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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Quikr Nxt Apps benefit in 3 ways

Quikr answers in 3 ways.

It says ‘yes’ and it gives what you want
It says ‘no’ and gives you something better
It says ‘wait’ and gives you the best.

No Fikar, Chat Quikr

The main three reasons why I would prefer Quikr chat over a phone call, as below.

Safe and secure from Quikr chat:

The item we are about to buy or sell and its complete detail can be seen on the screen in advance and keep their data as safe record in our Mobile phones. The customer (buyer or seller) who chat or calls up can be identified as whom we are chatting or talking in advance and what is the reason for it. We can know the overall history of the business search and transaction or keep the customer data safe and secure on this business process by using Quikr mobile apps and its chat.

Identify the real personality and follow up:

There could be few anonymous who would just like to steal our information and try to misuse or try to make fake business info to lure money. Quikr mobile apps and its chat can let us help to avoid this and this app will assist us to know whether the seller / buyer are genuine or not. Direct and immediate connect each other customers without any phone calls. However, Quikr has already taken an initiative on letting its customer to know by its ‘Terms and Conditions’ beside guideline for both (buyer and seller) to avoid any mishap between them.

Successful business transaction:

Quikr mobile apps and its chat features could help its members to go through for the overall detail, price range, product detail, customer info and successful business confirmation online then offline transaction without any hurdle or issue currently or in the future. This platform helps for mutual business transaction with money saving in a short time on buying or selling their items directly and immediately.

Quikr Nxt features:
People (buyer and seller) looking for various used items online can compare within, get the best quote in the right time, find the lower price to get benefit out of it immediately from Quikr Nxt apps. The search might haunts them for a while till they get the genuine customer and product through this platform online, obtain right information; follow up and negotiate through online sources and transaction directly offline with the satisfactory manner.

However, customer also would like to know the best platform online where they can get particular items or many choices, easy to get searchable items with all the details mentioned, genuine buyer or seller details, nearest location of the selling or buying items list to transact between them in a smooth manner.

This app will help customer to directly post their item’s adv from Mobile phone or Smartphone itself as free. This app will also help the paid customers to post their items ad in Quikr with additional features.

This article is written for Quikr Nxt in association with IndiBlogger’s Happy Hour contest.


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