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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How my mother resembles

I would like to write about my mother but I can't say how my mother actually resembles against any actress or Bollywood actress but no one can resemble like my mother, of course, she is greater than actress and she is greater because of she lived real life with various challenges on the way and she took care every minute, she let us learn and live in a real life ever. I am also resembling around fifty percent like her (other says as well). So, history and memory of her within me too. 

Image courtesy: D Park


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother - My First Expert

As usual, every mother used to laugh or smile only once when we cry - the time we born. The rest of the time she will cry when we cry and she will smile when we laugh. Other than this, nowadays, we used to either make her tense or cry instead of going with her. She has given enough courage by God to manage children like us though we almost suffocate her. Who can care us more than our mother? God gave some of his characters to mother who can manage everything with mercy and clam at any situation.

Who is your first expert?

My First Expert is none than (shall be or can be) my beloved mother whom I can remember and call daily whether she is with me or far from me. I mostly trust my mother than my father for all the secrets and actions to do. She is the only one after God shown me how to go outside the home, see the world, be friend and careful with the world, observe all and face every challenges in life.


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