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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What are the ways to earn money online?

How to earn money online as other does?

This question was puzzled me till year 2008, I was not sure how to earn money online; it is just because of so many fraudulent websites that looted money from innocent online users. Though, there were very few websites that used to pay for their contributors less than what they used to contribute via various types of online work.

Only hope from Google adsense that used to pay during 2008 and before for bloggers or associated websites with Google. Though still Google adsense used to pay for their associated blogs or website which we can hope for present and in the future.

Even though I know about Google prior to 2008, but no idea how to blog or how to create blog freely and how to post article and get adsense account or how to join any Google adsense revenue sharing sites etc.
In 2009, I got confirmed that there are few websites that can pay you for your hard work or pay you for your valuable and genuine contribution to those sites. For example, in 2009, I was searching for old or previous year question paper to assist one of my friend and neighbor. Luckily, I got few satisfied websites (among 100+ results in Google search engine) wherein I have gone through and observed that particular website gives money to its hundreds of members with clear and cut proof plus the member used to get adsense revenue benefit as well.

Double option to earn money online – earn money through genuine website and earn money through Google adsense account. The website I got result and trusted one name is which help me to earn money from it and chances to get Google adsense account approval.

You can go through this website where you will believe the said reality without any doubt. After few weeks’ contribution over in that site, I was able to create my blog wherein I used to contribute for self with my personal experience as sharing with others to get benefited. You can find some more blog of mine, like computer or technology related blog, hotels and resorts related blog and my contribution in other website like

Try to join the site as I did and try to learn and earn. All the best.


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