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Monday, December 7, 2015

Chennai weather and nature play its role. Rain rain go away

The first Weather report is normally given after something happened for the day. The weather can’t be normally predicted in advance though there are many safety measures taken for this including various technologies and updates are around in hand. The natural calamity or various disasters are beyond human’s control, effort, thought and reach. In general, weather report won’t give on-time or prior to concern incident happening to take safety measure. However, once something already happened like torrential rain started or earthquake already happened or Tsunami arrived or sandstorm happened or volcano happened and so on incident happened then the next prediction roughly be notified by the concern authority whether most of the times that doesn’t happened or very few times happened a said for the upcoming one, as co-incident. It may be funny too for some.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yahoo - Reloaded

There was an event of Yahoo at Milbey, MG Road Mall, MG Road, Bangalore, India. I got an opportunity to be there on 21st Nov 2013 evening, as a blogger, I didn't miss the chance to participate over there. 

Yahoo reloaded with latest updates of four different products namely Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Flickr, Yahoo Weather and Yahoo Search. Most of them are with next generation features and matching with almost all types of net connectivity to get the things done by all. The Yahoo team introduced themselves and presented their products in a simple and professional manner, we got to go with them very friendly on each and every conversation and clarification. This event taken place after Microsoft event attends.

Yahoo Mail:
Many of them unaware about Yahoo Mail updates done few weeks back, there are many options to change the Inbox or Mail screen compare to old one, just go to option icon at the left side bottom and select the screen design you would like to 'apply' for your Mail box. There are many features loaded in Yahoo Mail and user can experiment with lots of features over there. My question was, how about webpage loading for Yahoo Mail as we sometime experience slow webpage loading in Yahoo Mail due to different users in India using different 2G or 3G or 4G connectivity. I received reply as it has been already improved and YM could be faster than previous one and it will match all sorts of connectivity. This is a kind of knowledge to know the fact and lesson.

Yahoo Search:
When you hear about search engine updates then you will think about 'content' and SEO but here Yahoo have updated Image search and there is no hint about text or keyword or content search. For example, if you would like to search image about any famous 'waterfalls' in the world or 'flowers' then it gives top search for the clarity, size and latest posted image which can satisfy many image searching users. You can use the Yahoo search from you Smartphone, Tablet PC, Laptop or Desktop etc.

Yahoo Flickr:
This is really amazing for photographer or cameraman or image lovers to use Flickr feature effectively as Yahoo is giving unlimited Terra Byte (TB) space for each user which can help member to use it till his/her lifetime, free space and free settings. You can drive safely on this and you can save your old images that was taken from childhood or school days or college days or even vacation or holidays etc.

Yahoo Weather:
Hour wise weather updates on touch for iPhone users and other Yahoo Image user from any device, latest updated images and weather detail can be found here. You can become member of Yahoo Weather and post latest weather detail about your place. Andhra state weather is very important at this moment as there could be Cyclone at any point of time, it is a campaign in India toward clean too like Swachh India.

Tanmay Bhat - TV Comedy Anchor:
The fun part in the program is really about fascinating and laughing continuously for at least thirty minutes due to Tanmay's performance and he is all the way from Mumbai - he left no one for choosing fun topic - great. Beside we got to go with yummy starter pack, soft drinks and dinner at the end with memorable program.

While we go exit from the event, we got a gift hamper from Yahoo which carries Yahoo Pen Drive, Yahoo Robot USB Hub and Yahoo key tag. Thank you Yahoo!!

Hope these reloaded features from Yahoo can make you smile and use Yahoo products effectively.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

THANE - Cyclonic Storm over southwest and adjoining southeast Bay of Bengal

As per the latest weather news from Southern parts of Indian states, there will be Cyclonic Storm called THANE across southwest and passing toward southeast Bay of Bengal. Most of the areas where THANE will be passing by cautioned Cyclone alert. Some of the areas in north Tamilnadu and south Andhra Pradesh coast sent as Yellow Message.

As per Weather report, THANE cyclonic storm falls southwest and passing by southeast Bay of Bengal remained practically, and it will be centered at 0530 hrs IST on 29th Dec 2011, the 28th December 2011 near latitude 12.50N and longitude 86.00E, about 600 km east-southeast of Chennai (Tamilnadu), 650 km northeast of Trincomalee (Srilanka) and 700 km west-northwest of Port Blair (Andaman & Nicobar Island).

The Cyclonic is probably to move west-north-westwards gradually, possible that a severe cyclonic storm during next 24 hrs and center in north Tamil Nadu and south Andhra Pradesh shores between Cuddalore and Nellore around morning of 30th December 2011.

Due to such natural scenario, there will be a rainfall at most places with isolated heavy rainfall is possible to begin over north Tamil Nadu & Puducherry and south coastal Andhra Pradesh from the 29th December 2011 onwards.

Heavy winds speed may reach 45 to 55 kmph, it may begin along and off north Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and south Andhra Pradesh coasts from morning the 29th December 2011 onwards.

Sea condition will be high to very high around the Cyclonic cautioned centre. Sea condition will be rough to very rough along and off north Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and south Andhra Pradesh coasts from tomorrow onwards.

Fishermen and visitors along north Tamil Nadu, Puducherry & south Andhra Pradesh coasts are instructed not to be or visit into sea. Those who are on venture at sea are instructed to return to the pavilion.

There will be possible damage expected from the 29th December 2011 onwards at Cyclonic areas. More possible damages to thatched roof and huts. Minor damage to power and communication line due to uprooting of large avenue trees. There may be flooding of escape routes.

Action instructed to the local and visitors, total cancellation of fishing operations. Coastal hutment dwellers to be moved to a safer place. People in affected areas to remain indoors.

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