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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Humor quotes on the way

While we go outside the home in anytime (except late night), there will be some old women or old men group outside their home or some dedicated place for time passing by exchanging the important dialogues. They used to comment specially on the younger one or the recent one who got trapped in some issues recently. The way the talk has to be either recorded or just to be observed it to enjoy it. 

It is not necessary that I have to write about those every talks and communication because each time the topic might differs and it is better to observe it by the individual to enjoy it with their special quotes, sometime. However, I would state very few over here and it might be some of the best quotes came across.

While I was on the move, I had observed few of them and trying to explain among in a better way, so, you can enjoy it, hopefully. Before that I would like to mention few regular quotes and their detail, as below;

Haathi gaye bazaar, kuthe bhoge hazaar
Aasman se gira aur Khajoor pe atka
Khuli thotti mein kutton ka raaj
Shaitaan ko yaad kiya tho tum aagaye

Hathi gaye bazaar, kuthe bhoge hazaar (Dogs barked when an Elephant going toward street / market) - this dialogue observed when two discussed on one of the world's important or incident happened recently. In general, those days elders used to give such quotes to each and every issues for better explanation to others, however, the opposite quote also might come instantly from the opposite or objecting party for the same issue. 

It has become habit for people like us or a new generation who also give such quote in any such talks which let us surprise or let us feel like either it has come via instinct or catchive observation from their elders and coming out likewise.

One more quote like, Aasman se gira aur Khajoor pe atka, this dialogue came from them when a person escaped from a big tragedy luckily but trapped in a small one lately. You can observe such dialogues better in village than city area as they have plenty of time to discuss about such issues. Or, a village person must be in the city with recently or few decades back settled in the city people, to enjoy their communication.

The quotes differs in different places across the country, you might have observed it and would have enjoyed it too. In Hyderabad (including a movie), a quote or dialogue will come as, Dekhsha thanda aur chamcha garam. It means, the assistant would get unnecessarily angry in between when the boss is very cool in a tension matter discussing.

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One more to share among many. Khuli thotti mein kutton ka raaj. This quote says mostly when a group of people misusing their and others rights when no superior for them temporarily or a dumb superior for them around.

Shaitaan ko yaad kiya tho tum aagaye, this quote comes specially among friends (old/new) when they poke to other one stating as devil. I just remembered the devil and you came. He is indirectly hinting his friend as unseen devil.

Jannath bhi hai and Life long story / quotes / poetic.

I don't know whether you have observed all of the quotes mentioned above. However, I just furnished here so that you can recall something like that to remember the humor across. In general, quotes are lesser in words but powerful in meaning with detail.

Thanks for visiting and reading.

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