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Thursday, June 5, 2014

License to World's link - Asus Transformer Book T100

In my profession, I have to use the office Desktop in Office and Laptop usage on the move, I have to be online most of the time to reply via Gchat and MS Chat (other than Smartphone chat or WhatsApp) and reply / post various emails, so works keeps us busy most of the time. Other than office work, I need to post or reply by GChat and Email to various queries related to my blog and part time online editing work for reputed Technology and Educational websites etc. Thus, I need to use latest technology around me. In case, if I leave for personal leave with one or two days or holidays for more than a week, still I need to use laptop, Smartphone and Tablet PC on the move and they are depend on travel, requirement, power supply and net connectivity for both official and personal (blog) usage.

I don’t have enough time to play games, talking to friends by using Tab PC or Laptop but very less time given for them as well by phone calls or Gchat. Sometime I throw or delete WhatsApp or WeChat applications due to unnecessary disturbance on personal free time to relax / roam. However, Blogging life filled up with excitement as part time thus using time effectively for blogging other than office hours. So, tech gadget is very important for me to use and experiment them sometime, also it is important for me to write tech gadget review or reply for their launch detail, specifications detail and price tag info in Technology sites.

Courtesy: Asus

I recently came to know that there is one more new feature with latest gadget is about to spread all over and that is none other than “Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL)” which will enable its user or its feature Smartphone users to utilize it effectively for Browsing and using Smartphone’s OS to Tab PC, Laptop, Desktop and even latest Television or other related Gadget.

I believe that the Transformed" T100 would help me for a better usage to cover my full-fledged work by saving additional time when I am on the move with advanced Technology matching, which actually have all the combined features of Smartphone, Laptop and Desktop in it that will suit and help to carry as one gadget for a person with less weight to execute our task. World's links are in my hand now. Time is precious, that’s why Technology too grows in the fast phase. No commitment, Time to Transform.

This article is written for and would like to share with all of you. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your valuable comments are welcome.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Buy Branded Tablet PC - You won't suffer

When Tablet PC first introduced globally and when I came to know first about Tab PC (in 2010-2011) then my opinion was like, this device is far better than Smartphone’s configuration, feature and price etc. (except in size). I was eagerly waiting to buy one of the branded Tab PC or at least unbranded Tab PC whichever come first in India and when it suits my budget and suitable specification to grab it.

In early stage, branded Tab PC price range was higher than Smartphone and it was equivalent to branded laptop price or more. At the same time, Tab PC’s fever among people was very less and people were either using Smartphone or Laptop or their favor and fever. Few people were behind the iPod, iPad and other Slate devices.

Tablet PC revolution in India

Thanks to Kapil Sibal (Minister of Information and Broadcasting at that time) for Television interview on Tab PC introduction of Datawind’s Aakash Tab PC brand (with less price Rs 2500 to Rs 3500 based on different set with different configuration). At the same time, many customers filled up online form at official site of Datawind / Aakash to buy it. Aakash / Datawind’s website sometime never worked, busy, sometime no response from them and many months or years no delivery of it. Its publicity increased though the device was not seen yet (receiving it handy is like a miracle) except some clips of media news as it is being distributing with discounted price to few student in few schools at very few regions in India.

Whoever wrote article about Aakash Tablet PC in their blog got more traffic during those days, this is the only benefit Bloggers and Media got it. I recalled about Landline phone registration and installation process from BSNL 20 years back, more or less the same process and duration taken place to release the product.

Disappointment from Tab PC seller in India

Applicants fed up on this process of Aakash Tab PC for many months and some for years without reply from them and without receiving it handy. Some people used to blame the politician and company on this, some blame against their own destiny. Few media news made even ‘Breaking News’ and political agenda on this. At this point, another headache starts from BSNL as they announced that they are about to launch similar configuration Tab PC called Penta Tab with same price. Broken heart begun to part, luckily those days we got some good news for Tablet PC’s quick launch and availability from private company like Samsung, Toshiba, Amazon Kindle, Noble Nook and so on with Android OS features in them. 

Now, people again came to know that there are many types and specs of Tablet PCs available in different price ranges. One is without SIM Tab PC and other is with SIM, few double SIM option. Next is, Resistive touch screen (for that you need to have extra power to swipe or who will give you capacitive touch screen in that price) and some Capacitive touch screen (for that you need to pay extra). Some memory in-built was 256 RAM and few 512 RAM (extra price). Some Android Froyo OS (2.2) for basic price and few Android Gingerbread OS (2.3) expensive one, internal memory was maximum 4GB and they gave option of expandable memory. The study was going on, Branded Tab PC (Samsung, Amazon Kindle etc.) price was higher than Aakash and Penta Tab price comparison of course.

