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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Writersmelon Jukebox launch event in Bangalore

Hope you are aware about Writersmelon initiative and encourages to budding writers to participate and grow with their talent on writing, review, marketing and publishing the books. If you are a book reader or writer or author or publisher then WritersMelon is one of the best online portal to engage with. There are many talented writers already associated with them and they have engaged with as many publishers across which helps many potential and budding writers or bloggers to move successfully.

Opportunities for writers and bloggers from WritersMelon:

You might have seen so many talented writers across but it is unfortunate that less opportunity for them to expose their talent, so, this is one of the best online portal where the average or skilled writers in any genre / topic like a Fiction or Non-Fiction and on can join and get the extra opportunity and fruits out of it. Writersmelon is one of the best platform for skilled or non-skilled writers or bloggers and that's what I can say in addition to blogging about this and with the following detail.

Buy your Jukebox copy

WritersMelon recently conducted an event in Bangalore for JukeBox book launches, on 8th July 2017. The event was in Atta Galatta, Koramangala, Bangalore, India. There were around thirty to forty talented writers from Bangalore participated in it to gain the knowledge and expose their writing skills beside Jukebox launches. 

Not only this, well known best selling author Preeti Shenoy was also honored and present to encourage the talented and budding writers. She stated various hurdles and challenges on her way from the beginning till date. She said, 'don't give up on writing in case if rejected many times as well' and keep moving. She gave example on this, so, this is the boost and tips from the talented writer's to others.

In addition, there were two of fifteen authors in the Jukebox event, they were Abishek Basu Mallick and Sujata Rajpal. Their story selected to publish in Jukebox, so it doesn't diminish in any way for other shortlisted writers. These two also exchanged their effort, fun and journey in this writing process. 

Hope this brief info would help you if you are a writer or blogger to grow with them as one of the top writers in the future. 

Tips: Join the Writersmelon and grow with them for a writer's success.

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