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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Secret plot to defeat Indian - Fantasy Land

India is a democratic country and it has naturally filled up with various good things and less bad one. The good one goes in a silent way slowly and successfully whether they face the trouble or not but facing the trouble by India/n from others is a normal one since a long and it could be a weakness as well, history too says about it. So, someone may trouble us (India / Indian) or someone make someone to trouble us smartly to get benefit out of it. We might be innocent on this or hopeless to either accept the fact or overcome from it.

As said above, the bad one over here is, one or the other day either they get penalized from the law or in a different natural way - sooner or later. It is also seen that most of the time bad one get excused after certain duration. Anyhow, they are a part of the scenes and natural circumstances over here even based on fate and belief besides. 

And the most important over here is, this country (India) is blessed and filled up with natural resources, four seasons, hard working farmers (which is backbone as well), sentiment in almost everyone, many languages, many religions, many castes, many sub-castes, different color sands, different sources, different habit, different histories, natural eco-system, top education (since Sanskrit language and on), technology improvement and on. It is almost going like Unity in Diversity. You will see more detail below.

Back to main theme of the (woven) story on the topic of the "Secret plot to defeat Indian in a Fantasy Land" by others.

A large group discussed on how to defeat the Indian (seeing the enormous and different development compare to developed or developing countries). As usual, many in group expressed a lot of ideas including Indian way of thinking to chase and get success. Few said on education improvement to do in their country to chase Indian, few said agriculture improvement to do in their country to get success, one said tourism development can help them to get success, the other said Sports also plays important role to get success (given IPL example for this) and one of the point brought over here is 'Entertainment' as well comparing Film Industry and Amusement etc. So, many said different opinion to get things done and let us see how it has gone, like a debate, as below;

Education expert (from the other country talks about them vs Indian): Our country is already top in education, few Indian also studying over here and few of them working over here too.

Arguer (foreigner): Yes, but less percentage educational output from our country (and citizen) compare to India. Indian are less over here compare to other foreign country people. Indian are not working over here but they are either student or citizen or running business since long.

Education expert: I had seen few working people of India too.

Arguer: Yes, they are very less percentage, they are student and working as part time just. As you know our country has not given any employment Visa to Indian workers precisely, it is their contribution to serve our country as part time and they earn few bucks as pocket money while studying, just. We need to learn from it as well.

Agriculture expert (from the other country talks about them vs Indian): We have large number of Agriculture sources, its development, we export agriculture items to few countries, we have advance equipment for Agriculture even compare to India.

Arguer: Yes, agree but when it comes to overall percentage then they (India) are ahead of us and we still lack of it.

Agriculture expert: How?

Arguer / Analyzer: When you compare each points you said then our percentage is too low compare to India. Yes, they have more sources of Agriculture than us, they have varieties of agriculture output than us, they are developing agriculture in every possible and natural way, their export percentage to many country is larger compare to ours, they don't have much advance equipment but their agriculture overall physical plus few equipment work as an advance than our agriculture equipment for final output. Their ration is high in this sector.

Technology expert: How about Indian in Technology compare to ours to compete?

Analyzer: They are increasing in numbers on this field compare to every other countries, their average is high comparatively, they are highly international competitors, their contribution is vast, beside discipline - they can hack many things too. They are one of the nuclear country and they don't even care any International sanction. They are sole and soil dependent.

Sports Expert: How about sports? Football?

Analyzer: Though they play football and other sports, their preference and concentrate is only on Cricket sport, thus they are behind on this sport only than the other sports categories, either they need to come to Football ground or we need to prepare to play Cricket to defeat them. However, they achieves in few other category sports as well like a Tennis, Chess, Boxing and Marathon etc. we can try these too to defeat them.

Amusement Expert: How about Travel and Tourism or Entertainment one?

Analyzer: It is not impossible but they also have international visitors to enjoy both natural beauties and archaeological of the country. Their history is entirely different compare to other nations. The entertainment is a different one among and it is not an easy to implement and get success from their way of presentation. The have different set of languages, artists and mass productions beside international audience which we can't even imagine about them.

You would observe their development in every sectors, so, they update themselves on-time in every sectors as well.

Other experts: How can we defeat them then?

Arguer: Only one thing to defeat them in their own game is to learn many things in their own way and battle on the ground with them and get succeed. No other way. So, we have to prepare accordingly considering the points given here as Secret plot to defeat Indian.

It was written for #MoreIndianThanYouThink and your comments are welcome.


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