers to search them whereabouts, they searched everywhere but found them not.  Now, they planned differently with some reward, the one who trace them out will be rewarded with 1kg Gold. The days gone, many searched about them, but Goldsmith and his daughter never found even after ten days over. They planned differently this time; they announced that the one who is helping Goldsmith family will be hanged to death, again, Goldsmith family unable to find after many efforts and even one month passed once again by just searching them. Now, King directly announced the entire regime and they will get punish if they don’t help or find Goldsmith family, still unable to trace them out as month passed.

King once again asked helps with other regime’s Kings to find them whereabouts but still not able to get them out. Now, King depressed and felt alone with his love, he slept just due to few days sleepless night and tired at the same time he saw a dream where he is going to the same river and then suddenly he woke up from the dream and ran to the same river at the night time and waited for whole day to come to see the opportunity for her face. No positive result.

Now, King planned to meet famous Baba at the region so he along with soldiers reached Baba, he heard the story of King then Baba directed to a place and hut which was near to that river. Now, King happy to know the location and reach that hut near the river. He saw a girl accompanying an old man in that hut but King disappointed due to that ugly face girl and she was not the one that already seen or dreamt girl, still unable to find Goldsmith and his beautiful girl. The way King story going was filled with sad and strange, now King finally boycott soldiers for this task and hand over it to CBI (Spy team).

But still unable to find Goldsmith even after few months passed, King become more sadden.

Finally, King story, soldier story, his regime story, other regime King story, reward story, CBI story for searching on Goldsmith and his daughter were going just like wasting precious time on reading this article / blog by you where there is no link to you.

Don’t laugh it, the same thing happened to me as well when I experienced as you did now. You can take revenge for it if you say this story to any near and dear, specially to your close friend, dear reader.

However, please let me know if you find Goldsmith and his daughter. She is really beautiful.

Friday, December 20, 2013

During Prophet Moses - Golden bricks, it happened

There was a religious Saint during Prophet Moses, the Saint was going toward a valley along with his three followers. The Saint taught good and bad deeds plus do's and dont's to this three followers as they were very much behind the worldly wishes than they supposed to be, they were even mischievous often which gives toughest time to the Saint to control and teach them.

These four peoples were going in the deep forest and found that two golden bricks on the way, Saint advised them not to touch those gold bricks and move ahead with ignoring those stuff. They were going few hundred meters from that spot and realized this three followers that Saint is doing too much of ignoring valuable gold bricks and Saint have no common-sense on it to use them effectively.

These three people tried to escape from Saint on the way to their destination and smartly escaped to grab those two golden bricks. Now, they reached the location and found the two golden bricks safely and question arises as they are three but golden bricks are just two, how to share it between them? Devil intention unnecessarily started among this three in this stage, two bricks for two and one should be ignored or two bricks for only one. How to solve and how to enjoy it? How, kill one or two or throw somewhere, all three thought as such. 

One of them said that they all are hungry and they should wait on the same spot and one shall go to bring food items, after having food can decide what shall we do on this two bricks for three - a kind of 'Divide and Rule' policy slowly started. A person agreed and went out of the forest to bring some food and he decided to put poison on that food to kill these two who are in the forest as safeguard for the golden bricks. The other two thoughts to kill the person who is about to bring food after post lunch, to share it equally.

These two got angry on the person who is about to bring food and its delay (may be complained to authority) to give it back to right person or government etc. One among two consulted and went to hit or kill the person who is about to bring food, he met that person near the border of the forest and fought for the delay on bringing food and finally argument was heavily taken place and a person (carrying food) was killed by another. Planning success and intention went wrong again, now these two met each other near the golden bricks spot and having said that they are going to take each one of the bricks post lunch. 