Result of unbranded Tablet PC

Considering this situation, finally, I planned to buy any unbranded Tab PC (with low price of Rs 3000) just to show others that I have Tablet PC in my hand without anyone’s expectation of releasing date (other might think that I have done smart work). I got it one to do some experiment on that (some of them ready to buy similar one); it is purely China Made but unknown brand from India / Delhi with guarantee till purchase only. It has reasonable configuration without SIM option except hard swipe (Resistive touch screen), there was no issue against this device for few months (may be lucky enough) except poor battery performance, even if there is an issue then there is no guarantee nor its customer service center is available to solve the issue except at own risk from other local technician to get it done fixed.

I was using Tablet PC for the following reason;

* Tablet PC carry out simply like Mobile
Use it for WiFi connection outside or at any event
It helped me as mini-laptop (attaching external Tablet PC keyboard and mini mouse) while my laptop gives trouble for browsing or other urgent works
Touch integrated
Smartphone to Tab or PC to Tab communication
When Android is required
When some files or videos to open with Android files extension
When kids needed games to play like Angry Bird and Temple Run etc.

Later, I realized that branded Tab PC like Lenovo's Yoga Tablet is far better than unbranded one (though price is little higher), it is just because of that my Tab PC Ethernet card damaged due to my mistake thus unable to get it back suitable for it except paying Rs 1000 and above that too need to wait for many days, plus no re-sale value for it. We need to just imagine, we pay extra for getting less benefit from unbranded one which we ourselves doing big mistake. So, go with branded one always like Yoga Tablet whether it has benefit or not, at least you will get good result overall like worth money investing or Paisa Vasool, this is reality and this is the Betterway.

Image courtesy: Lenovo

Why do we need to buy and use Lenovo's new Yoga Tablet PC?

Branded PC, quality and reasonable price
Yoga Tablet PC specification and price satisfaction
Internal and external memory is outstanding
Quad-core processor
1GB RAM, 32/64 GB (both options)
Front camera - 1.6 MP and rear camera 5 MP
Touch integrated - capacitive touch screen which makes you easy task
Customer feedback is fantastic
Reputed Customer service around the clock
Easy to carry out like Mobile and good battery back up
Yoga can be used as three in one, like laptop, smartphone, tab PC etc.
Android OS latest version (4.2.2 / Jelly Bean), it can be upgraded in the future
Yoga Tab PC is of faux-metal which gives us very rich impression
Very helpful to watch videos and contents
Kickstand is an outstanding to use without any Tab PC keyboard affixed
Different Power Button in this device compare to other Tab PC
Two front facing speakers and Dolby digital plus features which helps to give you better performance of 'sound' than other Tab PC

Image courtesy: Lenovo

It was written by me for Indiblogger’s contest on latest Lenovo's Yoga Tablet PC, for more detail - you can check Lenovo's Tab PC. Do it Yoga for Tablet or take Tablet for Yoga #BetterWay.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

YourStory.In On the way to S'U'ccess - Tech support

Recently I got an opportunity to attend one more Tech related meets, it is from and it was my pleasure to be there on 24th November 2012 from Morning till in the evening at Hotel Royal Orchid, Bangalore. This MobiSpark meet is somewhat related to my last meet of Nokia AppTasting meets in ITC Gardenia, Bangalore.

Coming back to the said meeting and program, I was there in the morning on said dated, and time at 9:30am sharp and got registration as well. I was able to see more than ninety percentage of the audience were from tech related background with potential talents. This awesome program / event was sponsored by Sequoia Capital India, Vodafone, MphasiS, One97, Venture Partner – Seed Fund, Citrix System Inc., InMobi, AdNear, Intel and Sourcebits etc.

As time rounded to 10am, welcome and introduction of MobiSparks 2012 started, following that there were some keynotes from Mohit Bhatnagar of Sequoia Capital and presentation given about how OS and apps for Laptop, Tablet PC and Smartphone dominated the world surrounded with high tech innovation within shortest period. How Apple product like iPad, iPhone and Mac product dominated in their own design and iOS following that how Google’s Android OS took over the market with huge international competition across globe for OS and apps.

Once the presentation and statistic over against the aforesaid topic, the Q&A begun for the tech audience and got some interesting and challenging questions and its answer. This one kept us interesting from the event due to various tech and their different types of question, challenges and answers accordingly, very excited to learn additional things around.

Following that, there were Panel discussion from Sponsors’ head for few topics including Mobile Opportunities and Trends in India that helps tech to ask few Q&A. We got to know that India is one of the cheapest markets for mobile prepaid or postpaid tariff compare to other countries, challenges of service provider huge balancing Government rules and regulation with their subscribers across country. After observing this, this meet created few question, one of them was why Indian outstanding techies not created any OS but only the US reputed companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and few others.

