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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Indicate yourself for Good - Ring the bell for all

I am always proud to be an Indian. Also, Indian by birth and blogger by choice :). Blogger shall write reality or real one when something comes about serious matter except some myth or different drama writing for different occasion or contest.

Now, I / We sometime hang our face due to few reasons, one is like woman assault or rape news from any part of the country, terrorist activities, few bad politicians who put down our country in a danger role with bad history, corruption within organization for small work or services across and so on. Other than that, we don't have any issue with near and dear human beings in our proud nation.

Regarding Ring the bell subject, when we do something then our conscience will automatically indicate us whether it is right or wrong and it is legal or illegal. We can't sure that the same scenario can fall to other as well when they do something but almost all will feel as such except few. Yes, few black-ship can do anything at anytime specially when the opportunity arises for their act on illegal whether they are with the groups, or individual with enough opportunity. 

He or they wont consider anything (which could even happen to their own near and dear) but will do it all illegal or shame act more than animal's behavior. Do you think that they will just think for few minutes or at least few seconds before they are about to do any bad or illegal act in general in the name of whatever called - it could be of rape or killing or terrorist or block money or  swindle/corruption etc. 

Most of them - 'No' but they will try to pre-plan for escape or change the word for selfish and desired illegal act. Now, who is victim? Who is going to solve the issue for Victim? No one can solve the issue but sometime it will publish in media or speak about it for a while till forget the topic and very rare for very few cases - justice can take place. There are many bad or illegal act happens behind the scene smartly. How to solve it and how to precaution or ring the bell to indicate it?

To avoid all those bad acts, one has to change him/herself, or other responsible person or officials shall put those persons in a situation that they shall change from bad to good. Punishment is not an end for bad act but changing their own character is the end for all such malpractices. Each one's responsible is to Ring the bell. Prevention is always better than cure.

This article is written for Ring the Bell at Indiblogger. You can check the more detail about Ring the bell.


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