They were enjoying the lunch as they were hungry for a long, they died post lunch as the food was having poison mixed. All three dead, the Saint observed three dead body lies in a different location while returning from the forest except golden bricks remain same on the forest. The Saint was perfectly right while he advised them in the initial stage itself to ignore golden bricks. Human life and good intention is more important than golden bricks or any valuables (human life is more valuable than any other precious belongings), this three gone within few hours but golden bricks still live on the same spot to kill other similar human being, and the Saint is very safe on this.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ten Commandments to select the right candidate thru Apps

I would inspire and mobilize India’s youth to select the best candidate by using voting rights during Indian General Election 2014 thru using social mobile apps as follow.

Social mobile apps will have various parameters prior to choosing their choice of candidate, thus I will create an apps (for WeChat) with various simple parameters to understand by common public in a simple way about their region’s each candidate’s earlier / current performance to go through, read, analyze and decide on own prior to selecting the right candidate.

The apps will have the following options to go through prior to selecting the right candidate for General Election 2014. Ten Commandments to select the right candidate in a region.

History of each party from 1947 to date
Achievement of each party from 1947 to date
Achievement of each candidate to date
Corruption of each party from 1947 to date
Corruption of each candidate to date
History / Qualification of each candidate from 1947 to date
History of each area (city and village) and their progress from 1947 to date
History of communal violence from each state to date
History of economy and bluffing project from each party to date
Overall average and its chart of each party

After going through the above tabs and statistics of the candidate or state or past government performance, the eleventh option will be there in those apps for user which could help voter’s to select the right candidate per choice as voting to check whether it is correct or incorrect. This selection from public can help to gather information by the Apps management which can give ample result prior to election itself. There won’t be any politics on this nor can few media play against voters by giving wrong opinion to public on their (media’s) survey to believe in their news for TPR or other sort of benefit.

General note for all: We can take an example of election and selecting candidate in Tamilnadu state for every Assembly election. For example, one time DMK party will win and the next time ADMK party will win (Voters of the TN used to as such normally). By this time, media and public would come to know the truth that each party done some good work and some corruption (hidden and popular one). The same result could work in Center also, one time Congress party will win and another time BJP will win, voters will come to know that those party have done some good work and some corruption (hidden and popular one) whatever duration they stays in the power / seat.

Moral of the Apps: Faces change but story remain same, thus this apps can help voters’ to select the best candidate for nation’s growth.

This article is written for IndiBlogger's contest on Indian General Election 2014 with Social Mobile Apps #VoteForIndia.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Paul Walker met an accident unfortunately

Paul Walker once said that if speed kills him then don't cry by his fans - it means he was smiling, the time come as such. The sad news for Paul Walker's fan across globe and his unfortunate that he met an accident while he was on the way to an event for charity function on 1st Dec 2013.

Last Photo of Paul Walker, courtesy source.

Paul Walker, 40 years old, a famous artist and Fast Furious star met an accident with his car on the way, at North of Los Angeles, USA. A passerby took a video of burning car where this accident took place and the video was taken prior to Police arrived.

For more detail on shocking video taken by passersby who stopped to help victim on accident of Porche GT, from YouTube. Courtesy YouTube and Video Person.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Rembrandt van Rijn was honored by Google

One of the famous personality from Dutch Rembrandt van Rijn marked the 407th anniversary by Google. Rembrandt van Rijn was a Dutch Painter and his contribution is noteworthy on contribution for European Art History. He born on 15th July 1606 in Netherlands and died on 4th Oct 1669 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

His full name is Rembrant Harmenszoon van Rijn, who was master painter and etcher. He have done some of the popular artwork like The Night Watch, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulip and Danae etc. to note down. He have done quality description between life and Art through his Paint.

The basic interest of Paint and Art is common among people, he have done outstanding and serious profession on Art and Life through greatest paint work in his career. Google Doodle honored him on his 407th anniversary. He is one of the example for Art and Paint work.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Watch 2013 IPL 6 matches live online

Are you eagerly waiting to watch IPL 6 matches online, then no issue you can watch 2013 IPL 6 matches live online without any disturbance to your business or work. You just need to have some internet connection with laptop or desktop in case if you don't have Television facility nearby you.

