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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Don’t Circus on road

Whenever I talk with friends and relatives on the topic of Road safety, I will remember few bitter incident and accident that happened in front of me and would like not to disclose here except hint. A small rose was smashed by giant stone in front of me while travelling on the bus, no one could help it at that moment for that rose and other stone which crashed, I was able to see it since I was sitting on the front seat which is near the bus driver.

I was unable to forget for few long days, unable to have food on time and often discussed with near and dear about it, and still I used to recall it once such topic arises. It was a horrible experience though a small school rose was not my relatives but unknown rose which didn’t grown as it is supposed to be and big lose for their family members. There are so many incident as such for my native / city people and those were behind my seen but still painful whenever I recall it. Oh God.

Drive(r) with care

Whenever I drive the vehicle on road or while traffic, the first one is remembering God, the second one is utmost care about who is approaching me to hit my vehicle / car rather than whom I am going to hit anyone. However, overall vehicle care, driving care and vigilant is there for which I suppose to drive well without hitting anyone following the driving guideline and fasten seat belt etc. Doing silly mistake in a second can harm many like attending mobile calls can cause severe damage including life threat.

If you want to drive vehicle upside down, wheeling, jumping, racing, showing and stunning etc. then you may join at any nearest Circus or bike racing center or formula one group etc. There are some expert who could assist you on this and I am afraid you won’t show such talent over there since you can do it at Road show only which can kill you and some on goers.

Courtesy: Nissan
Ten Commandments for Road safety:

1.     Traffic Authority should be vigilant – round the clock
2.     Long Signal process must not irritate travelers
3.     Highways shall not have speed breaker or hump 
4.     Driver shall have all valid papers to drive the vehicle
5.     Driver must know the road and driving discipline 
6.     Driver shall observe the side and rear mirrors beside front area
7.     No health issues including poor vision, cardiac, drowsy and madness
8.     Speed thrills but kills adherence, follow fasten seat belt term
9.     Fitness certificate, Insurance, Emission, DL and so on.
10.   Driver shall not use Phone on driving or stop vehicle to use calls.

Wish you all a Happy Journey – Bon Voyage.

This article is written for NissanIndia NSDF (Nissan Saftey Driving Forum) contest in association with IndiBlogger. Thanks to all visitors.


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