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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Few points to remember upon Blogging or Writing

As title says, few points to remember on blogging and this could help your blog to look beautiful and simply get the best in search result, like organic traffic.

What are the few points to remember upon blogging?

Before going through this, I would like to ask Blogger a simple question, yes, how do you search the required webpage or information online? 
Any other way than search engine
Are you using search engine tool to get it done? 
Are you using few required keywords input to get the result what you are looking for? 
If so, how do you search and get the result? 
Is resulted satisfied you? 
Are resulted top 10 to 20 websites given enough or required information to you? 
What you saw the changes in between? 
What are the things you found on a webpage that satisfied your search.

Image courtesy: elegantthemes

Before your answer, I will tell or answer you what you have got almost right information from the webpage that you landed and satisfied from it. You could have observed on that page that, blogging person would have given the neat and clean information for the keywords that you had entered just. That webpage might have given lot of information about the searched keywords or lets say around or more than 1000 words at least. Also, the below points you might have came across from it.

1. Full of information or at least more than five hundred words
2. Few HTML tags
3. Few Image tags
4. Few Internal links
5. One or two video tag/s (in rare case)
6. Simple and enough content
7. Quality of the blog appearance
8. Author / Blogger profile
9. Few bold or italic fonts
10. Few plug-in including social media one
11. Internal Search tool
12. Comments option
13. Contact detail
14. Fast page loading
15. Few ads

At least these fifteen points you might have observed it. Yes, this is one of the reason that page resulting as the best one in a search engine and get page impression. They get indexed because of the hard work put by the author for a single post. So, try to spend few minutes extra and publish the quality post. One quality post is far better than thousands of scrap or poor quality posts. The better post, the chances of making money online.

It is hereby informed that, this post might not have such a deep info, however, I will try to add those points over here.

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