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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Chennai Mail

Read it completely to enjoy it. It is not about Chennai Express movie but the well known Chennai Mail train in reality. The Chennai Mail used to depart daily in the night time and arrive to Bangalore in the early morning and the same other train of Chennai Mail used to depart from Bangalore to Chennai in the night time as well. They are superfast trains and have limited stops from Chennai viz. Arakonam, Katpadi, Jolarpettai, Bangarpet and Bangalore’s very few stations. They are mostly berth / sleeper coaches and most of the time fully booked a month ago precisely. Only few lucky people can get the seat in general three coaches and rest of them has to stand with rush and breathing difficulties till their destination arrives.

However, a person reserved his berth from Chennai to Jolarpettai (which is around 3.30 to 4 hrs journey by this train), entered the train and got his sleeper berth as reserved. He got the habit that once he slept, he won’t wake up easily or early even on journey or emergency situation. So, he humbly advised his nearby old age passenger and others to wake him up after Katpadi station as alarm in advance or at least wake him up before train slows at Jolarpettai station to get it down. Nearby berth passengers accepted his request since they are going to Bangalore and have no issue of request on the way.

He also told his other co-passengers to pull him and push him out by force at the Jolarpettai station in case if he didn’t wake up and go out since the situation is; he however has to be there in the early morning at Jolarpettai for Marriage function. Train leaved the Chennai Central platform…most of the passengers slept on time except few when train moved. After one hour Arakonam crossed…Katpadi arrived…old man struggled to wake him up, few other co-passengers tried to wake him up after Katpadi station itself as alarm in advance (only one more hour left to reach his destination)…they all tried as much as they can, as final step, they have done pull and push out task when his destination Jolarpettai arrived.

Thank God, helped out. Everything gone smoothly at the end at Jolarpettai station and all slept comfortably afterward. Train moved and crossed Bangarpet after one hour and they reached Bangalore in the early morning, now all of them shocked in the compartment. The one who supposed to get down in Jolarpettai is still sleeping nicely on the berth and surprised when the co-passengers saw him.

However, they tried to wake him up again in Bangalore by spending few minutes. He woke up with tired and saw the co-passengers and station; he too shocked. He understood that something is wrong since it is not a midnight or late midnight to get down in Jolarpettai but brightening early morning which would be either Bangarpettai or Bangalore station. They asked him how it is possible when they pulled and pushed out a passenger at Jolarpettai station per request but still here. They finally understood that in the sleepy, dark and confusion they have woken up and pushed out a different passenger at Jolarpettai station who was sleeping near him.


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