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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gangnam Style NokiaApps and IndiBlogger Meet in Bangalore

Advance booked self for the date and time only for Nokia AppTasting and IndiBlogger meet at ITC Gardenia Bangalore on 11/11/2012 at 5:30pm till end of the program as I had missed few event/meet in the recent past. Earlier, I was very excited to meet all Indiblogger's team second time (First time at Hotel Capitol for Surf ExcelMatic and this time is in ITC Gardenia for Nokia AppTasting). I was eagerly came to enjoy the meets and presentation from V.I.P guests all the way from Amritsar by Rajiv Makhni and Vikas Khanna from USA. We got to see some of the VIP from Nokia industry as well and pleased to see lots of new bloggers too.

When I entered ITC Gardenia for this, there were around 80 to 90% new faces compare to last meet at Hotel Capitol, Bangalore. This time I missed little bit of Anoop's host as he got chances for just few minutes to host with all the bloggers but I met him personally with his cute daughter. Around 280 bloggers in almost all ages, talents and with highly demanding tech knowledge's filled in around everywhere in Mysore Hall (Auditorium) of ITC Gardenia. It has to be, just because of giant NokiaApps related meets in Bangalore, India.

Each and every moment have to remember for sometime with fun filled from each sentences of Rajiv Makhni and Vikas Khanna. They were unfortunate to meet me :-) earlier but it was my fortune that I met them at the end of the program. They were/are outstanding, kind personalities and presented the function in a professional manner without missing any humor, specially many but I remember few and one of them is Tiger with four girl friends, fifth wife and sixth daughter :-) statement that too just from blogging ha ha ha... How Tiger manages them (blogs and these personalities) all? No one could beat him, still.

Courtesy: IndiBlogger Photos

Gangnam style song changed to Punjabi dance style suddenly by Rajiv Makhni with an additional talent added (I believe his statement), it is a kind of funny entertainment around here and there for almost five hours continuously. Some quiz were there and few of them got gift worth, whoever had 5 or 3 glasses of wine got gift (Nokia mobile apps detected their personal health checkup and its result of 0.3% alcohol in their blood) for "how Steady" they are by standing and claiming Gift :-). Whoever sat at the backside not given much chances to show their talent even though they were keep on shouting their name for referring questions, bad luck for them.

Few of them got Nokia Lumia Smartphones as Gift for their innovation ideas on new apps introducing by Nokia. Social awareness from techy world helps to develop the country of course, it is my opinion that Nokia can create one more apps to assist eGovernment or eGovernance in India by collecting all the data which could help in the future for all citizens and Government authorities to take necessary action on-time. I am a Nokia device fan since Nokia 5110 and 3210 :-) in around 1998/2000 and those devices bought in Gulf at that time, I will buy Nokia Lumia just to take its one of the advantage as shown on the stage for Charlie Chaplin film style in just few seconds.

I learnt how to cut Onion in a professional manner which taught us by famous Chef Vikas Khanna, thank you Vikas for this as I taught this one to my family members as well. Rajiv Makhni taught us how to be casual and funny around, thanks to Rajiv M. Nice entertainment and special dinner from Nokia and IndiBlogger, thanks for them as well. Special thanks to IndiBlogger team for a wonderful opportunity and a beautiful T Shirt once again. I wish IndiBlogger to achieve more, all the best and see you all in the next meet in Bangalore :-). 

If you would like to see the photos of the program, then visit here for NokiaApps and IndiBlogger meet in ITC GardeniaThat's it from this article on Gangnam Style NokiaApps and IndiBlogger Meet in Bangalore.


  1. I had missed all the earlier event and this one I had no plans of missing and it was totally fun and you have captured it all :D

  2. Thank you for valuable comment..


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