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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How my mother resembles

I would like to write about my mother but I can't say how my mother actually resembles against any actress or Bollywood actress but no one can resemble like my mother, of course, she is greater than actress and she is greater because of she lived real life with various challenges on the way and she took care every minute, she let us learn and live in a real life ever. I am also resembling around fifty percent like her (other says as well). So, history and memory of her within me too. 

Image courtesy: D Park

Regarding this topic, I would like to go further with real story of "other's" which you might have come across or not, who resemble actress coincidentally or not. Anyhow, read it carefully which goes with an extra mile. The topic is very important one and trying to write very simply and in my own style.

Here you go. A lady doctor told a true story to her friend about a patient which she came across out of many in her profession life recently, this was really strange and memorable one for a long!

A man around 30 years old entered the lady Doctor's room and accompanying an old woman. The woman wanted to runaway from him and looks she was mentally ill. The Doctor also observed that she was doing very strange act again and again and she even doesn't know where she is, what she doing is, but that young man tried to be calm, kind, love and control her like a child.

It was observed that the boy used to get bites on his hands from her and she used to spit on his face as well, he still keep on smiling. She also often laughing and going around the Doctor's table and disturbing Doctor too.

Doctor asked him who she is, he replied, 'my Mother'. The Doctor then asked him what is her story all about? The young man said that his mother was born with mental disorder. As usual, the next question from Doctor was, how she gave birth to you?. The boy told her my grandfather made my father marry her to run a life and get a kid which my grandma and grandpa generally don't want to leave her with old age whether she is OK or not, some said it is possible that she can get some cure after her marriage etc. so the wedlock happened and onward.

So, this boy's father left her after a year he was born. His maternal grandpa and grandma was taking care her and him. When the boy was about 10 years old, son is the one serving her (mother). He further said, when he want to sleep then he used to tie up his foot with her foot so that she cannot runaway.

Doctor asked this gentleman, why did you bring her to the clinic?. The boy said that his mother has Blood pressure and Diabetes issue so wanted to diagnose with specialist. The Doctor further observed that she (mother) was laughing and telling both, give me fruit and he gave her the fruit and smiled at her and she was laughing again. He rubbed her mouth corner to clean the fruit particles from there and taken care for every silly act over there.

Doctor asked him, this is your mother but she doesn't know you? He replied, By GOD she don't know that I am her son but the ONE who created me knows that she is my mother. Then the mother shouted at the son, hey you are liar, why you did not take me to outside as she saw some tourist place in the LCD screen there. Son replied, on Sunday Mom, Didn't I told you that I will take you on coming Sunday?.

The Doctor said to him, would you take her to a tourist place? Do you know how hurdle you and your mom can face from it and her health can become more issue?. He said that whenever she wants to go somewhere, he take her there, no matter how many times she wants to go, he don't want that she wish anything and he don't make her wish to come true which he is able to do it.

Then they went out after diagnosed, the Doctor also left home earlier than normal duty hours, the Doctor came to home and closed the door, locked it and cried as much as she could to lighten her heart. 

The Doctor said to her friend, I have heard the parental rights but never saw before a boy whose Mother doesn't even know own son but the son life is all under mother's feet and this gentleman serves her best to please Mother and God.

He could have easily sent his mother to Mental Hospital but he chosen to serve his Mom and take care of her, so that the door of Heaven remains open in his life here and hereafter. As elder says, indeed paradise lies at the feet of Mother. Even if you sacrifice your whole life for your parents, you have done nothing for them!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

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