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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lesson for a cleaner and safer India

We used to hear campaign about Clean India everywhere but we forget our own responsible on this. To recall our responsible, kindly read this short article to learn some lesson on this subject.

There was a big place where the preacher used to preach about all human kind wellness and do’s and don’ts for everyone’s future sake. Generally people used to come from various locations as mass crowd, listen the preaching, appreciate, few of them follows practically and some just listen then forget it. In such place, there would be normally basic facility arranged for free such as seating facility, fan / electricity facility, food items, water facility, bathing facility and toilet facilities etc. Those days (80 years ago), there were no Indian Toilets but either man-made toilets in some of the places which manually used to clean when needed or an open defecation which affected health for those users including kids and women.

The head and preacher arranged manpower for everything to assist for the crowd on food service, water facility, bathing facility except the cleaning of the toilet / sanitary task. Still local people and other concern used to think sometime about mass crowd and their sanitary cleaning taking place and ignore that task since an old man alone (clothes covered with head / nose with different uniform dress wearing) used to arrive in the very early morning with kit to do the concern task. The days and years were gone as such, one fine day the old man didn’t arrive at the location and visitors started to talk about the sanitary / toilet cleanliness issue at that place on the following day itself.

Concern authorities were searching for that old man and unable to complain to head and preacher since head was out of station and preacher was very recently died. The concern authorities tried to hire local labor temporarily to clean it, also they approached the home of the head to inform about it since those days tele-communication was little tough one. They again approached to Preacher’s house to know the address of the old man who used to clean to reach him out for seeking usual assistance. The Preacher’s wife permitted them to enter the home and check the uniform / clothes to identify whether this is the person they are looking for? They identified that “Yes”, he is the one with the same uniform and covering clothes. Then Preacher’s wife told them ‘keep it secret’ this matter whether it could be of scandal or prestige matter but the fact is that Preacher used to clean those toilets / sanitary every day and showered before preaching people, since long. They were shocked about it, they realized about their own responsibilities and wellness of whole mankind which lies within. The old man very well aware about the cleanliness too which helps to help human being and eradicate the various dreadful diseases and air pollution beside preaching.

To avoid the various dreadful diseases and air pollution in India beside major issues related to health and safety, now few companies like Domex has taken an initiative to eradicate open defecation in villages and other towns. You can feel own responsible and bring changes in the lives of millions of people including kids, women and elders by supporting for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids and others live a dignified life.

This article is written for Domex Initiative from IndiBlogger. Thanks to visitors.


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