The following websites will help you to watch 2013 IPL 6 matches live online. You can get live score card of 2013 IPL 6 matches live online. Though there are many websites that helps you to watch IPL 6 live, but very few helps you without any disturbance or issue. You can watch IPL 6 live on YouTube itself except for countries like Canada and US. You can also get IPL 6 match schedule from the following links.

Few of the best sites to watch IPL 6 live is

Monday, April 1, 2013

TamilNadu Engineering Colleges Reopening Date post hunger strike

One of the important news from Tamilnadu state is that Various Colleges on Strike including TamilNadu Engineering Colleges, most of the college students are willing to know the reopening Date post hunger strike of those colleges and universities. Strike has begun during 19th March 2013 in TN due to Tamilians issue in neighboring country Sri Lanka.  As we know for the past decades that in Tamilnadu, there are local government's one of the highlight news is for Tamilian's life in Sri Lanka - it is one of the major concern politically and personally.

For this purpose, all college students from TN are doing a big strike for getting separate place for Tamilans who are living in Sri Lanka. After many political attempts, it seems that there is no any major improvement or steps toward this issues to be solved for Tamilians in Sri Lanka. Thus, TN students doing some strike to support the Tamilians in Sri Lanka, also they are on hunger strike for the past few weeks.

In Chennai, Anna university pupil's doing strike for about 2 weeks. In TN alone, Colleges leave start at 19th Mar 2013 and some colleges informed that they will start on 24th Mar 2013. Though Tamilian takes action in TN but Indian Government does not take any action about students strike in TN nor local Government. So students continues the strike. Still it is indefinite to reopen the TamilNadu Engineering Colleges and TamilNadu Engineering Colleges Reopening Date post hunger strike will be notified soon.

Some news resources says that, most of the colleges and universities will reopen on 3rd March 2013. Let's hope for this and student education with prosperous.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A kind of world for Bloggers – Specially for Bangalore Bloggers from IndiBlogger

From individual blogger to IndiBlogger, from IndiBlogger to Connecting People and the Corporate World. Something strange or out of the box happening in the online world for bloggers, the one who write different articles or express his/her word in their blog or writing personal experience in his/her life with unique style by drafting in various method or answering with detail for any question online for various blog becomes author. 

Blogger sharing their blog with others via various platform and one of them is IndiBlogger which help us to connect other individual bloggers’ contact and helping for their writing fragrance to look back one more time to re-analyze the way of their script. The life goes as such with the new dream of blogging world and accepting the challenges what they are facing upon blog and its other stiff competition online.

Once we doesn't know how to become author but online world changed it easily, average writer or outstanding writer can become blogger who in turn called as author equivalent to professional author – possible for promoting him/herself by utilizing online connectivity through web world to a new real world.  Online search or online visitor or corporate world can easily identify the different writers and their blogs, also ample opportunity given for blogger to use a part of their online business for mutual growth.

As such, we (blogger) got an opportunity through IndiBlogger platform to attend few blog meets in the recent past, for me to recall - my first IndiBlogger meet was for Surf Excel Matic at Hotel Capitol Bangalore, second one was for Nokia AppTasting at ITC Gardenia Bangalore and the third one was recently for HP #Original Copy & Harper Collins at Fortune Park JP Celestia Bangalore. It was party/meet raining over here in Bangalore compare to other Indian major cities, thanks to IndiBlogger team for this wonderful opportunity again and again with fun filled and full of Gifts without any disappointment within six months of duration. 

This time really it was IndiBlogger meet for only Bloggers and their spirits which some of them missed it in Nokia AppTasting meet. However, there were often fun from Anoop vs Blogger from each corner of the hall as expected to be. I remember that 30 second fame introduction for blogger was quite smooth and interesting one.

