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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ajmer Shariff Shrine visit and lesson

I got little time and opportunity to write about Ajmer Shariff Shrine and its visit two months ago. The solo trip was after an event attending in Delhi followed by a weekend, so, had to travel to a different unknown places in Haryana and UP states for a day to learn then went to Jaipur next. 

I enjoyed Jaipur a bit though it was not completely covered to visit Jaipur, its nearby or villages and other historical places around. This was all about 'time' shortages, yes, had to complete visiting few places within few hours to move to a next one. 

The next one was Ajmer (suddenly added in the list by removing the other one due to nearest one from Jaipur is Ajmer as I could) and that too it has to visit within few hours to get back to Delhi next to catch the flight to Bangalore. Now you can imagine all about my travel and coverage.

Anyhow, coming back to the main topic, yes, on-time reached the Ajmer Shariff Shrine though sunny blasted on the way from Delhi and on. It was the first time I visited Ajmer Shariff Dargah though heard about it a lot. I am not any Dargah worshiper or follower but True God. 

The reason I went to there is all about the popular person Hazrath Khawja Gharib-e-Nawaz (HKGN) who's shrine is there, he was also the lover of True God and conveyed the message to dearest soul around, however if someone takes them in a different manner is a different matter. His name is Moinuddin Chishti (original name) - Title: Gharib Nawaz -Benefactor of the Poor.

In short, he all the way came from Chisti area (right now in Iran) to Ajmer to preach the Islamic belief. As you may be knowing, the first preacher and teacher is only God (in Arabic, Allah = God). The first preacher preached and teaches to his one of the largest (more than Sky) creation called Angel Gabriel about the fact and message of the universe and beyond. 

The Angel Gabriel's duty is to follow the commandment of God on preaching and teaching to upcoming many messengers and prophets time to time to let that know all human being about the reality of the creation's of the universe and its discipline. 

The Angel Gabriel used to come in the form of human (than real one which might get shocked or died if human see the real personality of him) from the beginning of the world viz. Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus (and last prophet Mohammed - as per Islamic belief) and conveyed the message to them time to time so that their followers in that time to be followed and adhered for a right path without transgression.

It is all based on the belief (that every soul has to finally agree one fine day), some followed and some not due to most of them going behind the world to catch it which actually kick back finally and realize the bitter-truth later or when it is too late. 

No one got world completely as you know and you can check the history of various Kingdoms or Dynasties too. God testing human in many ways in different timing. One thing I remember now. If you wanted to love anyone on the earth then love your True God, which is permanent. 

God remembering and loving you since thousands years and that's why we are here at the moment and he has given us various facilities naturally to recall, the gift is like our soul, body and every organ to function till his affixed time to it - he is observing all. If you love others (though it is not a wrong) then either you will leave them or they will leave you one fine day!

During the travel from Iran to Ajmer via Lahore by HKGN, around few thousands converted and became his true followers (I might have given few unconfirmed statistics in this). 

He is popular not because of what you see today (with additional formalities in shrine), but his simple life, day and his message was as same as last prophet to all human kind to tell the truth which we have to face everyday for upcoming status of every human like living honest life, pray, forgive, fill obligation, help, death, grave issues, judgment day, hell issues, heaven blessing and acceptance etc. 

But it might be misunderstood or views different from each or God knows better. Miracle won't happen unless God helps it. If every time for everything miracle needed then solution is over without human's effort for anything. So no good deed or bad deed for human in their life's test from God.

You would see many religious people across India and globe visiting Ajmer shrine to respect him. Some comes to respect him, some visit to learn, some visit to heal, some visit to worship him (which is wrong), some visit to do unnecessarily additional formalities in the name of Islam (which is again wrong), some comes for various reasons. 

My reason was simple to visit there, nothing more than simply telling the truth to human (Chain of messages to human, whether they believing it or not is up to them and will result accordingly) aside his controversy. 

You might think why God is not coming and telling the message directly to human every time. There are many reason for it. One is there won't be 'True Belief' test to human (than witness and settled the matter to follow him by all) which God told Angels prior to human's creation about his better creation (Human) to create, so, the Angel said 'we are here to pray you without any mischievous' then why do you create human who can corrupt and bloodshed on the earth (which the Angel knew in advance due to their one of the own group did it upon). God simply replied them, 'You know not what I know about them (human)' (Quran - 2:30 - versus will confirm again). They agreed Creator and worship him.

The second reason is, when human can't see the Sun for few minutes directly with naked eyes then how about its creator who is more than Sun and Thunder's power? There are many such reasons which generally human keep on asking though it has natural answers around.

I will blog on some observation of the Ajmer in my next post.


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