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Saturday, December 13, 2014

No Achcham…No fear! Those days in my College

Human and other species generally born with fear (Achcham - in Tamil) as one of the instinct among many characteristic or the behavior. Different fears may comes across in different occasions or situations other than fun filled one or sad one or general one. But, which fear makes you more thrill, suspense, new, no idea for solution and many risk filled in including do or die situation alone? How to rise above fear in such circumstances? How to take risk in life to succeed and how to overcome from fear then claim victory which can be of turning point in your life. Read this article for more detail on No fear or No Achcham in our life.

Advice or suggestion can get easily in this world but how about practical risk taking alone without anyone’s support or an idea which involves life or death to reach some target, success and achievement. Only few people will face fear situation and take risky action to get succeed in their lifetime. There is saying that the one who afraid God will not afraid anyone since death is certain which needless to fear for it but live happily and take some steps boldly ‘for the right one or valid one’.

As one of the dialogue from Gabbar Singh, Jo dargaya so margaya! (Dead who feared for, even though he/she live).

I can give many examples on this topic but it is not an easy to write all in one post. Here I will write only one situation for it which I faced in College days.

There was College election campaign going on within College where some spark happened among two different student / pupil parties where the clashes between them finally about to an end in Principles office. It was unfortunate for the College Principle, well wishers and decent studying student that Principle got head injured due to hitting stone directly on his head which done by one of the student on that group upon Principal compromising between these two parties. That’s it, other surrounded Professors and HoD called the Police department (though their vehicles always used to stand near our college for the sake of college students’ act) and they arrived with little gap as usual. Meanwhile, the clash becomes even more serious before entering by Police group in the premises. I and my friend have to run to the third floor of the college class to hide on this situation where there were thousands of college students who runs on the same time as human tide upon Police entry.

Indian Police control the situation as usual with lathi charge and tear gas for a while. Pin drop silent in the college premises, hard to see bird flying over there. I was thinking of some serious situation since it was my first year study in college where I saw the live situation as such than movie. The area was like a desert for couple of hours. I suddenly thought of my College exam’s fee and its last day. I had to take Demand Draft for it or else I would be disqualified for the upcoming exam, oh God. I discussed with my college class mates and they shouted on me, they said, why you made delay on this since anything at anytime could happen in our college or even sometime in our country like strike, death and so on. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

My heart says go and get it done or else you will be in trouble and my mind says be careful. Only one thing I can do is to face do or die situation on that moment, I have to exit from the college and get the DD then enter the college till College Admin for submitting the DD with ID copy. How, possible for lathi charge to me or tear gas or even possible for sever action from Police that can be of shooting order on the move too. I have to and I have to – my heart says. I remembered God then slowly walked away from friends and passing through open ground and exit way of the college. Many (including Police) were seeing me like a deer walking alone in 200 meters path that is about face any situation right now. Eyes on me, eyes on me and eyes on me by all, including God. Thank God, nothing happened and exits safely and reached the Bank which is very near to my college.

I got a DD within half an hour and enquired the college situation by Bank authorities then I explained them accordingly. Ok, now the situation is again to enter the college with same dangerous atmosphere. Again remembering God and moving slowly from the entry Gate of the College (where Police enquired about me) and explained them softly about last day and DD (shown) to submit. They agreed to enter and slowly moving toward Admin with thrilled situation again, many again looking on me and this time got little confidence since Police conversation taken place just. Yeah, reached 100 meters path so far, still panicked in this pin drop silent atmosphere. Anything could happen.

A group of Police were moving to a different direction of the College which panicked me for a while then still moved on till Admin which came closely. Yeah, I made it, I made it and I reached the Admin and submitted the DD and ID copy to the concern authority. In reply, authority looking on me with angry as I am the only guy who gave him works on this situation. For a safety reason, I stayed few hours nearby College Admin area only till the situation come little calm, yes, they announced “indefinite college strike” which is really bad for the one whom studying well or who doesn’t involve in unnecessary act etc.

However, I won the day – did my work, no fear and no tear. No Achcham, Achchai meeri Uchchai Thodu...yeah.


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