Everything in our life has two different faces, good and bad, black and white, ugly and beautiful and so on. Likewise, one of them is Original and Fake. Blogger can be original but draft can be copied from any one of the original sources – again, blogger can be original and his/her draft also would be of Original – that speaks forever – though some may be copied from Original at any time. If you can experiment between Original and Fake, almost everybody will accept that Original is always better than Fake, however, some of them who accepts the Original is far better and still tend to buy Fake one, another one is, sometime Fake product uses due to lack of knowledge or cheaper cost and so on but fake product won’t help for a long haul though it looks cheaper whereas it is really expensive for its overall facility and minimum performance duration. Original product always speaks though it could look very expensive compare to Fake product but it is actually cheaper in cost with extra facilities for a long duration comparison – This is one of them we got to recall and re-learn it over in this meet.

Once again thanks to IndiBlogger / HP / Harper Collins team for their wonderful and useful gift as HP Pen Drive, a beautiful T Shirt and Mice in Men book from Harper Collins. Though there were some lucky members who got more than this including latest HP Color printer – Congratulation to them as well. Loo type pose also got winning prizes - nice one and fun - another one "being 12 years of married life" for Why dis Kolaveri question too got winning prize with color printer from HP. Overall, awesome meeting with High Tea.

For more detail, kindly visit IndiBlogger meet at ITC Celestia JP Park Bangalore on 20th Jan 2013 for

Read about: Man of the Millennium Mr. Kalyana Sundaram.

Your comments are Welcome !


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Republic Day Speech Articles

Most of the student would like to seek the help of online to get some different article on Republic Day Speech to prepare themselves for forthcoming Republic day and to speak accordingly in their respective Schools or Colleges. It is not surprise to see or prepare but the important factor is the point we are about to discuss, something unique and something outstanding speech during Republic day will make many happy around. Republic Day Speech Article is very important to prepare and practice it one or two weeks prior to Republic Day for Speech.

We are going to help you on Republic Day Speech and its different article to prepare for yourself on upcoming Republic day, if you would like to know where and how to get Republic Day Speech Articles then nothing to worry, we will help you, you can find few links here where you can get Republic Day Speech Articles as you desired. Select it, practice it and win the chances to grab hearts of many from your speech and Republic Day Statement.

Republic Day Speech Article 1

We will update you more on Republic Day Speech Articles here. Stay tuned or add to your favorite list so that you can get back to us for Republic Day Speech Articles. All the best.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sachin Tendulkar announced retirement from ODI

Sachin Tendulkar, master blaster and giant of Indian Cricket team finally announced his retirement from One Day International (ODI) matches. Saturday (22nd Dec 2012) night hot news was Sachin Tendulkar's retirement and his success on his 23 years profession as an all rounder in ODI.

Sachin Tendulkar, he was one of them in the team of World Cup winning by Indians during 2010-11 against Sri Lanka in Final at Mumbai stadium. Sachin Tendulkar announced his retirement from ODI just prior to India's team decision for ODI and T20 against Pakistan for forthcoming series, he has hurdle for the past few matches in his overall performance, and he made last Test hundred was in January 2011; last 50 in January 2012 respectively.

Sachin Tendulkar informed BCCI President N Srinivas and Secretary Sanjay Jagdale on last Saturday, about his ODI retirement.However, Sachin Tendulkar is not given up for Test career and he is planning to continue that most required for Indian team.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A call received from The Hindu Newspaper - surprised

I remember that I was at home and talking to my family members and other relatives on that day, the day it was on 30th Nov 2012 - Friday afternoon, my mobile rang as I used to receive maximum or around 10 calls from known personalities and 1 or 2 calls from wrong number or personal loan calls normally, but this day changed the story and I received an extra call from Reporter of The Hindu Newspaper.

I didn't believed it initially and I was not remember well the way I received that call (they said, I applied it through email). However, Reporter asked me about my area and its advantage and disadvantage, pros and cons and so on, I was pleased to gave few minutes to the reporter beside relatives at my home. My conversation was going on for few minutes with reporter and replied casually for questioned. Still at this moment, I am not sure that I have spoken/speaking to real reporter or just casual information provided about my locality to unknown personality. After call ended, I was really unsure that this call from The Hindu newspaper only, I got only one thing is that my mobile shown land-line phone number starts from +91802...(nowadays mobile number also starts from 8++), however, I told about this call to my family members and relatives who visited on that particular day - some says make sure and some says nothing.

