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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mission Impossible, from Bollywood stars

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HP Star Wars IndiBlogger Contest Winner

This scene is going on, in the space, the shuttle is filled up with some Bollywood’s old stars for the star wars. They are qualified for this mission since few of them were villains, they are the best and known all the tactics to encounter their enemy on the space too. The dialogue between Ajith (well known Bollywood’s old villain) and his companion Prem Chopra (as Robert) etc. You just need to imagine that they are on the space with a great mission and exchanging their dialogues (Hindi / English) in the shuttle while their mission is on. Here you go for it.

Robert: Boss, our system has corrupted due to unknown force and attacks from the space that putting it in dilemma. System is hanging, some of the USB port in the system is not looks like some part of the system is completely malfunction.

Ajith: Raabert (Ajith used to pronounce / call him like that), iska matlab, koi hamare mission aur system pe paani pher diya? (Is someone spoiled and messed up our mission and system?)

Robert: Yes, boss! It looks like

Ajith: What about the alternate system?

Robert: Boss, the alternate system / laptop also virus attacked recently…it has an issue too

Ajith: Ye, cyrus kidhar se aaya? (Who is that Cyrus?)

Robert: Cyrus nahi boss, ye computer virus hai, software...(It is not Cyrus but Computer Virus)

Ajith: Oh..., tho uss system ko bhi upar se paani (water) daal do (Throw water on that system)

Robert: Why boss?

Ajith: Paani virus ko jeene nahi dega aur Electrical power virus ko marne nahi dega (Water won't let virus to live nor electric power let virus to die)

Robert: Oh boss, will do it so…

Ajith: Can you replace your laptop that brought recently?

Robert: Which one boss?

Ajith: You shown me recently that carried along with you!

Robert: Boss, you mean my personal laptop HP new edition notebook that I recently bought?

Ajith: Yes, something like that and I don't remember the name and series etc.

Robert: Boss, this laptop comes with 2.3 GHz speed, powered by Intel i5 processor, 6 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard disk and 128 MB Intel HD Graphics to play nice games and even work for our current mission.

Ajith: Ok, but I don't understand the technical specification detail and I just wanted you to replace the corrupted one, time being to, #AwakenYourForce. You will be compensated for it.

Robert: Sorry boss, it is a precious one and won't give it as I have to play the game later on or whenever I am free.

Ajith: Very smart. How can you play the game when we may die soon due to the system corrupted issue and if our direction changed wrongly then it might kill us, despite you have the precious laptop?

Robert: Ok boss, instead of my laptop, I will replace the USB hub time being for the current system issue from my multi USB hub that I bought recently from Amazon, and it will work and we can move smoothly for a while.

Ajith: How many multi USB hub do you have?

Robert: Total 10 boss? Each has 5 USB ports!

Ajith: Have you bought and brought 10 multi USB hubs here? Amazing!

Robert: Yes boss, just the offer was going on and I bought 12 packs total in bulk from Amazon, two kept at home and ten brought here along.

Ajith: Fantastic. So, first fix one USB hub to the system and connect another 5 USB hub in the same USB hub and ports, so, overall we will have 25 USB ports to go with, without any problem.

Robert: Yes boss, you are right. I will connect likewise which is enough to plug and work, System USB, mouse USB, cooling pad USB, audio USB, Compass USB, Dongle USB, Panel USB, Tower USB, Radar USB, Printer USB and so on.

Ajith: And make sure they are not we...

Robert: Ok boss. Done!

Ajith: Waise tho system aur shuttle hang hone se hum log bhi space me hi floating karte rahenge. Kuch nahi hoga...ha ha haaa...

Robert: Boss, why Mona is crying?

Mona: I am afraid of a disaster and death on the space itself

Ajith: Mona, ye rona, sona, hona and lona…ye sabb naatak bandh karo yahaa. You are not lucky enough to get a death in the space.

(suddenly a bang sound and shuttle jerks)

Robert: Boss, someone triggered, blasted and put it a hole on our shuttle! we are in danger!

Ajith: Don't worry Robert, put it one more hole nearby.

Robert: Why boss?

Ajith: There will be 'in' and 'out' exactly! So no issue.

Robert: Boss, it is not necessary to do will happen automatically.

Ajith: You damn it...very smart! I am telling you to cover the hole by using protection shield cover mode which is functioning on the upper area, if you command it via system.

Robert: Ok boss, it is done, that big hole is fully covered now, we are in safe. System also working fine without any issue. Mutli-hub helps perfectly.

Ajith: Very good. You will be rewarded for the great job done.

Robert: What about the shuttle’s ‘system’ that corrupted and given a big flaw though we managed it boss despite it is a new purchased one only?

Ajith: Don't worry, after our mission and once we reached the earth, I will sue that branded computer company for carelessness, poor quality system given to us for higher and 'upper' risk.

Robert: What will happen to that branded computer company, boss?

Ajith: They would sue-cide due to a big flaw and hole in it.

Robert: Ok boss. Let me take a rest for two hours and you can control the shuttle now.

Ajith: Where do you go? It is space and not the earth to roam outside the home or go for a dating or shopping or casino etc.

Robert: No boss, few hours relaxing within shuttle only and would like to use my HP notebook new edition for playing star wars games.

Ajith: Oh…very smart, right now what you did it here?

Robert: It is a different one boss, the interesting one is when we play it on the notebook / laptop with pressing keyboard, red lights, audio, video, excitement, thrilling, points, gun and fun etc.

Ajith: Ok, carry on and let me know once you finished playing the star war games

Robert: Ok, but why boss?

Ajith: I wanted to continue to play the same star wars game from your laptop, after leaving Mona darling.

Robert: Ok boss. Done. I will take care Mona afterward.

Ajith: Very smart!


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