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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Heights of Email Marketing - Digital one

Note: I am starting with this note due to some writers copied / plagiarism my work and got the due credit. The copying content is not only the copycat or plagiarism category but copying idea too. Kindly do not copy this post and publish or re-publish it somewhere else on your Blog or Forum etc. The search engine is smarter than you to catch and remove or de-index the copied content and blacklist you as well at anytime. I might also file a DMCA for re-producing it at source somewhere as I used to check my post quite often for this purpose.

Now, coming back to the point on Heights of Email Marketing. Yes, there are advantages and disadvantages from Email marketing for both, I mean, the business firm and the end user. Yes, the way the emails are filling up in our Inbox in the way of email marketing is really strange for the end user or receiver and at the same time they are very important for business firm to get the potential end users around. They target the customer as they like randomly and possibly some of them get their customers too. Yes, few of them reach heaven from such cash or discount offer. On the other hand, they have to achieve the sales target as well, so, we wish them to grow their business. The strange one become known during such business deal.

However, Email Marketing is one of the development of Digital marketing to get the potential customer as they desire plus mass online advertisement of the product but it doesn’t mean the emails are however have to come with funny, strange, attractive and on. We may unsubscribe them is a different story. In most of the cases, we have not directly or indirectly applied for these email campaign but they gush in our Inbox.

What are the heights of Email Marketing?

The subject of the incoming email to your inbox might be like one of the below points and its outcome might be as stated too.

Pre-approved loan within five minutes (E-approval) or Loan amount for your cash requirement: Yeah, they are just crediting huge money in our bank account within few minutes or hour once we applied for it even after furnishing the complete and verified document. This is really astonishing and they may credit practically for very few and that too rare cases. In some case, few unable to pay the approved loan and suicide too.

Home loan on the spot: Yes, Bank is getting free money from somewhere and after our document verification, distribute home  (turn your dream into reality) immediately by paying nominal amount and the rest due on EMI easily.

Hair loss solution (Monsoon [seasonal] offer): Yes, they are God to replace the natural hair instantly and free.

Lingerie advertisement: Yeah, they don’t know the gender but gently emailing us with different gender’s beauty lingerie, to attract?

2.5 lakh brides waiting for you: Though you may not have signed up or behind this (matrimonial) site for any purpose, some of the matrimonial sites are sending such unique and funny title / advertisement. I used to receive differently and one of them was like ‘2.5 lakh brides are looking for you’. Why? One is not enough? Also, loan for marriage and dresses or honeymoon etc. I am also wondering how the 'girls' or 'bride' will receive such email with similar titles? Haa haaa haaaa....

Free Movie Ticket: When you check this email, there will be adv and a clickable link, you will get the detail on how you have to spend the money first and get the rest. They may give you Film voucher or Pizza or KFC voucher or Fuel surcharge waiver.

Luxury car and test rides with huge discount offer: Yeah, you are deliberately lucky fellow if you get it and use the car just for test drive and complete their form after finishing the test drive.

Get Free Railway or Air Ticket using XYZ debit or credit card, this is almost same as Return on Investment. There are some adv like free adventure vacation or holidays too.

Different Insurance and scheme: It may panic you to get what they want. The subject and content might be anything (including unimaginable accident, death, poverty and on – yeah, they are God to replace the loss for everything), the subject and content - I mean anything which rarely may or may not happen but they needed what they want from you.

Online trade and huge return: When the expert in share trading can’t get what they want from offline source then there would be guarantee for the beginners too to get the huge return on their investment online. You are lucky if you go with them.

Online rummy and huge money: Someone’s photo will be there who won but there won’t be many peoples’ photo and their comment that lose billions from this source.

These are far better than fake campaign like you have won the lottery or lucky draw from XYZ company etc. so, please send your personal detail :)

I have to write many things as such but no time. Thanks for your patience and reading, hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned for more articles from this blog. Have a great day :)

Second Note: Kindly do not copy this post and publish or re-publish it somewhere else on your Blog or Forum etc. The search engine is smarter than you to catch and remove the copied content and blacklist you.


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