To ensure, this call is from The Hindu, I was thinking to call them back and cross check whether this call is from The Hindu or just a different one, by this time, I forgot to call and forgot to remember it to cross check. After a week I remember it again, thought that I can call now and otherwise I might forget it again due to various tasks or reasons. I delayed again and re-routed thought to a different task or blogging or other works etc. the day passes and again I remember it on second week gap (fortunately) and immediately called that number which I had saved in mobile (luckily saved that mobile number). Now, it is confirmed that the call came from the Hindu newspaper only and excited more about it. After this, I have to trace it my name or the answer I gave - published in which date or will publish really? You may go through this thread to know more detail about A call received from Reporter of The Hindu. Thanks to Reporter, The Hindu Newspaper and visitor like you who read my blogs. If you are still unable to go to the above link given blog, then you can find about it and my name/report mentioned in The Hindu newspaper, really proud of it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Man of the Millennium Mr. Kalayanasundaram

Who is Man of the Millennium? 

Would you like to know who is Man of the Millennium? If yes, kindly go through this small article where you can get brief info about the hidden giant and Man of the Millennium. There was a talk few days ago about Man of the Millennium, after searching through; we got to know that Mr. Kalyanasundaram Indian citizen got Man of the Millennium award which many of tycoons were dreaming of it. Although little late we got this information, still would like to share with gentle visitors about him. I was going through some of the articles related to Man of the Millennium and reading about a selfless living fable Mr. Kalyanasundaram from India.

He was hidden among other service personalities and doing his best performance as selfless living, the person is selfless deeds and worked as a librarian for 30 long years. Long back, Mr. Kalyanasundaram was the best librarian in India and one of the top 10 librarians in the world.

Sacrifice and achievement of Mr. Kalyanasundaram - Man of the Millennium as follows;

Mr. Kalyanasundaram unmarried and donated his life for the needy. He used to work as additional in a reputed Hotel to earn for his own survival and other personal expenses. Having said that we have also heard that he has donated his entire pension amount around Rs.10 lakhs for the social cause as well. He is the only person in the world so far who has donated his entire earnings for the needy. Everybody in the world might be pleased and pleasant with surprise to read about this gentleman. Other than this…

Mr. Kalyanasundaram contributed his whole salary for 30 long years to help the needy i.e. for social cause. People normally used to do it for few times or occasionally like contributing fund to social cause or needy but the achievement over here from him is one thing that this donation continued for 30 years and so on.

We are happy and proud that this man on the earth from Indian soil and proud to be alive to read about such an inspiring Indian. Wish him for his great success and achievement for his life bonded with many sacrifices just for the social cause and needy.

Also, appreciating his service to human being, an American organization have honored him with the title Man of the Millennium and gave him a reward of Rs.30 crores for being human, which was again spent on the needy by this gentleman. In addition, the United Nations organization adjudged Mr. Kalyanasundaram as one of the outstanding people of the 20th century.

Mr. Kalyanasundaram has made so proud to our country and moreover increased our belief in selfless acts by human beings even in this age. I came across about this person very late and felt there may be many like me who would be unaware about the existence of such a great human being as being complete and perfect human just for other needy. Hats off Mr. Kalyanasundaram!!! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 London Olympic result

London Olympic 2012 for Indian sports star

As we were eagerly awaiting for the launch of 2012 London Olympic event. Worldwide fans and sport athletes dream to view and participate on this, yes, even many sports personalities from India too much awaited for this event. There were only few sports personalities entered in 2012 London Olympic event, many Indians viewers expected the medals on Indian sport personalities but failed to grab the bunches of medals from various sports races.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

What is Vibrating Molecules? - Surf Excel Matic

It is as usual busy day for Kalpana, since it is Monday she has no chances to wake up late in the morning as yesterday (Sunday) but she has to wake up very early. First need to fresh herself, pious business and prepare all the snack & food arrangement for kids’ to go to school then hubby’s office going arrangement and so on.  As home maker, Kalpana has to take care entire home responsible as other home makers do normally.

