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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Remembering those days in college

Those days like a dream to reach the College due to various reasons, one of them is study, though the main aim will be studying further once we passed out either in 10th class or 12th class to reach college. But, we have again different reasons to reach the college beside study, it is just like an entertainment, new place after a long gap from same school study, show the world that you become youth by entering college and possible to get revenue in future from business or work once college study over in very near future, dreaming world and so on.

However, we need to think on this topic about two different views, one is college perspective and the other one is student perspective. I have stated here both. Some state’s education pattern says that the College entry is once we passed out 10th class to reach the Junior College like Pre-University Course (PUC – 10+2) and some state’s education pattern says that the College entry would be once we passed out 12th class to reach the College for Bachelor’s Degree by choosing related subject.

However, as per recalling, I would like to state something about the college days when I passed out in 12th standard with first class marks / percentage (fortunately) to enter the Bachelor’s degree. In general, student has to face lot of new challenges beside dream, dream and dream upon entering the college. This includes day dream, night dream and the future dream in unknown atmosphere. Other than this, student will be on teenage with glamour, realizing reality or truth compare to childhood or early days where everyone or everything was good, old school mates separated, future or scope thoughts, new atmosphere, new faces as college mates, lack of understanding, solo on ground, ragging by seniors, disappointment on course selection, disappointment on instructor or professor or even Principal sometime, hatred on class projects, possible for new and useless love, roaming with friends, tour and travel, student election campaign, delay for class, nothing to worry on exam despite not studied, love with arrears, love to pass the time including in cafeteria and so on. We just happy to pass 3 to 4 years in the college whether we achieved our main aim or not but we were ready to achieve rest of the things.

I was afraid to enter the college due to ragging than any others; I tried to avoid going to college for first few days after Admission. Later, I had been to college regularly though I got struck with minor ragging which I could lose nothing but Rs 20 and some question from senior to answer where HoD (Head of the Department) entered upon. He, hee, heeee. My college was famous in two things, one is ragging, and the other one is the college surrounded with reputed girls’ colleges and girls’ secondary and higher secondary schools which helped our collegians as an entertainment, fun and even sometime love source for few (I will tell you later about me). Now, you have to identify my college or its name where I would have studied or passed the time – he hee heee. You have to understand that study is different in such atmosphere, so, if you are solo and interested in study then doesn't matter, you can study and pass out – it is just like it is in your own hand to pass or fail to get Degree, as usual. At the same time, we used to see the release of the movie related to college during entering or joining the college, as same as, for e.g. Jo Jeetha Wohi Sikander movie and eager to watch it despite getting from black ticket.

During college days, we sometime used to think that we are broadminded or well matured compare to our parents or elders or seniors around, sometime we used to even think that we are master in teaching than the college instructor or principal though not studied as we supposed to be. Sometime it became true in few cases but not for all.

Now education, our country education system is little different and late updates on eco-system or international educational eco-system. How? When I was in abroad a decade ago, I heard about B.Sc Accounts subject (remember - BSc Accounts) degree in their colleges from well known countries, I surprised on Degree title and realized that this will not come to India unless we spend few decades and education pattern changes here slowly by Ministry level which they will know it first before me. Also, our citizen will laugh and surprise when we talk early about BSc Accounts. Why BSc Accounts? It is not related to Bachelor of Science? Finally, after a decade it came to India following western education pattern by Indian Govt, which our current student follows too for various other degrees and education level.

This post is my entry for 'My College Diary' contest held by travel blog My Yatra Diary in collaboration with'.

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  1. Thanks for considering me. I wrote one piece long back

    Do not know if I can come up with another. If I do and if I put it up, I shall ping you.

    1. Oh, thanks a lot Suresh.OK. Yes, lovely professor for you :) at that time.


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