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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Thanks to Delhi Metro Authorities

My friends were on a fun plus business trip to Delhi from Bangalore, it was just few months back. They were on just fun and casual (trip mood than business aside) from Bangalore Airport to New Delhi. 

They got a cab till the Aerocity to get the Metro to roam in Delhi once they landed in Delhi.They got down at Rajiv chowk from Metro and few minutes later one of them realized that he missed his laptop bag from the Metro train which the train just left and the laptop cost around Rs 40K and the data for client might be around or more than one lakh worth.

Their fun stopped for a while due to carelessness on this. They had no idea what to do since the train already left that station few minutes back. They were totally confused for the next step to grab the laptop bag which is missing right now. One of them told to catch the same train to get the things done but the other one said it is not possible to catch the same train and the laptop since it is already gone and huge crowd already in it. Possibly negative result only.

Anyhow, they suggested among to try their best at any cost. They finalized and approached to Metro helpdesk over there after it, they just informed the situation to the helpdesk people at Rajiv Chowk in Delhi. That's it. They informed them to wait for few minutes over there after enquiry and contact number. They did. And, the metro guys too done it. 

Yes, the helpdesk from Delhi Metro and Rajiv chowk done it, they brought the laptop back within few minutes. Don't you believe it? Yes, they too for a while. They can't believe it really. The laptop came in a different Metro train toward Rajiv chowk after their communication, observation and follow up.

My friends were happy a lot and it was not because of their thing got back but the way the laptop bag came back to them with the help of Metro guys. Hats off really.

In addition, one of my friend took the purse and paid Rs 500 to them as honor, they immediately refused it. One of my friends thought that Rs 500 is less so he was ready to pay more and added few notes more but they said again 'No'. 

They humbly said, we have just done our duty. After sometime they got few calls from different places that - do they got their missing things perfectly? They said yes. Then they just acknowledged it and no question about any money asking from anyone. Great job from Metro guys. Really great!

Note: Don't always think that your carelessness and missed belonging can be taken by others or corrupted people or system around. No. Proud to be an Indian. Thanks to authorities and Delhi Government too.

I don't want to miss to blog on this really, so, remember long back but unfortunately I didn't write on-time due to various other tasks.


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