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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Shahrukh Khan's Home photos

It was happened to visit Mumbai for an event during November 2016 and got an opportunity to pass by and spend just few minutes at Shah Rukh Khan's home entrance or gate in Bandra, Mumbai. The opportunity got due to our event was in Mahboob Studio Bandra and SRK home is just walkable distance. I can rather say that his home is in between of our Hotel stays at Taj Land's End and Mahboob studio in Bandra, Mumbai.You might have seen his home live or from TV or video etc. however, I would like to share little info about it.

It happened to see in that just few minutes over there was all about many visitors reaching and taking snaps in-front of SRK's home called Mannath. The photo is given herewith, the right side apartment is not the SRK one but the gate and left shown like White House is his one. 

His home is exactly in front of Bandra's beach view or land's end toward Arabian sea. Hope his fans or visitors are enjoying this visiting place since it is in front of Bandra's beach view.

A small park is in front of SRK's home and one can enjoy the pigeons' friendly approach and some chat over there.


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