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Saturday, March 4, 2017

PIO Tea and JIO Tea

It was just few days back I was all alone at home, yes, it was like Home Alone adventure type. My Bro and family member knows that I am tired and sleeping well and will not come to the function till my normal duty time hours begin in the evening and on...even during Weekends, the afternoon and midnight busy shift put me in that habit for the past few months. So, they left me alone for attending the occasion and I was all alone and enjoyed deep sleeping in the day time till normal hours to wake up.
After woke up in the one fine Saturday evening, felt very relaxed and had late lunch (which is bad habit I know - missing on-time food), sat for a while without using Smartphone or Laptop or used to hurry burry for kicking the bike to move to office in the weekdays etc.. I was thinking all about something with half hearted and half minded but feeling little sleepy as well. I wanted to overcome from that mood and be active for a while or to enjoy the Saturday night or till weekend over, so, I came out from the sitting and thinking place, just went to kitchen to see if there is boiled milk to make a cup of tea to refresh myself (I know to cook tea and boiled egg only or how to make Indian masala tea or how to make boiled egg - in SEO terms), found nothing around, so opened the refrigerator to take a milk packet to make a cup of tea as I am little lazy at that moment to go to a Tea shop if somewhere nearby.

The milk packet was opened and put it in the vessel, stove on, kept it in a low heat level and went to call my friend who can come to my home or I can go to his home later for spending few hours with him or going around with him for few hours as fun. The call was absolutely free as JIO helping Indians at the moment and thanks to Reliance as well. I had spent around fifteen minutes fun calls with him and twice disconnected the calls automatically. He then return called me up and went on speaking around thirty more minutes (again thanks to JIO / Reliance) without any missing gap of recent office story and fun around.

However, we said each other 'bye' after spending around forty five minutes of call, I suddenly remember the boiling milk and ran toward the kitchen to see what had happened to milk. Oh my God, it has become almost like a Milkmaid type right now than normal boiled milk for a tea. I immediately turned off the stove and luckily it was in a low heat level and found something strange thickness with just half of the milk measurement right now. The vessel looks half burned as well.

I took a saucer and put the heated milk (Milkmaid) and added sugar, wow, it was really superb. God helped me to have a finest Milkmaid type sweet than tea at the moment. Enjoyed half of the sweet (though I don't like sweet much). I then added little water on that boiled milk to make a cup of tea. Yes, this time I was very careful and not attended any calls. I however made a tea by waiting to cook it patiently and enjoyed the tea with much better in taste, like Paani kam chaai (zero water milk tea). It was the day that I become carefulness, freshness and learned some lesson by the way.

PIO Tea and JIO Tea.


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