It was brought to our discussion in that program that why Indians’ maximum mobile users are not having advanced feature Smartphone or iPhone etc. and its answer like majority users used to or need to wait for low tariff for subscription like 3G against low cost on advanced featured devices, like Reliance launched during 2003-04 etc. at that time it was advanced one with low cost of Rs 500 only.

Prior to lunch, there was fantastic presentation from Mr. Ravi Gururaj to encourage all techies to do some outstanding work within existing sources. Apps need to be developed using existing apps sources by implementing a new apps which can innovate and help maximum users. This is one of them, but each user has different choices of apps and need to meet their demand in all devices within existing apps to improve or combine in another different and new apps. There were examples given to do so. Lunch break given, there was great lunch provided by the MobiSparks.

Post lunch, there were few new and old tech companies given chances to Demo their new innovation apps and device products, most of them through live presentation followed by question and answer for the tech audiences. There were judges to select the best innovation and products for announcing MobiSparks 2012 Winners. There was launch Pad by most promising Mobile startups and followed by Special Tea time.

There were few companies who started to promote their products, ready to invest funds for techies on their project, and assisting them to coordinate for business project in the UK with partnership or per choice etc. For more detail about this MobiSparks 2012, please visit the link given here. Thanks to

Sunday, February 26, 2012

BSNL Penta Tablet PCs booking online

Are you looking for BSNL Penta Tablet PCs detail for three different tablet PCs that has launched recently. Then, check the following link where you get all the detail related to Penta Tablet PCs.
Penta Tablet PCs detail

Do you want to know where and how to book Penta Tablet PCs online? Then, check the following link...Penta Tablet Booking Online

You will get the following queries from the above second link called Penta Tablet Booking Online.
How to book BSNL Tablet PC?
Where to book BSNL Tablet PC?
How to book Penta Tablet PC?
Where to book Penta Tablet PC?
Online booking Penta Tablet PC?
Penta Tablet PC booking online?
How to buy Penta Tablet PC?
How to get Penta Tablet PC?

Please hurry up to book Pantel tablet online. As you are aware totally, BSNL has launched three different tablet PCs with different configuration and price. Check the detail on the above first link.

BSNL has launched three different range Tablets PCs as follow;

BSNL Penta Tpad IS 701r tablet - price Rs 3250/=
BSNL Penta Tpad_ws704c tablet – price Rs 10999/=
BSNL Penta Tpad WS802C tablet – price Rs 13500/=

You can book them as per your choice via clicking on second link above. Good luck.

For more detail on Aakash Tablet PC booking status, please check Aakash Ubislate official website.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Buy Tablets and Laptops

You may be sometime confusion that where to buy Tablets and Laptops via online? How to find good tablets and laptops? Which website is the best one to find branded Tablets and Laptops? How to know the tablets and laptops configuration? The latest and best tablets or laptops detail site? Etc.

Now, you have nothing to confuse on them, if you have various queries on where or how to find the best and latest Tablets and Laptops? Then you may go through the below links where you can find ample information on various Tablets and Laptops to buy, you may also find Tablets and Laptops complete and important configuration.

The following sites will help you to get information on latest tablets and laptops.
Best tablets and laptops from Computer systems site
Best tablets and laptops from Tablet PC Galaxy

All the best for your search on laptops and tablets.
Other useful resources

If you are looking detail on Aakash Tablet PC booking status, please check Aakash Ubislate official website or Ubislate old site.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Buy Aakash Tablets online

Are you looking for Akash Tablets? Then here you may go for Akash tablets detail. You will find Akash tablet specification, features, price, review, and akash tablet official website etc.

For more detail on Aakash Tablet please check this link.

From this small article, you will know how to buy Aakash tablet?, where to get Aakash tablet? What is the procedure to buy or order Aakash Tablet PC online, Aakash tablet for students, Aakash tablet PC for college students, Aakash tablet for office use, Aakash tablet for home use, Aakash tablet booking details, purchasing details of Aakash tablet.

The most awaited world’s ultra low cost Tablet PC, Aakash tablet is now finally on sale, you can buy Akash tablet online. This is the hot topic right now in the Computer industries, Aakash tablet new creating more happiness during forthcoming New Year all around. Akash tablet PCs managed by Datawind, As per source, the developers of Aakash has said that they have announced sale for 30,000 tablets on the internet at the cost of Rs 2500 each, it will be delivered within 7 days of online booking.

Akash tablet specification:
Aakash Tablet (student version)
Processor ARM 11-366Mhz Cortex
Android 2.2 OS

Aakash UbiSlate 7 (The upgraded version of Aakash)
Processor Cortex A8 – 700
Android 2.3 OS
WiFi & GPRS (SIM & Phone functionality)

You may book Aakash tablets via Aakash Tablet official website

Please check this thread for more info on Aakash Tablet.

You may find here other useful resources that will make you happy.

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