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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Forest Jump 2 in Bandipur - Believe it or not

We visited one of the forest called Bandipur, Karnataka, India. It was just less than a year ago. The resort what our senior people / friend booked was something strange and they had already visited in the same property couple of times. So, they had booked the same once again despite many luxury resorts are around with the same tariff.

Whatsoever, these guys booked the same one due to adventure, some spooky and shadow feeling. They used to talk about it in the office once in a while when I was even never been there. So, I too agree to go with them to know the realty. By completing this article, you will know the forest adventure, the best resort in Bandipur, adventure place in Bandipur, haunted place in Bandipur etc. etc.

Anyhow, we reached there in the early morning as we left our home on Friday night. It was Saturday morning and had to be there to enjoy the weekend with friends and the adventure too.

The resort looked like a thrilling one and the reception area was just like an old wooden items., made with bamboo and some tree branches precisely. Some old historical items were there which let us make nervous a bit - haunted feeling. Yeah, the resort was inside the deep forest and without any fence plus very silent atmosphere except rare birds murmuring.

We entered the reserved room, it hardly has slim silver sheet on the top and four square wall with the same sheet, the door of the room is like you have to close it by chain and a small pad lock. Forest home feeling. The door can be broken easily if someone push little harder. 

The room was a bigger enough and can accommodate around 8 people easily. The restroom was somewhat okay. This small info letting you to know the main chapter next. Regarding this resort I have already written as Forest Jump 2 - Adventure trip in Bandipur at Tiger Ranch Resort.

Now coming back to main theme. We took the rest after pressurized lunch (lunch was tasty and okay) and small walk around. We slept and woke up in the evening for the preparation of the camp fire, dinner, fun and on. 

The sunset already in place and we started to feel like thrilling as there was no fence nearby in mid-forest, it is almost like a midnight feeling, no security around except around fifty meters walk to reception area, very few bulbs shining somewhere far, drizzling moment, only few other rooms like ours nearby where only three people doing the same activity as we were at that time.

One of the thin shin security guard came toward us and we introduced and asked him some query, like, can we go little inside the forest (we were already in mid-forest)? 

He said, you can go but no guarantee about your return. 

We got thrilled. We asked him, can you take us little inside the forest? 

He said, I can but the problem is I have a confidence that I can comeback in any condition but no guarantee about you guys return from the thick dark forest, so, I don't want to do it. 

We just shocked again.

We once again told him, we will pay some amount to take us in the dark forest area in this time, he said, I won't take you guys over there even if you pay one lakh rupees. We got thrilled again and felt more dangerous.

This thin shin guy asked us, have you seen any animal (like Leopard, Tiger, Snakes, Bear, Elephant, Deer, Sambar etc.) around since you came? We said 'not yet except monkeys and its disturbs around'. He said, but they saw you already! Again we shocked.

The same thin shin guy went and came back after one hour to help us on fire-camp and cooking assistant, he looked like shadow in the night, however, we managed him to identify. 

He was the person who would stay in a small hut at night for security purpose to supervise few cottages, he fully drunk and his legs goes here and there and seems not steady as he supposed to be. But he is going to secure us, no idea what he would do in real in case if anything happened.

You can also read Forest Jump Adventure 1 , Adventure 2 and Adventure 3.

Time being enjoy this article by reading once again and I will blog about the next incident like night stays (sound at night), elephant attack (our cars), tiger glance missing and on.


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