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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A secret plot to defeat the Indian - tips

Hey Coach, I learned and understand few things about the Indian to go in their way to compete, chase and get success anytime soon but I have some more doubts on their lifestyle and behavior before reaching and implementing them, kindly clear this one (Dutch / German sportsman asked his coach on team gathering while the coach was telling the secret plot to defeat the Indian team in a well known sports).

Yes, raise your question (Coach replied to him).

We are in Europe, our climate is most of the time cold compare to India, we used to have food with less or no spicy, we uses sweet items, we consume soft drinks, and hot drinks to manage the climate etc. but they (Indian) are in a hot climate most of the time naturally, they have spicy and chilly items most of the time in that climate, some uses hot drinks, some uses different chat foods, they seems won't live without green and red chilly items, very few using less or no spicy items, hot tea and coffee consumption is huge than cold items to suit their climate? Ideologies?.

Yes, they are advance in everything though we are unaware of, they looks simple but they challenge everyone and everything including the nature, that is one of their main contribution and possibly win a situation at any mode. Yeah, we suppose to have their food and hot items to match our country's climate but we are unnecessarily concern and doing differently. But they are doing tough to toughest and prepare for everything including to go with the nature or against it. That lead them to be ahead of, like out of the box (Coach replied to him).

Do their children also with the same habit? (Sportsman asked).

Yes, they are more than elders in such a habit. Their kids generally bites hot items like raw Mango slices with red or green chilly sauce, tasting pickle pockets, simply enjoying spicy Kurkure items (that shows in TV adv), Chat foods, many Chilly items, many strong sweet items that tooth hurdles and on (Coach replied to him). In addition, the children play cricket sports in such a hot weather that which we can't even imagine.

Hmmm, we are really very far when we compare to them in this (Sportsman said silently).

Yes, we are in many things (Coach replied silently).

Do we need to be with the same habit to compete and success?

Not really but some have to do in order to face them in their own way to challenge. Think like them, little eat like them, work like them etc. (Coach replied).

Ok, one more question coach (from other sportsman).

Go ahead (Coach replied to him).

Why they uses water in the restroom (toilet) whereas we just using tissue roll (other sportsman asked).

You are almost reached to know the secret. You can start to have their food and drink items then you would probably know the detail (Coach replied to him).

Almost all of them agreed to have some Indian food and drinks as a beginning to battle on the ground with Indian, sooner or later. They started to have some hot and spicy food with soft drinks as a safety precaution.

The next day, one of the sportsman went to the restroom to finish the nature's call and used the tissue paper (than water), the tissue paper got burned upon and he astonished, he then realized that why Indian are using water in their rest room than tissue paper. It was one of the secret in this process. More to come in my next post on this topic.

This is written only for #MoreIndianThanYouThink. You can refer the hashtag on Social media #MoreIndianThanYouThink to know more detail. Hope you enjoyed this article, and we welcome you to add comment.


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