Everything was going fine till two weeks back. Now, Kalpana’s worry is about her housemaid absence for the past two weeks that upsets her due to additional task of her house maid too, like cleaning the vessels, cleaning the entire big house, maintain the garden, pressing the dress of family members and so on. Now, everything Kalpana alone has to do in her home, otherwise one or another responsible will increase day by day as they are already piled up. There is no indication about her trusted house maid to come within few days as Kalpana already waited for one week extra.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Love or Arrange Marriage - Heaven or Hell

I would like to try and start this topic (Love marriage or Arranged marriagewith little humor : ) Yes, you may know that joke; however, I would like to share it with you all.

Love marriage is just like "Suicide" whereas Arrange marriage is like "Well planned murder". Shaadi ka laddoo khaiye tho bhi pachtave aur na khaiye tho bhi pachtave. Anyhow, Arrange and Love marriage are like you are on the rope with long stick balancing to stand and alive till you reach the desired destination. Both have equal chances of succeeding or hitting the rocks. Arrange and Love marriage both will work out if the partners are really committed to making the combination work for self, relatives and society...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jab We Met IndiBlogger meet in Bangalore

What happened Jab We Met IndiBlogger meet in Bangalore?

First of all I would like to thanks to team, Surf excel team and other bloggers who used to promote my blog via Indiblogger. To be frank, after joining IndiBlogger, my blog got an extra traffic compare to earlier days where I was even using famous Social Networks and other directory submission to promote it at that time with less effective.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to use Keywords for better traffic to your blog?

What is Keywords? and How to use Keywords for better traffic to your website?

Keywords are the most valuable things in any article which helps for SEO and carrying traffic. An article without enough and exact keywords is useless for better search results. Though a Search engine can identify the meaning of an article by reading and crawling the title, summary and description only, but still search engine can’t identify what for an article is written about.

Since a search engine understands only text or data information that lies in the keywords so the keywords are very important for SEO. A search engine just read crawl and index rest of the matter of an article and it never identifies the image, sign or symbols etc. Hope now you would have understood the importance of the keyword in context of text or data.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Famous Andy Griffith 1926 - 2012

One of the famous personality in the United States of America is Andy Griffith, many knows his talent, hard works and a passionate human being within. Andy Griffith Show from 1960 to 1968 gives him huge credibility and popularity. Ron Howard worked with Andy Griffith at the same time as child character.

Andy Griffith was a well entertainer in the USA, he performed on stage, via radios, sound systems, TVs and up there on the silver screen. He was absolutely having talent on comedy timing, rehearsal excellency and paying off characters. TV sheriff and Comedian Andy Griffith dies at 86. For more detail about Andy Griffith History please check the link given here.

Andy Griffith's career was unexpected and changed to what he was not aiming it. He become popular with audiences as Lonesome Rhodes, a radio producer wishes to change his career but political figure. Andy Griffith got the opportunity to be in a television role that leads him a happy curve.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu film and Housefull 2 film

Recently released Hindi movie is on the hotlists, namely Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu film. Another upcoming movie trailer shown on Housefull 2.

Both film updates as on 10th February 2012.

Main Aur Ekk Tu - Starring Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor, is a chasing up romantic-comedy with a known story at its end. A straight-laced architect made movie. First half keeps you what will be the next one to come on the screen. The second half of the film is even better than the first, because it adds an element of unexpected to the mix of great dialogue, writing and acting. What you have is a Bollywood rom-com that is funny, romantic and mature enough. Good to watch it and Paisa Vasool.

Housefull 2 - Starring Zarine Khan, Shazan Padamsee, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandes, Randhir Kapoor pictures in Housefull 2 Movie First Look Launch in Bollywood Miscellaneous. The Housefull 2 movie trailer is on the theatre hall and it looks humorous mixed; hope it will easily attract masses”.

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