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Friday, April 14, 2017

What is Donkey's laugh

I don't know whether you heard this story before or not, but this is just sharing with you, all about funny Animals laugh vs Donkey's one. Read about why other says Donkey's laugh or What is Donkey's laugh? etc.

The school bus entered in a Zoo, the bus carrying around forty kids in it and of course with teachers and headmistress etc. It was for two days and a night trip from the school. It was afternoon 3pm by the time they reached the mega Zoo and it was delayed to enter the zoo due to other visiting place consumed the morning time. Anyhow, they were able to complete seeing few animals only and the zoo time got over to close it for the day. The signal given for it.

The school management staff asked Zoo management to permit to continue it the next day since the kids were unable to complete seeing, enjoy the entire species and places in the zoo.

The management of the Zoo agreed it freely to honor them next day since it was from the school, and kids' matter too. They went out of the zoo and enjoyed the night amusement near to their accommodation for the day. They got refreshed and reached the zoo in the morning time itself as priority. This time most of the kids seen and observed the entire animals in the zoo. They enjoyed the day over there and the question slightly araised from a kid to other and on. 

The question was nothing but they observed yesterday that most of the animals were in good mood and had smile faces but donkey and its silent. But today is different one, yes, only donkey is in a good mood and shouting / laughing but rest of the animals in a silent mood and not smiling etc. than showing natural silent behavior.

So, there were no answers for this question from Head mam or teachers toward kids but they too were eager and tried to know it. The teachers luckily found and asked the nearby zookeeper about it. He then explained as below;

The zookeeper told a joke to all animals in the zoo upon feeding them yesterday...all the animals understood the joke yesterday itself but donkey understood it today. This is the Donkey's laugh - either not understanding or understanding it very late.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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