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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Where is Tamarind trees on the highway

When I was a child, I saw lots of Tamarind trees standing both the sides of the highway road. It is completely disappeared within few decades. To be frank, they are destroyed by human recently and they were planted by human long back. Those trees used to give Tamarind in a particular season, those trees used to give fresh air, shadow, home for other species, wooden for human and helpful for lorry or bus driver when they found their vehicle's break fail and full support and stop to their vehicle.

There were many trees and forest destroyed as such. The careless consumer is more than the selfless planter. It is very hard to find selfless planter nowadays ignoring self on this initiative. Why shall I look for others who is selfless planter? Why not me?!

Once an old man asked his friend who was an old man too, why did you plant the tree now? He said, it will be helpful for others after few decades. His friend said, what is the use of it for you now. He said, nothing more than a dream and benefit to others in the future. Then, why did you plant it? He said, if everybody thinks the same and didn't plant anything other than the forest and those trees consumption, then what will happen to others in the near future? The other old man stunned and helped him to plant more trees.

Those trees were/are helping us, those trees silently helped many and the planter helped many creatures. Remember, not only those trees are helping us but those old man advice, very few people's well wishes and action on planting benefiting us around to freshen breath with other potential advantages. Anyhow, when I/you am/are going to take action and plant a tree? Don't I/you have interested on planting tree as those old man does for us? Be ready.


  1. Nice post! I agree with you! Do read my blog too on this topic! :)

    Amreen Shaikh

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, will do it for sure :)


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