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Friday, December 19, 2014

Yes or No - To be or Not to be, Pre-Martial

I am going to write on this topic casually just like straight from the heart whether I win the contest or not. Pre-Martial sex won't mostly suit for Indian Culture since it is against all religions customs that made thousands years back and followed accordingly despite few does against act from long. Whenever we talk about Pre-Martial sex we just pay attention or think only on girls against religions or society’s custom and how about boy who does Pre-Martial sex prior his marriage? Yes, this bias prevails against male vs female on this topic.

Adam and Eve / Stone Age:

If you consider Stone Age from Adam and Eve, God made them as couple and not as Eve is like a Girl friend of Adam but married couple or Eve as Adam’s wife rather different relation or fiction. By accepting this, one can move little ahead with little different custom at the initial stage which we as majority need to agree with our elder’s decision on this scenario.

The next come to our mind is Pre-Marital subject; most of them generally says No to Pre-Marital but will not describe more on why than they follow the customs or elders. Do you think custom made just to stop individual’s happiness on this subject, No, individual can enjoy but with following discipline and custom. If there is no custom and discipline on this subject then there will be no differences among human and animal. 

The toughest thing on individual happiness among this topic is not because of ritual or custom but it is just because of marriage unnecessary additional formalities and costs that unable to bear most of them which create mess up on this easy process. You can simply marry and enjoy the nature to avoid various health, crime and society issues than Pre-martial act. Few guys happy causes angry for many.

Though this subject is like both the sides of the coin, fewer pros and more cons would be there, only very few people who involved would be pleased and the one who come to know about it might be displeased due to such act which is against all law despite mutual involvement.

In general, only very few people might be happy on this (topic/act) but mostly against on Pre-Martial sex whether they do involve or support directly or indirectly. However, I would like to know opinion first from honest and discipline Girls or Women on this topic. You can also know the different opinion from PoonaamUppal's True Love - A Mystical True Love Story on Flipkart. You can also find the discussion on this topic here.

This article is written for YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex contest in association with IndiBlogger.


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